Champions League perils for play-off seeds


The Champions League play-off round can be a horrible place for seeds against teams with lesser reputations.  Celtic drew Helsingborgs from a group of five possible teams.  Three of the other four were away from home in the first leg but two recorded wins.

Hapoel Kiryat Shmona lost 2-0 away to Bate Borisov while Maribor lost 2-1 away to Dinamo (no longer Croatia) Zagreb.

Romanians, Cluj, recorded an excellent 1-2 away win against our old friends Basel, while AEL Limassol beat Anderlecht 2-1 in Cyprus.  Maribor and Cluj will fancy their chances of eliminating the seed, while Limassol have a fighting chance.

In other news, HJK Helsinki are not going to drop to the Europa League group stage after we eliminated them from the Champions League earlier this month.  Last season’s finalists, Athletic Bilbao, hit them for six (first cricket metaphor on CQN?) last night.

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  1. The SSN ticker says a rugby player is out of a game due to an injured buttock.Could we be in line for new ,scientific injuries ?Some might read-









  2. Anyone who is due to start against Helsingborg should not be playing tomorrow



    Butcher will have his men kicking lumps out of us and there will be no protection from ‘Honest Mistake’ Murray. Let the likes of Paddy, Watt, Toshney, Jackson, Fraser take to the field and let’s see what they’re made of



    It’s all about next Wednesday

  3. The Battered Bunnet



    13:55 on 24 August, 2012




    Totally agree re: Kayal m8.



    If you go back to Sammi’s two goals at ibrokes in the ne’rday game


    Kayal returned that day as well and bossed the midfield.


    The performance of the team that day – inspired by Kayal’s return


    sparked off a run that could have in all probability save Neil’s job


    that season.


    Yes, yer right Kayal the best since Lambert.


    Hail Hail

  4. Ten Men Won The League



    inverness is not the place for young Bhoys to be thrown in , we need points on the board , we should be asking guys like Lustig , Wilson and Paddy to step up to the plate tomorrow .

  5. Philbhoy – It’s just the beginning!



    13:59 on 24 August, 2012




    You have to admit that – in terms of recruitment


    John Park has upped his game since Neil summoned him


    to the bench during the SCSF defeat by Ross County.


    That was the day when Neil went through every member of the


    team, askin JP what he saw in the player’s to merit them being


    coveted by Celtic. In other words, Neil told JP – If sumdy is going


    to lose their job because of bad recommendation’s


    It ain’t going to be the manager!!!

  6. Ten Men-agree,are Blackman and Ibrahim fit? Team spirit is high,the youngsters will play without fear,protection is another matter.




    13:10 on


    24 August, 2012


    Do we now get more pleasure from successful financial wheeling and dealing than we do from being successful on the field of play ?



    I will stick my neck out and say that it is a definite yes.



    It may not be that long before Neil Lennon is contesting our 15th SPL title in a row.



    I genuinely believe that we were diddled out of the treble last year by referees.



    Since WGS left our European games have been instantly forgettable. Is there a video or DVD of our European exertions these last four years ?



    We have recently managed to get some good footballers into the club. recently Forster, Ki, Wanyama, Kayal, Hooper etc but we seem more inclined to look at their monetary value than anything they are doing or not doing on the pitch.



    Following Celtic these days is more like a game of monopoly armed with a hefty financial prospectus on a rainy day than a game of long shootie 3 and in … world cup on a summers day.



    It would also appear that money chit chat is the main stay of CQN there is less and less chat about permutations , combinations, weaknesses , strengths, character traits etc.



    It seems you are either good or bad. A liability or an increasing asset.



    If your a liability then you are worse than worthless



    If your an increasing asset then your loved.



    There must be a board game (yes a board game) that we can devise that covers modern football and that would sell. An extension of the FFL stuff.



    Hail Hail



    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



    It’s a very good point you make,AWE NAW.,but playing Devil’s Advocate-is that a board game too?-would you have faith in the board if they said their plan was as follows………



    “Look,lads and lasses,we expect to bank £25m from the CL this season,and we are confident of winning the league as well. We will bring in 2 or 3 players to that value-wages included-prior to preseason training to ensure that we can ramp up our assault on Europe next year That is our year-on-year plan as long as we qualify for the group stages-to spend LAST YEAR’S MONEY.



    And before 30 June so the taxman doesn’t get it..”



    It’s a plan,and IMO a good one.



    But would you trust them,or would you expect them to,erm”,just miss out on our signing targets,and the other options are no better than we have”



    This board has made us cynical.



    THAT is their biggest failing.

  8. South Of Tunis on

    Artur Boruc .



    Italian media claiming that free agent Artur Boruc is likely to sign for Lokomotiv Moscow.

  9. ohits


    14:10 on


    24 August, 2012


    Ten Men Won The League



    inverness is not the place for young Bhoys to be thrown in , we need points on the board , we should be asking guys like Lustig , Wilson and Paddy to step up to the plate tomorrow .




    To be fair, that’s a pretty big plate…how many can you get on a plate at any one time? Is that like those big ones you get out of Marks & Spencers for a tenner?

  10. .



    From day one All l have asked for is Justice..The Media refer to SDM and ‘Big Jock’ don’t get me Wrong Jock Stein would prefer Big Jock..



    SDM.. ‘Raped’ Rangers..and Scottish Football..over a Ten plus Year period..



    Jock.. as far as l am Concerned Made One error of Judgement..



    As far as l am Concerned Any Football related ‘Night’..Should hand it back or Offer it to Jocks Widow..






