Champions League opportunity for Celtic with Astana draw


Celtic will face Kazakhstan Champions, Astana in the Champions League play-off round later this month, with the first leg at home. The teams faced in the same qualifying competition last season, with Celtic progressing, winning the second leg 2-1 after a 1-1 draw in Kazakhstan.

Astana eliminated Legia Warsaw in the last round, securing a 3-1 victory in the first leg, before holding on for a 1-0 defeat in Warsaw after 8 minutes of added time.

Although Brendan Rodgers will know what to expect, the enormous journey, the heat and the fact that Astana are 21 games into their league season, will give him cause for concern.

On the positive side, our man in Warsaw tells me there is a new pitch at the Astana Arena, which Legia report was excellent and a near-grass experience. He also tells me Legia should have done better in this tie, were the better team home and away, but were caught by Astana’s counter-attack.

They “parked the bus” in Warsaw and showed signs of indiscipline against Legia, which Celtic may be able to exploit.

Strikers Kwumasi and Kabananga, and midfielder, Maevski, are their danger players, while their keeper is “awful”.

It’s there for you, Celtic.


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  1. Good morning one and all,


    Not been in for a while, Vegas, then non stop with work.


    Just on to say the wee gorbals corner in 102, couldn’t give a monkey’s about Hawthorne, Doncaster is getting both barrels from us, cheating bassa.

  2. glendalystonsils on

    We’ll need to watch Lafferty today. |He’ll be out to inflict injury, somebody will need to nail him first.

  3. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    Remember going to Celtic Park with my parents( RIP ) V hearts @ march 1966.The game went three nil to us.It was a McBride double and one from Stevie Chalmers that gave us victory.Sweet memories from a long time ago.Thank you mum and dad.





    You speak for me and mine.

  4. mike in toronto on

    Big Jimmy… great news . Well done.



    I Had suggested recently that I would like to see neganon on a new Celtic BoArd.With Your indefatigability and no bullshit approach, you are another who would add something …



    Hey, if that numpty trump can become president, why not a couple of real people on our Board?! :)



    Seriously, really pleased for you, mate.

  5. weebobbycollins on

    SOT…john cameron quartet featuring harold mcnair…been listening to this since 1970 and still do…


    You’re a man of good musical taste…

  6. To those of you going to the game enjoy(this is my third season without a season book). I wish we would all not go just for a while to get rid of our corrupt board but I fully realise this isn’t going to happen and given how hard it was for me I wouldn’t criticise anyone who wants to go.



    But remember where we are. Results on the field are good. But the board are colluding behind all of our backs. They remain silent while the authorities spout drivel and feeble excuses for inaction. This country is corrupt and football is run for the benefit of one club. Why? To keep you all at the back of the bus.



    But it’s worse. Way worse. That the hierarchy of Celtic join in with this.mand it’s shameful that CQN has an editorial policy which allows that to go unquestioned. If you want to put all that aside and watch the football I understand.



    But when they inevitably start to cheat again remember the choice you made.



    And paul67 when you and lawwell are laughing in up remember there are many who have higher standards than either of you and you are letting down generations who came before us and worse our children’s generation.



    All for a few quid.

  7. South Of Tunis on




    Have that LP — used to go to hear / see Harold McNair in late 60s Soho dives .



    This is a gem of a 45 from 68 -https://youtu.be/zFa4-HoUL0o