Champions League perils for play-off seeds


The Champions League play-off round can be a horrible place for seeds against teams with lesser reputations.  Celtic drew Helsingborgs from a group of five possible teams.  Three of the other four were away from home in the first leg but two recorded wins.

Hapoel Kiryat Shmona lost 2-0 away to Bate Borisov while Maribor lost 2-1 away to Dinamo (no longer Croatia) Zagreb.

Romanians, Cluj, recorded an excellent 1-2 away win against our old friends Basel, while AEL Limassol beat Anderlecht 2-1 in Cyprus.  Maribor and Cluj will fancy their chances of eliminating the seed, while Limassol have a fighting chance.

In other news, HJK Helsinki are not going to drop to the Europa League group stage after we eliminated them from the Champions League earlier this month.  Last season’s finalists, Athletic Bilbao, hit them for six (first cricket metaphor on CQN?) last night.

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  1. dessybhoy




    15:34 on 24 August, 2012




    Where has James Keatings gone on loan?




    Hamilton according to sky

  2. My Dear Frien’,Kojo…



    Good to see you about again….



    Thought Hearts looked rather impressive last night….against Liverpool…



    Terrific atmosphere from the start….



    Like an ‘old-fashioned’ Euro tie…back in the day…



    They will certainly cause us some problems this season….even without the help of the Mibbery….especially if they catch us cold….on the return from a gruelling midweek trip to Europe….with a casualty list as bad as the Somme…



    You can dismiss any ideas that the SPL title will be sewn up by Christmas…



    It will be a close-run thing……..with the challenging teams losing points to each other….



    We will need fit,athletic,motivated strikers to win our league….




    Time to unleash The GigaWatt….!



    Yer Pal….Who Thinks Yer A Breath Of Fresh Air….When It’s Gettin’ Awfy Stuffy..

  3. What is this thing called ‘rangers’ ? Are they some kind of woodland guardians ? Are they wasteland wanderers ?




    ….I can find no record of them in uefa’s various lists of existing footballing entities.


    Therefore I have to gues at their purpose.


    Someone last night posted that these ‘rangers’ are an irrelevance.


    I think I’ll go with that.


    ‘rangers’ are an irrelevance. Sounds about right.

  4. Paul67 et al



    Good luck to Ki at Swansea, club record fee, and a new manager who wanted to sign him. He will do well for them if they keep their football philosophy going. Forty games in the hoops last season so played his part. Might not be its’ best selling point but it does show once again that the SPL is a route to the EPL. Maybe we should use some the hype which surround that particular league;



    ‘The SPL! Next door to the greatest league in the World!’



    18:02 on


    24 August, 2012


    Quite a short sentance yer man got in Norway




    I reckon about 14 years shy of what he’d have got here.

  6. I was listening to a discussion on RTE Radio this morning, re Armstrong.



    One of the people talking was Paul Kimmage.



    Paul was a former Tour rider in the era of Roche and Kelly, but he retired from the sport , due to what he witnessed on the circuit, concerning doping, and became a journalist. A good one.



    He has spent much of his writing career fighting against the evils.



    The most telling point that he made was that Armstrong was only allowed to get away with what he did, due to the complicity of the Cycling Authorities.



    It was at this point that you could have interchanged the name LA with RFCIA.



    Also included was the mutual sense of victimhood.



    The bottom line is that Armstrong will be stripped of seven titles and the pity is that all the good work that he has done for Cancer Charities will be tainted by his cheating.



    RFCIA don’t even have the saving grace of having a record of good deeds behind them.

  7. Monaghan1900



    He will serve a min of 10 years, then available for parole.



    I would imagine he would never get out if he had done the same here.



    He actually said to the judge that he was sorry he didn’t kill more.



    I’m quite surprised they didn’t commit him.

  8. We’ve been in for three or four players for a while now. Don’t know if we’ll get over the line with any of them. I don’t think we’ll do anything for Wednesday” Neil Lennon.



    Not sure why he mentioned Wednesday. Deadline for that game has gone – hasn’t it?



    Hail Hail




  9. Miki67 @ 18:04,



    It is confusing, I think the fighting back chap is living in the past.



    There is currently The Rangers in Div 3 but the principles then same.



    He would be better of writing to Brechin, East Fife and Falkirk telling them the SFA and SFL have allowed an ineligable Club to play against them, there the guys that need to go to CAS.

