Champions League perils for play-off seeds


The Champions League play-off round can be a horrible place for seeds against teams with lesser reputations.  Celtic drew Helsingborgs from a group of five possible teams.  Three of the other four were away from home in the first leg but two recorded wins.

Hapoel Kiryat Shmona lost 2-0 away to Bate Borisov while Maribor lost 2-1 away to Dinamo (no longer Croatia) Zagreb.

Romanians, Cluj, recorded an excellent 1-2 away win against our old friends Basel, while AEL Limassol beat Anderlecht 2-1 in Cyprus.  Maribor and Cluj will fancy their chances of eliminating the seed, while Limassol have a fighting chance.

In other news, HJK Helsinki are not going to drop to the Europa League group stage after we eliminated them from the Champions League earlier this month.  Last season’s finalists, Athletic Bilbao, hit them for six (first cricket metaphor on CQN?) last night.

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  1. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    “Lance Armstrong won those titles himself,the drugs didn’t jump on a bike and ride round France and he’s a good cycling man and not the only one who’s at it.”



    Hugh Keevins

  2. traditionalist88 on

    Anyone else having problems with the site- all clickable links have turned to twitter login links?! Site loads normally then when loading complete all links change to twitter?! Only managed to login becuase I clicked the link before it changed, can’t view previous articles/change pages etc!




  3. For the next few years we would be well advised to scout the leagues (in detail) where we are likely to play their champions for a place in the group stage of the CL.



    Know your opposition.



    The Bills fans on here will understand that logic… precicely why they acquired Mario Williams, Mark Anderson and Stefon Gillmore…

  4. 10:35 on 24 August, 2012



    I see our Swedish Bhoy Mr. Lustig and Real Madrid’s brilliant defender Sergio Ramos have abandoned their sixties hippy hairstyles and gone for the short back and sides. Over to you Georgios.

  5. Wee Oscar for life bucket collection at Celtic Park will take place on 22nd of September. Volunteer collectors required by the bucket load. Please send an email to if you would like to volunteer and help us collect funds that will go towards helping Wee Oscar get the treatment he requires to help him fight of future attacks of Nueroblastom.



    We need 100 volunteers. So please please please get in touch ASAP and we will get back to you with details.

  6. Big Swee walks on with Neil Lennon on

    Georgios would suffer a loss of aero-dynamics without his hair and beard. Tis a known fact :o)


    How many Greek gods were clean-shaven?



    Just he kiddy-on junior ones.



    The major players knew the facial fungus carried weight with us mere mortals.



    No Gillette adverts for Sami,the hair stays!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    Hugh- “We all know drugs in cycling is wrong,we admit that but if we were to punish Lance Armstrong the effect on cycling would be devastating.”



    Gordon- ” I agree with Hugh and Darryl,if you punish Lance the Tour dies n what about all the wee shops on the roadside selling crisps n ginger? They’ll go out of business.”


    I put the typo in specially for AWE NAW………….


    Was there only one?

  10. This article from uber Orc Scott Burns in the Express has not been Awe Nawed. Check out the use of the words ‘ambitious + coup’



    The embarrassment for SevCo gets better with each passing day



    RANGERS are ready to launch an ambitious £200,000 bid to land Swedish international Daniel Larsson – the man who dumped them out of last season’s Champions League.


    Ally McCoist has identified the Malmo striker, who scored the winner for the Swedes at Ibrox and helped them to a 2-1 aggregate win in the play-off round, as a top target he would like to land before the close of the transfer window next Friday.



    The 25-year-old is out of contract at the end of the year and McCoist is hopeful he can persuade Malmo to do a deal now rather than wait and lose him for nothing.



    Larsson, who is also attracting interest from Dinamo Kiev and clubs in Spain, has already indicated he would be prepared to move to Scotland – even if it means playing in the Third Division.



    Ibrox officials believe that would only be a short-term measure as league reconstruction is likely to see them fast-tracked back into the top flight within two seasons.



    Ibrox officials believe that would only be a short-term measure as league reconstruction is likely to see them fast-tracked back into the top flight within two seasons


    McCoist knows it could be quite a coup if he could land Larsson, who has been capped five times by Sweden.

  11. Hankray


    neither Mikael nor Sergio are Greek Gods. Georgios would lose his powers shorn of his long flowing locks and manly facial hair just like Samson.


    The God like Genuis of Samaras csc.

  12. Tim Malone Will Tell on




    So you are suggesting that we sign a couple of Belarussian tossers if we are looking to master Bate?

  13. traditionalist88 on

    The Exiled Tim



    Yeah I’m using IE here too – had a lot of problems when the site changeover happened, worked for about 5mins then closed itself down until my Java player was updated by our kind IT department;)




  14. I don’t know, we invent all these sports, export them to the lazy foreigners who then do unmentionable things to it and deliver it back to us packaged, modified and structured beyond all recognition,



    Mind you some of these players show promise and are still available before the window shuts.!



    Get in there Celtic



    hail Hail




  15. Tim Malone



    Lol – not exactly, but we need to know those leagues, the teams and plaers within them, as well as we possibly can so that we have as good a chance of bcountering them and beating their champions at this stage every season…





    Don’t think Samson was Greek



    Ya Philistine,haha!

