Congratulations to Ronny Deila, his players and supporting cast on becoming Scottish champions, season 2014-15.  The man from Norway has got his team playing flowing, attractive, football, he has improved players throughout the squad, and should be delighted with the shape of the club at the moment.

Congratulations too to the Celtic fans, who recognised the manager and team needed their support, which has been delivered solidly throughout the campaign.

I’m delighted for Aberdeen, who have matched Celtic toe-to-toe against the rest of the league.  It has been a stunning season for a team with comparatively meagre resources.  Motherwell were best of the rest for the last two seasons, but they were miles off the pace, and never reached the consistency of Aberdeen this season.

It’s four in a row for the third time in our history, matching Willie Maley’s team’s achievement in 1908 and Jock’s in 1969.

These are great times to be a Celtic fan, enjoy being champions!

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  1. Saint Stivs on

    dafty commentator on clyde



    “give us a call with your thought on rangers acheivement of finishishing 3rd in the championship”



    hows that an acheivement

  2. havanalaugh


    17:42 on


    2 May, 2015


    There are certain times that: no matter where in the world you are, it is a great time to be a Celtic supporter. Tonight is one of those times. HH to Celtic supporters worldwide hope you have a great time. (Special mention to Barga CSC).



    note to 70 percent D?*k


    Thats how real Celtic fans post on winning the title..



    Have a good night everyone.. CHAMPIONS HH

  3. Congratulations on CELTIC winning the club’s 27th League Title during my lifetime.




  4. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Toffee Tim – Buckie? In Greenock? What’s the world coming to….



    El Dorado, if you don’t mind! Also known as Electric Soup, a wee champagne or a bottle of who the f**k are you looking at !






  5. san diego bhoy



    17:17 on 2 May, 2015





    A big ongratulations to Ronny Deila, John Collins, John Kennedy and Jim McGuinness.



    Also to the players, who led by Broony are showing showing the fitness levels, energy and concentration of the Ronny revolution that will have us eventually fearing absolutely nobody.



    Let the people sing.



    A day out in downtown sunny Seattle awaits.




  6. Saint Stivs



    Naw naw fair’s fair, 3rd in the second division isnae bad for a team that’s only 3 years old:))



    Well done Scotland’s newest club:))

  7. Something fIzzy and cold tonight to celebrate…..



    Beer basically…..



    Quiet satisfaction…..



    Was in the Celtic shop today. Saw the retro kit in which the Maestro lifted our first trophy for 6 years.



    6 years!



    These are good days. Don’t take it for granted fholks…..

  8. WeefratheTim on




    Brilliant, mrsweefras fav. Cheers buddy.



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  9. leftclicktic on

    Only blip on weekend was I missed Twists & turs Horsey tip ,


    thogh I think I will manage,


    Met a big boned hun on the way to visiting my mam, was leaving the pub about 30 mins after they failed today ,


    “Whit wiz the score the day way yer two games” I politely asked


    I think he was sobbing :)))))))))))))))))

  10. Colour Blind Bhoy on

    Absolutely delighted for Ronny, what an achievement to come here with no family, no back room team and to work hard at introducing a new culture and set of beliefs whilst some of the poorest members of the MSM took pleasure in picking the bones of every mistake he made.



    I hope he stays with us for a very long time, we will be a much better team because of him and he looks like he will enjoy the journey and savour every victory and title/cup that we win.



    Last night was one of my 3 favourite home games of this season and given today’s events, the most significant.



    I now look forward to Aberdeen forming a guard of honour for the Bhoys next week.



    Hail Hail

  11. Paul67:



    Congratulations indeed.



    I was one of the Doubters but Ronny has proved me wrong, I doff my Cap to him.



    There is still way to go though. What do I know but I feel at times we need to play two up front and adapt our tactics. Cheating Referee and his entourage apart, had we adapted tactics we may have been going for a treble.



    A Left Back I hear will definitely be coming in. A lot will leave, probably Stokes, Mulgrew along with the Loanees we have. Only one I would keep, Jason…



    Congratulations Ronny, you proved me wrong.



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  12. Ronny is “unbelievably proud to be in charge of a club like this”



    We are proud to have you. Congratulations

  13. Dj67The OldFirmWasEhBusinessPartnershipThereforeJustLikeRangersTheOldFirmIsDeadGetOverItZombies on

    4 in a row, 10 to go!



    GBRD. Hail Hail!

  14. Championeeess , never get tired of winning the league , old enough to remember plenty of poor seasons



    Delighted for Ronnie in his first season , he has shown the doubters they were wrong


    Broonie led from the front ably supported by a group of young guys who if we keep together can build on this


    Finally well done Craig Gordon after the last few years he has endured to then play so well and be part of this success brilliant


    Think I’ll have a few beers tonight



  15. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on





  16. Tallybhoy






    Congratulations on CELTIC winning the club’s 27th League Title during my lifetime.








    Well done Celtic on doing my 2nd 4-in-a-row – mind you this one was done lying on the couch multi-tasking (TV/laptop/radio). Back then (coming up for 21) it was just party/partyparty).



    God willing – I hope to be around long enough to match the 9 and maybe surpass it!




  17. Hamiltontim on

    Just arrived in a not so sunny Prestwick.









    Thank you Celtic, for these incredible moments of joy that you give us. Moments that only a few other life experiences can replicate.



    Thank you.

  18. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    Don’t worry about a thing



    Cos every little things gonna be alright



    Don’t worry about a thing



    Cos Glasgow is green and white

  19. gearoid1998 on

    That’s why we’re champions, that’s why we’re champions. ….


    Enjoy the night bhoys and ghirls.


    Lurking huns and begrudgers. .. GIRFUY (Tony Donnelly cfc)

  20. bournesouprecipe



    14:44 on 2 May, 2015


    How a battered Mullet – was battered by a bunnet









    Security guard on the ferry looking at me suspiciously and shuffling his feet, while glancing at me, as I cackle inanely in fits watching this over and over.

  21. Keep Charlie Mulgrew.also right back needs to be looked at.Lustig and Matthews are injury prone.Maybe Darnell Fisher could be the answer. as for the players leaving in the summer. Stokes.Gudetti.Sevcopi.Matthews.Luzulska.McGeoch. Irvine.and all the loaness except Liam Henderson.

  22. northeast ghirl on

    Congrats to all at Celtic and Hoops far worldwide.



    Glasgow’s Green and White




  23. the long wait is over on




    Not a bit churlish talking about shipping players out on the day we win the league?



    The bulk of those players have contributed something this season.

  24. Not a betting man – but i saw an add for one of the betting sites that gave new customers 3/1 for mayweather and 8/1 pachio – thought , bet both and at least double my money – then saw the small print not allowing multiple bets. grrrrrr

  25. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on

    Overhead down Ayebrokes way “We’re going to need a bigger goat”



    Four in a row, Four in a row………………Four in a row.



    Well done Ronny and the Bhoys

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