Champions, Euro qualifiers and relegation must be decided


What happens in football over the next few months is shrouded in uncertainty, but we know enough to be able to narrow the field of possibilities down.  Uefa meet on Tuesday to discuss the crisis when they will almost certainly cancel the Euros, ending all online betting on Euro 2020, and confirm that no Champions League or Europa League games will take place between now and the summer.

Sorry to mention the dirty little subject, but the worldwide game is facing financial turmoil like never before (more on this later), having lost club and national Uefa games between now and the summer, all parties need to ensure that income-generating European competitions take place next season.  A new timetable will emerge, but basic necessity requires Uefa to come out of Tuesday’s meeting with a plan for next season’s Champions League and Europa League, at the very least.

In order to hold these competitions next season, individual countries need champions and qualifiers from other positions.  Whatever else remains unknown, we can be sure that next season’s Champions and Europa Leagues will be scheduled; champions will be determined by June or July at the latest.

Another fact we can be very sure of, it that epidemiology projections indicate no football will take place until July at the earliest.  This temporary postponement will become permanent before it expires.  National leagues are finished across Europe.

In Scotland and England, clear champions are in place.  If you are a Lazio fan, this looked like being your season, but the league is finished, Juventus’ tiny advantage will make them champions.

Hearts have blown their season but I do not think there is a single Hearts fan who would honestly object to relegation at this point.  When you set aside all the transient bluster, football fans know they need to take their medicine when they are not good enough.  We saw the same attitude in many Rangers fans eight years ago, who wanted Newco to start at the bottom of the pile, despite the financial advantages of getting a hand up.

Dundee United will be promoted.  A play-off between Hamilton Accies, Inverness, Dundee and Ayr United can be held immediately prior to the new season, to determine who plays in the top flight.  The Scottish Cup has three games left, this too can take place prior to kick-off next season.

Less than a week ago, I advocated playing the remainder of the season behind closed doors, but the health tsunami facing society makes that impossible.  Football will need all of the income it can get when normality resumes.  The critical path from that financial necessity determines that all countries need to know their champions and qualifiers for European competitions – and that means we have no choice but to draw the line now.

For years I have played over celebrating nine-in-a-row.  There will be no celebrations this year, in this respect, we have been robbed, but we all have far more important concerns right now.

We will cover the hugely significant financial implications of the crisis in the coming days.

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  1. Good shout Paul67



    With meetings of the SFA and SPL planned for Monday and UEFA on Tuesday it looks like it’ll be NINE in a row by mid week as cold storing the Leagues doesn’t appear to be a viable option, everyone else is closing down and the glimmer of hope for a resumed or closed doors ending, looks far fetched.



    Money as always will dictate life as we know it, and football clubs in Scotland are unlikely to reject receipt of their prize or place money, especially Sevco, who’ll be more eager the most to grab their second place pittance. More importantly we’ll concentrate on the health and safety of football supporters and staff, the players that won the league deserve their glory, perhaps celebrated at a later safer date.



    We’ll take our title gratefully and lockdown like the rest of sport.



    Hail Hail

  2. PETEC



    The hot drink story is true, the virus 🦠 dies at circa 27C and stomach acid will do the rest if any gets there.

  3. Ive just tried to place my usual food and toilet items as usual with Tesco Online, including my usual Home Delivery….EVERY possible delivery slot is booked full until this Friday afternoon.


    This is due to selfish bastards who are “Panic Buying”, who give NO thought to others like myself who are almost housebound and rely on home deliveries….likewise poor souls who are indeed housebound/disabled etc !


    Looks like I will need to get dressed and get Taxis to and from a Supermarket and hope that the driver helps me carry bags etc ?



  4. RobinBhoy on 15th March 2020 10:31 am






    The hot drink story is true, the virus dies at circa 27C and stomach acid will do the rest if any gets there.’