  17. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    RANGERS last night had to have their highly anticipated Ramsdens Cup quarter-final with Queen of the South rescheduled – due to the sheer number of international players that play for them.



    The Ibrox side, who knocked out SPL promotion favourites Falkirk on Tuesday, were rewarded in yesterday’s draw with a home clash against Second Division Queens that was scheduled for Sunday, September 9. But Rangers have requested the SFL to rearrange the date as scores of their players might be away on international duty such is the demand for the players from around the world from the Scottish third division outfit.



    International stars Dean Shiels and Andrew Little are set to play for Northern Ireland that weekend while Ian Black will be involved for Scotland against Serbia and a clutch of their up and coming younger international stars will be in Under-21 action. The Ramsdens Cup clash will now take place on September 18 or 19 if Rangers are in agreement.



    Queens player-manager Allan Johnston admitted last night he’s tempted to include himself in the team against his former club.



    He said: “I don’t know whether I’ll play in that game. We have some good young players at the club and it’s all about them. I never thought I’d get the chance to play at Ibrox again against so many international stars so late in my career, though, so I’m not ruling anything out.”



    Another Ibrox old boy, Gordon Durie, was given a hero’s reception when his East Fife side were beaten 4-0 by Gers in the League Cup.



    But Johnston hopes he gets pelters from the fans because it means his team will have pulled off a shock. He said: “I was at the East Fife game and saw the tremendous reception Jukebox got from the fans.



    “Then again, it’s always easier to applaud somebody after you’ve beaten them. So I’m hoping I get a terrible reception from the punters because my team will have won.”



    Ibrox legend Sandy Jardine reckons the fact the final will be played at Hampden is an added incentive to go all the way – but couldn’t resist a pop at the SFA. He said: “We are just happy to be back playing games after being unable to do that because of the SFA. A Hampden cup final is a major incentive for us.”



    Draw: Partick Thistle v Raith Rovers, East Stirlingshire v Cowdenbeath, Rangers v Queen of the South, Arbroath v Stenhousemuir.



    (All ties other than Rangers v Queen of South will be played on Sun, Sept 9).





    Is it playtime already?



    Booooooooger,late for the pub.



    See ya!

  19. More paranoia. This time from Sevcofightback:







    I can reveal that the SPL endgame is very simple and one we’ve all come accustomed to, blackmail and extortion. The SPL investigation into Rangers is a foregone conclusion that will ultimately lead to the club being fined upwards of £10 million.



    My source from Harper MacLeod had this to say on the matter:



    “…the investigation into Rangers is has already been decided but due process has to be seen to have taken place. In the position of the SPL you certainly don’t involve a heavyweight such as Lord Nimmo without being sure things are going your way…



    …the SPL aren’t at all interested in Rangers titles, what they are interested in however is the potential to recoup 10 years worth of prize money…



    …the SPL care of Lord Nimmo will announce Rangers guilt and a fine totaling between £10-20 million pounds will issued. The initial fine will be overinflated as Rangers will inevitably appeal.



    This will cause a Mexican standoff between Rangers, the SPL, the SFA and FIFA. If Rangers take their case to CAS then there’s a strong chance of the fine just being reduced. If they take their appeal outside of football as they did with the transfer ban then they will incur the wrath of FIFA who have little enough patience as it is on this matter. If Rangers refuse to pay citing that the newco aren’t liable for the damages then the SPL will threaten to refuse entry on the grounds that Rangers newco agree’d to pay the debt of the oldco…



    …one things for sure though this saga isn’t finished just yet…



    Bullying, Blackmailing, and Extortion.



    There you have it, the end game of the SPL revealed. To continue their existence they must plug a 10 million pound black hole. The Rangers EBT case that I maintain is at best a clerical error is a convenient excuse to extort yet more money from Rangers to fill the SPL coffers.



    No doubt there will be many skeptics calling this fantasy but this is what I have found. Believe it or do not believe it.’

  20. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    Graham-” Do you what?(swallow) I’m not comfortable with all this (sighs and swallows) stripping titles (swallow) talk from Lance (swallow) Armstrong,Lance has been self haaaarrrrming enough (swallow) without the need to strip (swallow) titles, perhaps put an asterisk beside each (swallow) title to denote he was jakied up (swallow) on a gram or two.”

  21. Nearly forgot…..




    Time until Saturday, 1 September 2012, 11:00:00 (Glasgow time)



    8 DAYS 0 HOURS 0 MINUTES 0 SECONDS and counting



    Hail hail




  22. Hankray @ 10.39


    The suggestion that Gorgeous Georgios should cut his hair is misguided nonsense sir. The Greek’s hair has to stay.


    As for Lustig’s mowser though, that’s an entirely different matter……

  23. estadio



    If you frequented the same pub as BMCUW you could take about 4 hours off of your countdown!!





    If he frequented the same pub as me,he could take four decades off his lifespan!




  25. HT



    I could also take about 10 years off my life, 4 inches of my liver and another 5 points off my IP …I mean IQ!



    Bloody iQuone…I mean iPhone!



    Hail Hail




  26. slabhoy - c'mon the Hillend Rockies on

    Go on Estadio – I’ll bite – what happens then?



    PS yesterday’s Log post had me in stitches…

  27. Thinking of hiring a billboard in the Gorbals,can anyone tell me the cost for following…



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