Champions League opportunity for Celtic with Astana draw


Celtic will face Kazakhstan Champions, Astana in the Champions League play-off round later this month, with the first leg at home. The teams faced in the same qualifying competition last season, with Celtic progressing, winning the second leg 2-1 after a 1-1 draw in Kazakhstan.

Astana eliminated Legia Warsaw in the last round, securing a 3-1 victory in the first leg, before holding on for a 1-0 defeat in Warsaw after 8 minutes of added time.

Although Brendan Rodgers will know what to expect, the enormous journey, the heat and the fact that Astana are 21 games into their league season, will give him cause for concern.

On the positive side, our man in Warsaw tells me there is a new pitch at the Astana Arena, which Legia report was excellent and a near-grass experience. He also tells me Legia should have done better in this tie, were the better team home and away, but were caught by Astana’s counter-attack.

They “parked the bus” in Warsaw and showed signs of indiscipline against Legia, which Celtic may be able to exploit.

Strikers Kwumasi and Kabananga, and midfielder, Maevski, are their danger players, while their keeper is “awful”.

It’s there for you, Celtic.


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  1. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    Noticed the planet is rapidly becoming a desert.



    In Ireland and Scotland we don’t realise how lucky we are with our weather.



    See the old movie Mad Max – they got it wrong – future wars won’t be fought over oil, they will be fought for water.



    Think about that the next time you complain about the rain.



    Fresh air and fresh water is a blessing.




  2. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Yeah, we will get drawn against Santa Claus Wonderland FC in the Group Stages:)







    Patrick Roberts > Neymar





    Hey that’s my patter.

  4. whitedoghunch on

    Big Jimmy



    if there are two of you have the Chateaubriand at La Lanterna


    on your own flip a coin between porter & Rye and The Spanish Butcher


    wash down with Barolo

  5. Thanks to ALL those on here for the Steak recommedations. My mouth is watering already but I will wait to next mid week.



    TONY DONNELLY 67 Re bets.


    My great day just became better. 4 winners on a “Lucky 15” have came up with the horse races, I didn’t STAKE/STEAK ( see what I did there ?) too much, but a nice wee return that will pay for my beers tonight


    God, Ive not been out for a beer for about 5/6 weeks ? I’ll probably be single fished after Two beers ?



    Then again , maybe no ?



  6. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    I hope UEFA dont extend the franchise further, we could end up playing a team from the dark side of the moon, from the Crater Premiership.


    But to be serious, you would have to ask if having six legs and a square heid is fair, would that be allowed under UEFA rules:)




  7. I see that tickets for the game v Astanta is £18 for concessions.


    Do Celtic consider fans on disability benefit in that description of ” concessions” ?



    Around season 1973/74 the cost of a league game at Celtic Park was 0.60p for an Adult…..yes for you young Bhoys and Ghirls…feckin 60 pence !



    I didn’t pay to get in one day v Dundee ( despite having more than enough money in my pockets )………anyway got caught by the plain clothes Polis and charged.



    I am too ashamed to add any more..what a stigma !



  8. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Fleagle or anyone does the tipsters comp kick-off tomorrow?



    Cheers in advance of any replies,will check in laters.

  9. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    If my memory serves me right Jimmy Delaney left Celtic c.1948 where he was’on’ £3 a week for £5 at Man U.!

  10. TGM



    That’s a great bit of fantasy, there!



    Ever thought of working for the SPFL website?? (silent ‘h’).



    “Founded 1872” Hahahaha!

  11. See this UEFA mob having us play teams from Asia…whatever next..celtic playing DEID CLUBS ?



    Cheers Tony D, I might just do your wee fitba bet tomorrow, since we are both “On a roll” !




  12. Me no likey fish…never have so I couldn’t possibly comment on that subject.



    Does that, and ALL my other sins in my life make me a ” Careless Catholic” ?



    Jesus, if I attempted to count ALL my sins…we could be here for some considerable time ?