    I appreciate you mean well, but……



    Can you provide a valid link to a credible source to vouch that claim?



    If you can’t then I suggest you question it.



    And stop spreading potential dangerous nonsense.

  5. Big Jimmy


    Not so much herd immunity more individual immunity – my daughter also does online shopping and Thursday is her earliest slot and this is from last Thursday.


    Hope you get on ok.

  6. Thanks Andy ( your offer at 10.41)….I will get ready very early tomorrow morning as I have the Heart Nurse coming to my home tomorrow morning, maybe I can ask her to drop me off at the nearest supermarket…or I’ll just book a Taxi ?


    i will get back to you if I encounter further problems ?


    Thanks once again mate.



  7. Big Jimmy…it is sincere…if you need my help….please don’t hesitate to ask…but if u ask for hair shampoo I will be curious lol




  8. GENE



    I read somewhere that the virus doesn’t survive on surfaces in temperatures above 26-27C for long. High temperature, UV light and high humidity kill it off quicker. Which is why Singapore and Taiwan have lower infection rates.



    Passed in our system in droplets into our lungs is where it’s most dangerous.



    Lots of stuff out there, maybe I’ve read a few contradictory things!



    Big Jimmy



    Good luck with the shopping, if you’re really stuck put an SOS on here mate.

  9. Following on from Big Jimmy’s post…I’ve never tried the online supermarket shopping option myself, but if you cannot reserve a delivery slot, do they give the option of collecting it from the store as well? If so, happy to help anyone on here who is without their own transport by collecting for them, Glasgow area. Let me know if needing help, I’ll share email details with those in need.

  10. SUNDAY 15TH MAY 1981




    Frank has now joined me on the hunger-strike. I saw the boys at Mass today which I enjoyed. Fr Toner said Mass.



    Again it was a pretty boring day. I had a bit of trouble to get slopped out tonight and to get water.



    I have a visit tomorrow and it will be good to see my family. I am also looking forward to the walk in the fresh air, it will tire me out, but I hope the weather is good. I must go.

  11. Thanks HT…put’s life in perspective



    Hope you and H (not the block) lol are keeping well ;-))




  12. South Of Tunis on

    Sunday morning greetings from lockdown Sicilia



    19 people with Covid 19 in the town nearest to me.1 – a woman who had been in Bergamo.The other 18 had contact with the woman who’d been in Bergamo.




    Post on here if your stuck big man. I’d be happy to help.




  14. South Of Tunis on

    “Hot drinks/salt water /bleach/doesn’t like heat -brought to you by the same people who tell you that cant get pregnant if you #### standing up.”


    ICU Doctor at a hospital in Brescia.

  15. Thanks again to LURKINGTIM and HAIRLIKE SPAGHETTI…


    I will certainly get in touch sometime tomorrow if for some reason I cant get Taxi etc ?



    Tesco KNOW about customers like me who not only rely on home delivery but that I also rely on the driver bringing the food etc into my kitchen so that I am not carrying anything. due to having disabilities etc.



    There must be many other folk that rely on this service and who can not get taxis etc to the Supermarket as they are completely housebound…I am lucky that I can get into a Taxi etc, but I do need some help, especially to carry bags upstairs etc.


    In fact I have other supermarkets that are a bit closer to my home than Tesco …so Tesco will NOT be getting my money this week.


    I tried to phone their customer service number and there is at least a 20 minute wait !


    I was about to suggest that they should perhaps put aside ONE Day for home deliveries to those customers, that can show that they are disabled and housebound ?


    maybe its not practical ?



  16. THELURKINTIM on 15TH MARCH 2020 10:28 AM




    Stay away from your elderly parents IF you can avoid it.


    Virus is now likely to be far more community spread than people think.


    I have the same situation with my mam in york who is 85.


    In the next week ALL over 70s are going to be ordered by government to self isolate at home for FOUR MONTHS..MINIMUM


    Nothing ideal about that but drastic times call for drastic measures.




