Champions fixtures published, another chapter in weekend narrative


Winning the league at Tynecastle, or against Aberdeen at Celtic Park, would both be acceptable. The one blot today’s fixture announcement threw up is the possibility that we could win the league while not playing, if Aberdeen fail against Motherwell, a game which kicks off after our match at Tynecastle has ended.

Whatever way it falls, securing five-in-a-row is surely now a matter of when, not if.

After ‘news’ that our chief executive could be a target for a relegation-threatened English club yesterday, our media have moved into the playing squad today. Is there a game coming up they’re worried about?

These transfer pieces are always available. Every club has records on literally hundreds of players. You can write a piece on any player, at any time, on tenuous information, they just happen to pop up at a convenient moment.

Still holding out for a love rat story before the weekend, or a reprisal of the ‘Refs let Scott Brown off the hook’ narrative.


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  1. from previous blog (hope Great Walking Eagle doen’t repost)






    And yet Gary Lineker was never considered a dirty player!



    I did type sitting in my last post didn’t I?


    How come you would get 2 sausages when you went to the chippy and asked for a single sausage?

  2. —–



    ernie lynchon 12th April 2016 9:35 am




    Anyone ever wonder why so many ordinary Spanish people hated the Catholic Church so much during the Spanish ‘Civil’ War?




    Though I’m not sure that a military uprising, which relied on support from Hitler and Mussolini, against an elected Government should really be called a civil war.






    Dearest Ernesto…



    Blog Ornithologist Extraordinaire…



    You Seem To Be Regurgitating Marxist,Anti-Catholic Propaganda..



    Oan Dear BROTHER WALFRID’S Sainted Blog..!



    Are You One O’ They ‘PussyCat Dolls’…



    That Groped Their Groins And Defaecated On The Altar Of The Moscow Cathedral…



    The ‘St Paul’s’ Of The The Holy Orthodox Church..





    Or Yon Guy Wi’ The Whip & The Tache…



    In ‘Frankie-Goes-Tae-Hollyrood’…?






    Cease Wi’ Your NON-BLACK PUDDIN’ Related Posts…



    Or You’ll Hiv Oor Wee Friend In The Ooter Hebriddes….



    Spittin’ Oot Puffin Feathers.






    So Lapwings Are Making A Resurgence In D&G….



    Not For Long….



    What Is Afghanistan’s National Dish?



    First The Poles Came For Her Majesty’s Swans….



    And Philvis Said…NOTHING.



    Then Labour Brought Along The Eagle-Shredding Wind-Turbines..




    And DBBIA Said…Oh What Larks,Pip..!












    Same wi a single fish,which has nothing to do with sitting,honest!

  4. Soaking up some rays in the Atlantic, west of Africa. Peaceful, respectful, chilled.



    Nice food, lovely wine, day long sunshine. Heavenly in fact.



    Peace, perfect peace in Casa Eurochamps.




    I wasn’t going to say anything that might dampen the ole Eurochamps vacational spirits but now I must.




    A big, fat, turd like, useless bassa hun arrived to reside in the villa opposite Casa Eurochamps, complete with full pish stained acrylic regalia of Sevco with the five fag burns for a badge of dishonour. Being a pleasant chap myself I merely smiled at the unfortunate wretch, more to be pitied than scolded. Daily he barely covers his hideous, repulsive excuse for a torso, with xxxxl Sevco tap, his humungous cellulite arse poured into cheap plastic shorts straining at all points stitched, as he waddles about our tranquil calle de magnifico.




    But today he has gone much too far. He has crossed the Rubicon. He has ventured into the unforgiveable. The hideous, fat, turd like , scumbag, hun bassa has draped his obscene, ugly frame in the orange strip. The despicable, rancid, sectarian no doubt scumbag has transgressed too far.



    I must up the wattage on my beguiling smile. My attire, whilst not containing any Celtic strips, does consist of much of an emerald hue.




    God, I am so glad I am not going to the semi final on Sunday. Even at a thousand miles distance I feel besmirched by their stench. No not for me.





  5. Eurochamps


    Get busy typing up a letter (and use hotel writing paper).


    Simply type:


    ” In view of the inaugural Scottish cup clash between the mighty Celtic of Glasgow and the recently founded The Rangers, there will be a rebel party in the complex on Sat evening continuing through match day pausing only for receiving of holy communion on Sunday. All welcome. Please wear green and bring your own choice of music”


    Follow him back and slip it under his door. Make your way to reception, camera ready, and wait………

  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “Still holding out for a love rat story before the weekend, or a reprisal of the ‘Refs let Scott Brown off the hook’ narrative.”




    My money’s on “Rogic contract talks stall”.


    Possibly followed by “Warbmeister turns down Man Utd offer”…….

  7. Eurochamps67



    Very descriptive, I can just see the fat Hun waddling aboot as I type.



    Twists damn fine idea!

  8. Good idea Twists.


    Did you really get the National winner?


    Just well bet365 willnae let me bet fae here.


    Missed a few good ones at the Irish racing on Sunday though.











    Just mailed you a wee photie,slightly disturbing in content.



    Looks just like yer neebur…

  10. oh dear



    Walter ‘I WISH THE NEW CLUB WELL’smith opines his latest rubbish.



    He maintains a sense of bitterness will last long for trfc fans over the way the cheat was ‘pitdoon and demoteed.



    Haha you just cant keep a straight face at their view of what happened



    Walter by your refusal to recognise cheating is only matched by your walterenomics where monies you did not have was spent instead of settling their tax bill..



