Congratulations to Ronny Deila, his players and supporting cast on becoming Scottish champions, season 2014-15.  The man from Norway has got his team playing flowing, attractive, football, he has improved players throughout the squad, and should be delighted with the shape of the club at the moment.

Congratulations too to the Celtic fans, who recognised the manager and team needed their support, which has been delivered solidly throughout the campaign.

I’m delighted for Aberdeen, who have matched Celtic toe-to-toe against the rest of the league.  It has been a stunning season for a team with comparatively meagre resources.  Motherwell were best of the rest for the last two seasons, but they were miles off the pace, and never reached the consistency of Aberdeen this season.

It’s four in a row for the third time in our history, matching Willie Maley’s team’s achievement in 1908 and Jock’s in 1969.

These are great times to be a Celtic fan, enjoy being champions!

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  1. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on




    pmsl with that Twitter pic,brilliant!




    Great photo of Ronny and his ghirls,he deserves a great day.

  2. Colour Blind Bhoy on




    18:21 on 2 May, 2015


    Normally I don’t like talking about them, however, imagine you’re a hun tonight.



    The highlight of their season was us not winning a treble.



    Huns, always in our shadow.



    I think you’re being unfair HT, they also managed a Nil Nil draw at relegated Cowdenbeath, surely another massive highlight :-)

  3. Tricoloured Ribbon on



    Had a wee squint there at Hun Media.


    Terrific reading it has to be said.


    McCulloch and the the haircut that time forgot getting slaughtered..magical stuff.


    Absolute permarage.

  4. TBJ,



    Have not been to a game for almost 3 months.



    the knee replacement has been a great success, no more arthritic pain, no more limping, just physio exercises to build up all the severed leg muscles.



    hoping to get to the title trophy presentation against ICT on the 24th.



    I have seen more games on the tv this season than watched in the flesh.



    However all that pales into insignificance tonight, because









    PS TBJ,



    Would love to join you and the CQNers at the corner before the ICT game.




  5. Celtic secure 4 in a row for the first time in my lifetime. Shed a wee tear earlier I remember around 1996 thinking we would never win a league again but I suffered all that pain to enjoy days like these. It reminds me of that wonderful Matt Munro song. Great times to be a Tim. Enjoy it Bhoys we have come a long way in 2 decades and are now dominant. Where we go from here is up to Ronny. I feel we are in good hands.




  6. theglasgowcelticway on

    Keevins is entitled to his opinion that’s democracy for you.I bet if Ronnie had won ten titles in a row and then lost the eleventh Keevins would say,I told you so.

  7. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    Anyone who is not Proven is better than the commentator who is …

  8. Well done Celtic Football Club and to all their supporters who drove them on. Here’s hoping that this is the launchpad for even greater things to come in the future. Well done Bhoys.



    Hail Hail to the Champions.

  9. South Of Tunis on

    Luvvly jubbly.



    Guy doing a PhD at Reading Univ.came here last January to do some research . Stayed for a week . Gave us a bottle of champagne as a token of thanks.. Been in the fridge since January .Opened it tonight.-



    Cuvee Elisabeth Salmon 2002.



    Excellent ! Highly recommended !

  10. Well done to the


    Rip Roarin


    Free Scorin


    Never Borin


    Famous Glasgow Celtic



    HH yall

  11. Martin42….


    Great to see you posting. Glad to hear the knew op went well. I’ll be needing one of them myself someday.



    Stand up for the Champions….


    Take care,



  12. San Diego Bhoy, no Treble, no George Square show:-)



    If he does it, I will video it and post in for the world to see!!!!

  13. Congratulations Ronnie.



    Standing up for The Champions… In a very green place



    Delighted four in a row accomplished while visiting Greensboro, North Carolina

  14. Hamiltontim on




    Good to see you on, I hope everything went well sir.






    Whilst incapable, through surgery, doctors have today confirmed it’s ok to sit down for the Champions!