    Tycoon Asil Nadir jailed



    FORMER fugitive tycoon Asil Nadir was jailed for 10 years today for stealing millions from his business empire out of “pure greed”.


    Polly Peck International (PPI) collapsed owing £550million in 1990 and Nadir went on the run to his native Northern Cyprus for 17 years in 1993.


    He returned to Britain in 2010, confident he would be cleared, but this week an Old Bailey jury found him guilty.


    The court heard today that the total stolen was £28.8million, the equivalent of more than £61.6million today.


    Nadir, 71, of Mayfair, central London, was sentenced at the Old Bailey for the 10 charges of theft between 1987 and 1990.


    Judge Mr Justice Holroyde told Nadir: “You are a man of outstanding business skills. In the 1980s you achieved remarkable success. You are entitled to take great pride in that achievement.


    “The company’s success was in many ways your success. But the company’s money was not your money.


    “You knew that. You nonetheless helped yourself to it. You committed theft on a grand scale.



    Defence … Nadir’s wife Nur said the negative image of her husband ‘is a great prejudice to the truth’


    “It seems to me that you already had an extravagant lifestyle as a result of your success in business.


    “It follows that you were a wealthy man who stole out of pure greed.”


    The judge said Nadir’s behaviour had contributed to PPI crashing. Investors who lost money included large institutions, small investors and pension funds.


    Mr Justice Holroyde added: “You remained absent from this country for 17 years, and so delayed for nearly two decades the day of reckoning which has finally arrived.


    “I have no hesitation in concluding that you have shown not the slightest remorse for your crime.


    Before leaving the dock, Nadir turned to his devoted wife Nur, 28, and said goodbye.


    Nadir will serve half his sentence, possibly in an open prison, before being released on parole




  11. !!Bada Bing!!



    I hope your no ganging up on me haha


    I know what your saying Bhoys but if/when we qualify for the group stages we will be severely tested with the squad we have at the moment and the injuries we are picking up , so I would,nt take too much for granted.

  12. The Battered Bunnet on




    I agree insofar as I haven’t been impressed with him or his performances since McCulloch took him out…

  13. If Lars Armstrong moved to Scotland he could change his name by deed poll and then transfer his medals to The Lars Armstrong.

  14. ohits-I’m with Ten Men on this one mate,I know we can’t wrap them up in cotton wool,equally we also need to find out if we can rely on some of the younger bhoys.Zaluska for FF as well.

  15. The Battered Bunnet


    13:55 on


    24 August, 2012


    Purely my own opinion but…



    Beram Kayal is the best player in our current squad.



    Wanyama, Forster and particularly Matthews may achieve a higher level in due course, but Kayal is a terrific player, and the best we’ve had in the middle of the park since Paul Lambert.



    His injury record is one of misfortune rather than fragility.



    All in my opinion of course.





    BB how dare you come on here and sound so reasonable and positive.





    Have to say,Nadir’s wife’s a bit of a honey.



    They say money can’t buy you love,but it sure seems to give you a decent shot at the babes.

  17. !!Bada Bing!!



    Fair enough , thats what its all about , opinions . Like everyone else on here ( almost ) we are all after the one thing , a winning Celtic team on the pitch every week.




  18. Ledley and Kayal both out?



    Time to look out the incontinence pants for Wednesday night.

  19. TBB- I appreciate that he has had some terrible injuries(not self inflicting) but I just feel he leaves his position to chase the ball which leaves us exposed.



    I wouldn’t doubt his commitment but I feel that he has to be a bit smarted before flying into tackles too.



    When I first seen him, I thought he was a proper old style centre mid – box to box,could tackle,pass,gave you 100%,he was a leader etc



    Unfortunately I’m seeing flaws in his game and I feel the midfield looked better in the second half v Helsingborgs without him. To be fair you could have taken him or Brown off the other night.

  20. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    This countries attitude to the game is the reason good players lose form,Kayal and Izzy are the latest,there is no deterrent to the hammer howfin’ they are subject to every week add to that the stunted tactics of prevention and its no wonder players and the game can’t grow.




    Women and money eh.



    One of the funniest things I read was an interview with Peter Crouch , when asked what he would have been if he was,nt a footballer , his reply ” a virgin “





    There are a lot of people on here who agree with you.



    Equally,a lot of people agreed with Neil,myself included.



    The problem was with where Kayal’s foot was at the time of the tackle.



    It was coming down hard on the ball,just as elbows hit it,and caused his foot to roll over the ball away from the weight of his body.



    It might well have been malicious intent-I cannot say-but the collision itself was otherwise innocuous.





    That onewas so funny,I thought someone had made it up,tbh!



    14:30 on


    24 August, 2012





    Have to say,Nadir’s wife’s a bit of a honey.



    They say money can’t buy you love,but it sure seems to give you a decent shot at the babes.






    And there speaks the voice of experience……

  25. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    Did someone post the kick off time for tomorrow?



    Is it 12:45?

  26. @Neil Lennon, don’t listen to the tripe



    Put the best team you have available on the park tomorrow. DU will win again

  27. up_over_goal


    14:32 on


    24 August, 2012


    Ledley and Kayal both out?



    Time to look out the incontinence pants for Wednesday night.




    I’m still waiting for mine to arrive. Got a could deal from RetentionUK- who are doing a box of 36 for twenty quid…DryforLife are doing buy one get one free.



    You can drink all the lager you want that night, safe in the knowledge…








    Aye,many’s the time I lost out to a teacher………..

  29. just reading a post about hammer throwers, how many levante players were injured against murderwell last night out of interest? how many cards did murderwell get?