  10. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    See these huns that try to defend the only club that was separate from its company over the ebt’s?,they should be forced to join the circus to instill a degree of self worth before they start becoming a danger to themselves and society,we could call it the ‘Bear For A Bear’ initiative whereby the cruelly treated could be given a rest replaced by the willing conditioned performer of entertainment.

  11. harryhoodsdugbitme


    17:41 on


    24 August, 2012


    RIP John Brae Of E.K. A good man. Having a Guinness right now for you big yin. HH.




    harryhoosdug,I’ll open a bottle of beer to your big pal.hh

  12. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    The Exiled Tim



    Heard a Norwegian journalist being interviewed today and he said that the Norwegian justice system had been misrepresented. They have the power to detain beyond 21 years indefinitely if an individual is deemed to be a danger to the public.


    Didn’t stop the SKY interviewer continuing to peddle a bunch of inane questions though…

  13. Green Oak Tree on

    Anyone know how I can get off the twitter page and return to normal…



    Doing my frigging head in…..

  14. estadio



    Think he means all his attention is on tomorrows game, and Wednesday.



    “we might do something – we’ll try and and do something – we’ll do our level best to do something”




  15. Great to see the Talking Bird peeping it’s head back into view.



    I would advise you all to listen when he predicts the next Celtic youngsters to make the BIG Time , ..Nevada style.



    This is a guy steeped in Celtic history.


    He even remembers the great Lisbon Lion, ….WILLIE Gemmell.



    Go oan yersel, Kojo.

  16. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    No work ’til Tuesday………doooo. doooooooooo

  17. My dear,dear,dear,friend.. The Singing Detective..



    Hiya.. Palomine??



    Great tae Greet~



    Thanks fur the Nod..



    And .. may Ah reciprocate and… say… So’s Yersel!



    “Giga Watt”.. ??



    Ah liked that…



    Pal.. ye are steadily becoming a Bit o’ a Clever Word-Bender!


    no miny o’ us aroon…..



    Yes, Tony Watt.. is ready fur Prime Time.



    That Goal that Commons nicked .. in the Nick o’ time.. agin the Ross Countiers..



    wiz the result o’ Tony’s ..”Too Hoat tae Haundle” Crashing shot. which the The Ross Countier Goalie.. couldnae. well. Haundle!



    So He jist managed tae Pap the Ba’ oot… and it landed at the fee o’ Commons. who. Hid the Easiest o’ tap ins.



    Tony, shoulda goat mair o’ the Credit..



    Nice Chattin’





    Yer pal…who likes ye mair and mairer..



    Still, Laughin’..

  18. fan-a-tic



    Our priority last season was to deliver the SPL flag back to Paradise, having achieved that I would expect to see more of the youngsters this season…



    18:13 on


    24 August, 2012



    For murdering 77? people and no remorse. Never get out here.

  20. Tim Malone Will Tell



    I knew they could detain him indefinatly if they commited him, hence my surprise he wasn’t.


    Someone who did what he did is no living on the same planet as the rest of us.



    I heard it on the BBC :>)

  21. Tim Malone Will Tell on




    Honest guv – the SKY drivel was on at the gym – I hate SKY !!!


    It kind of pee’d me off a bit that the interviewer was trying to assume some moral high ground with regard to the Norwegian justice system.



    I have worked up in Norway a fair bit over the years…I know who I think has the better society and it isn’t us.



    That said – I agree with you that the guy is barking…

  22. What is this phantom thing, ‘the Old Firm’, that I hear the MSM muppets discuss so frequently on the blasted radio?



    How can we be coupled with a club we have never played, in such a way as to suggest a duopoly exists in this tiny troubled land?



    What is a Sevco anyway? I’m tired of them already. Make them go away…

  23. Kilbowie Kelt…..



    Hate to break it to you….



    But our MVP….the most perspicacious resident of the Las Vegas Strip….



    Who spurned the winsome charms of Lauren Bacall….back in the day….so as not to hurt Bogie’s feelings…



    Is Entirely CORRECT….!



    Our Bold Lisbon Hero was baptised William Thomas Gemmill….on his Birth Certificate…



    But within family circles….he came to be known as Thomas….



    Do Your Hamework….Or Ask Owen Coyle’s Granny….



    Good Grief..! The Youth Of Today….

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