  15. Saint Stivs on

    frank the legend prankster honest tim taxi driver makes a spectacular retrun to shortbread.



    magic listen.

  16. O.G.Rafferty on

    After the £8 League Cup semi-final t-shirt I’m looking forward to the Sports Direct reduced- to-clear 3rd place playoffs sash, to complete my summer marching wardrobe.





    Champions of Scotland.



    Get used to it Huns

  17. martin42



    18:45 on 2 May



    If I may comment.



    Having recently gone through all the rehab from an similar operation, the single most activity that accelerated my recovery was to find a good restorative yoga class. This soothed the often vigorous physio therapy, and helped with the internal scar tissue forming properly.



    The stretching, helped along by the class teacher had me back riding my bike in no time.

  18. We love you we love you we love you


    And that is why we follow we follow we follow


    Cos we support the CELTIC the CELTIC the CELTIC


    and that’s the way we like it we like it we like it


    Woh oh oh oh oh oh woh,oh oh oh oh oh oh !!


    Crackedopenthebombaygincfc ;)

  19. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    Favourite Sevco moment was finding out the Ibrox Monty Don had a rare old time on the karaoke and why not is what I say.

  20. What is the Stars on



    Thanks for pointing out that.


    Glad to be wrong about ronny.


    Really thought we had made a big mistake


    4 in a row, great feeling.


    European challenge awaits

  21. Hey Oh



    Rrrrrronnnny Deila has a massively extended Family now, I’m sure he knows this. Delighted he was with the most important people in his Life as we Won the League.

  22. O.G.Rafferty on

    South Of Tunis


    Cuvee Elisabeth Salmon 2002?



    Could get some fine gelato for that sort of money

  23. What is the Stars on

    Doc, and san Diego


    I had agreed a fee with George Clooney to step in for me, would have been a treat for the Glasgow gals

  24. Colour Blind Bhoy on




    Like you, I prefer not to talk about them but given that I never thought we would see such a chasm between us and them, I am happy to have a little fun at their expense.



    Hail Hail to 4 in a row and enjoy your celebrations tonight.

  25. WiTS, it will be interesting to see what Ronny can do in Europe next season.


    Really looking forward to it.



    Think you should address Owens point, a double means an item of clothing can be worn, so hat or socks:-)

  26. Neustadt-Braw on

    awfy braw…….let the people sing….hail hail….congrats to all ..





  27. what is the stars



    18:58 on 2 May, 2015



    Not so sure, the Glesga lassies would have been gutted.



    Having trolled the same Los Angeles lounges as ole George a number of years back, I have it on good information that he’s not quite as impressive in his birthday suit…


    Superb by Rhonny and the Bhoys. Undoubtedly a difficult start, but we as football fans should try to be more patient. All things considered, Rhonny has turned to around more quickly than looked possible.



    We are on course for 90+ points. Looking back at the winning totals over the last several seasons, that ain’t too bad at all.



    Priority now must be getting the required squad together as quickly as possible for the CL qualifiers. Hopefully (for a change) we can get business done early days.



    As regards the current squad, the dream scenario (for me) would be;



    -We keep VVD


    -Denayer signs another loan deal


    -Lustig gets back on top form


    -SJ and Bitton pen long term deals



    -Bhoys to move on;













    (I am agnostic re Guidetti and am prepared to give Scepovic until the winter window)



    I’d like to see Fisher progress, as I would a couple of Development Squadders like young Duffy.



    As regards purchases, I’d go for Anya at Watford. I can’t believe he’s still there.


    Quality strikers within our range in England are few and far between. We either push the boat out for some proven quality- I’d take Jon Walters, Shane Long (probably now way out of reach), Jordan Rhodes. As regards the continent and beyond, I just hope that our scouting department can prove my scepticism wrong about their eye for a finisher.



    Could we look to a loan deal/wage share for someone like Jovetic at City (or Long at Southampton)?



    Anyway, thats the soothsaying over….












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