    Ps did your old club compensate the country when you moved back to the sfa’s favoured clubs.




  11. Eurochamps


    Yes I did bud. Had 50/1 as well. Told my sons to back it too, but only one did. Chris ( joining us at racing) missed my post on it as he sent me a message at exactly same time as I sent him the horse and wasn’t a happy bhoy.:-)


    His brother bets very rarely but was on too. So not a bad day.





    Well done,mate!



    Pity I’m aff yer mailing list,but mibbe joooost as well-I’d have jinxed it.



    Nice of you not to nap it,btw. It would have been difficult to beat you wi that under yer belt.

  13. ——



    Some Folk “Talk The Talk..’



    But Dinnae “Walk The Walk..’



    Ol’ DBBIA & Dharma Bum…



    Are Fine Examples…!



    Great Walking Eagle & John Wayne..?









    Meanwhile…Back To More Important Matters….










    Thomson Laid Low With A ‘Food Bug’…



    Willie Collum Deputises….



    Ten-Man Celtic Trounce Sevco2012



    They’ll Be Dancin’ In The Aisles Of SpecSavers..!








  14. .






    Still taking forever and a Day to Load CQN..Tried everything the 1st page eventually loads but virtually Impossible to got to Page 2 all You see it the ‘Trending’ article and CQN Banner..also the last of current page of a Article seems to Load slow but eventually..on 2 Laptops and iPhone6..Don’t seem to see Anyone else stating problems..



    Any Help or Info would be Great..









    ‘The one blot today’s fixture announcement threw up is the possibility that we could win the league while not playing, if Aberdeen fail against Motherwell, a game which kicks off after our match at Tynecastle has.’.



    Iv’e been Saying for Years..



    The SFA..Sky..BT..Bein..Whoever..Why after a Full Season Long of Changing Fixtures to Silly times..Days..Changing at the Last Minute to the Total Inconvenience for the Travelling Support (Not Me or other Armchair Fans)..



    Their Main Goal at the End of the Season should be trying to make the Title Clinching game at the Very least be on Live TV and to Happen in Real Time..Not the Total Anti Climax for Supporters and Players alike they should be able to Celebrate together after a Long Hard Season..



    Football and Winning Championships should be Box Office..



    I could Never Understand it when the Used to Arrange End of Season Fixtures so that a Title Could Not be Won when Celtic played Rangers..Your Most Sell-able Fixture on the Sporting Calendar..a Fixture the World ‘Used’ to have a Great Interest in..



    Ach Well Celtic and Scotland’s Loss is Leicester’s Gain..



    They say to Avoid Trouble I’ve seem Much more trouble at Torquay Vs Bristol City games.



    Maybe that’s why we have a Semi Final against Rangers on Sunday..;-(



    Instead of a Helicopter taking the Trophy to the Champions they will be sending it by Courier the Next Day..?



    Well that’s me Burst ma Knittin for the Day..







  15. Bobby


    As for not mailing you, geez I wouldn’t dream of giving advice on national. My sons know I study the form for weeks before it so always like to have an interest. Just lucky it went to plan this year.


    I was kicking myself that I didn’t nap it on cqn!!


    I think the price kinda put me off and I opted for Goonyella.





    Only jesting,mate. But with one slightly serious aside.



    As you know,I pass on your recommendations to one or two others. At least they know I wasn’t being remiss by not passing on the winner of the national.



    (Ayr on Saturday,btw)

  17. THE DONALD on 12TH APRIL 2016 12:59 PM



    1. The Catholic Church in Spain had lost its way in the 19th and early 20th Century, in siding with the rich and powerful against the poor and landless. Not what Jesus would have done. There’s a reason many ordinary Spanish people hated the Church so much. Anyone who genuinely had the interests of the Catholic Church at heart would try to come to terms with that reality rather than ignore or deny it.



    2. I very much doubt there’s any resurgence of lapwings in Old Shangri La or anywhere else in the UK, more’s the pity.

  18. —–



    Troo Story….BTW



    SpecSavers Were Gonna Open A Branch Doon In Larkhall…..






    Said Rev I.M.Jolly,Toon Cooncil Leader..



    “What About All This Gr**n Shop Frontage & Signage..?



    It’ll Simply Have To GO !”



    SpecSavers Plans Shelved…



    No Wonder You See So Many Folk Wearin’ Dark Glasses In Larkhall Main Street..



    Walkin’ Aboot Wi’ Guide Dugs An’ Red,White & Blue Sticks.









    I know,he canny help it. More to be pitied than censured but since I’m not a social worker,and he seems to hold them in scant regard anyway,my conscience is clear.

  20. ——



    16 Roads







    Good Tae See Ol’ Ernesto The Ornithologist….



    Back Oan The Blog….



    Though STILL As Deluded As Ever….




    We Were Beginning Tae Fear That The Croydon Cat-Slayer Posse…



    Had Finally Caught Up With Their Man…



    Or Even That Wee Jimmy Sommerville & The Knankies Hid Ganged-Up Oan Oor Ernie….



    After He Invited Jo Br*nd A’Roon Tae Stay At Their Gingerbread Cottage…



    O’er Easter….



    But No…It Seems That Other Thoughts Pre-Occupy The Mind Of The Dashing Commissar For Courgettes,Airstrip One..




    The Shocking Revelations From Argentina…



    That His Hero,The Psychotic Genocider,Ernesto Lynch….




    Is The FIRST Cousin…




    Of The Psychotic Genocider,ARIEL SHARON..



    Through The Maternal Line…!




    Who’d Hiv THUNK…!





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