    Who would win an I.Q. test between Kris Boyd and Alex Rae?






    Surely it would be null and void




  18. Thanks again to HAMILTONTIM and TONY ROME….


    I will contact anyone on here who has been kind enough to offer help etc….IF for some reason I cant get a taxi etc ?


    cheers Bhoys.



  19. Like most of us on this site, paranoia is in the blood, I wonder why,eh?


    There is one thing we can all be certain of, is the outcome will NOT favour Celtic.


    I have a sensible solution I think. Get the Pools Panel to look at all remaining games and then the decision will be fair and without complaint.


    Could be talking mince of course!!!




  20. Like most of us on this site, paranoia is in the blood, I wonder why,eh?



    There is one thing we can all be certain of, is the outcome will NOT favour Celtic.



    I have a sensible solution I think. Get the Pools Panel to look at all remaining games and then the decision will be fair and without complaint.


    Could be talking mince, as per usual, of course!!!






    Fixed that for you lol 😂


    THELURKINTIM on 15TH MARCH 2020 10:41 AM



    Did you at one time have anything to do with ST ROCHS fc.




    Cheers mate, hope your next shit is a hedgehog!!



    Only joking as I know you are.



    All the best




  23. Bhoylo83



    GENE on 14TH MARCH 2020 6:04 PM





    Kris Boyd and Alex Ray otherwise known as Mr Null and Mr Void

  24. FU…I do have a doppelganger in Glasgow so I’ve been told, multiple times…It may b him yer thinking of…short answer…no ;-))




  25. South Of Tunis on




    Yes -but with heavy restrictions /mask and gloves/ entrance control/door shut /5 customers at a time / security Q outside-1.5 metres apart.Obligatory 1.5 metres apart when inside.Cash only..All very dystopian Sci Fi..Been once – Dont intend to do it again.




    Thanks for your reply. Talk of Australia following a similar route to Italy in terms of lockdown etc. Sounds very surreal. Hope you and yours are safe.




  27. In a parallel universe today’s Sevco v Celtic game goes ahead .


    With kick off fast approaching , the CQNers in attendance are indulging in the usual badinage .


    “No more sleeps ya bassas” .


    “C’mon the Tic , this team are shoite” .


    “Who would win in a fight between Kent and Morelos” ?


    “How long until the smiley kick off thing” ?


    “We’re going to hammer them , por cierto” .


    Jinkyredstar arrives late . “Afternoon all” .


    The teams line up .


    Ryan Kent looks like the hyena from Bedknobs and Broomsticks


    Morelos is so fat he needs the cheat codes to play Wii Fit .


    The first twenty minutes are cagey


    Sevco’s best move occurs when John Beaton chests down a long kick out from big Greegs and plays it into a channel for Morelos .


    The move comes to nothing though as a loud rip resonates around the stadium and a red faced Morelos has to change his XXXL shorts .


    Sevco have a chance from a corner but Edmundson (the worst Sevco defender since Bilel Mohsni) heads the ball 50 yards over the Copland Road stand .


    The pitch has so much sand on it that the game is stopped for ten minutes while a camel train passes through .


    Half time score 0-0 .


    In the studio , Alex Rae opines that Sevco are the better team and their domination of Scottish football will be restored when the Chinese money arrives .


    Chris Boyd reckons Celtic are suffering from a split dressing room .


    The game restarts and within minutes the split dressing room goes one up when Odsonne Edouard dispossess Connor Goldson as he tries to dribble out of defence .


    Bully boy Greegs boots Goldson in the plums .


    The three points are secured through a wonder strike from Scott (legs are gone) Brown .


    The Broony is on show at Ibrox again .


    You see , even in parallel universes Celtic come out on top .

  28. Ernie, I took the info from this dear and respected place. I’d hardly call it dangerous, it is just more information to digest.



    The New Testament – now yer Talking.