Chances of Marsch pitching up at Celtic Park?


We are looking for a manager, so you know the rules.  Some ex-players will try to scare you with Roy Keane, various agents will push their uninspiring clients into the spotlight in the hope a media association with Celtic will enhance their chances of getting fixed up at Swindon.  And, the occasional manager who wants more pay, will start talking about the honour of being linked with Celtic, while linking himself with Celtic.

Managers who are talking to Celtic right now are not talking to anyone in the media, you can bet Newco’s delayed vat payment on it.  I have no doubt RB Salzburg coach Jesse Marsch has been sounded out, but his “interesting” and “an honour” comments about Celtic tell you all you need to know.

Although he was speaking to BBC Sport, he was talking to his employer.  Chances of him pitching up at Celtic Park next season depend overwhelmingly on Salzburg’s Champions/Europa League draw.  Learn ‘manager speak’; silence is what to listen for.  Today’s story does not fit the profile, there will be another one along soon.

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  1. squire danaher on

    You would imagine that he would only be a candidate if Rangwick was getting the DoF job.



    Seasoned Kremlin analysts have suggested that today’s blog is Celtic-speak for



    Standards and aspirations of German DoF and American head coach are too demanding for the liking of our Blue Pound-loving EPL fanboy Absentee Landlord

  2. For the first time ever!



    I’d hope that Mars h has at least been sounded out and, if not, it’s because we have someone equally good/better all lined up. If, as Paul suggests, it’s about money then we should make an offer – we can afford it even if it means we need to cut the transfer kitty – he’d improve many of our existing players and some of the want a ways may change their views meaning the rebuild is less big than its looking.


    He’s the profile of coach we should be looking at – young enough he’s not out with our reach but with a decent track record behind him; used to working at a very professional outfit; has a good reputation (meaning he’d attract players and be trusted to take folk on loan).


    He’d def be top of my list, though I expect he’ll wait and see what happens at Leipzig with Bagelsmann…

  3. Manager speak? Lennon said last October he would go,if it was what the fans wanted,and if results didn’t improve……and here we are today…

  4. Paul The Spark on

    I’m not convinced we are even talking to any potential managers. The silence is deafening. Wouldn’t be too bad if the board came out and gave us an idea of what they looking to do regarding the management structure. I’m sure when our season ticket renewals are due you won’t be able to shut them up.

  5. scullybhoy on 17th March 2021 12:04 pm



    Bhoyjoebelfast on 17th March 2021 11:13 am



    Here’s a few:Pat and Celtic related.



    1)Born in 1891 played for Eire and the north?



    2)Played for Celtic 93/94,and in a Scottish league cup final for Ayr United?



    3)Cousin of Charlie Gallagher?



    4)Derry Pele?



    5)Both played for the Hoops,but faced each other in 1972 Scottish League Cup final?












    Patsy Gallagher


    Paddy McCourt


    Pat Stanton V Pat McCluskey

  6. I’d love to see Marsch rock up at Celtic Park but unfortunately, I think it’s very unlikely.



    He’ll be in the Bundesliga – quite possibly Leipzig.

  7. So the Salzburg manager is outwith our reach – set your expectations accordingly…



    How did our standards and confidence in ourselves become so low ?



    Right across the club we’ve gone from Brendan Rodgers, Champions league and £100 million revenues to Neil Lennon’s Europa league whipping boys and twenty points behind the huns.



    It’s genuinely jaw dropping how we’ve regressed in the last 18 months.



    Pinching a manager of Salzburg should be more than achievable.



    Instead of immediately throwing out the suggestion, hopefully we’ve people talking to Salzburg today.

  8. BJB



    2) pat mcginley( played in our school team when we could get him oot his bed!!..great lad Pat)

  9. Weebobbycollins on

    “This will be his one hundred and oneth goal for Real Madrid…..”


    Kris Boyd…


    That’s the 2th time I’ve heard that comment…

  10. Expectation Management in full flow on CQN. Expect to be disappointed and a flood of refuseniks when season ticket renewals are sent out. Our largest shareholder’s imagination will stretch no further than MON as DoF and Roy Keane as manager.

  11. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Just looking back on your article about Keane, Paul. You said:


    He is box office, for sure, but as a parting gift from Peter Lawwell to new chief exec, Dominic McKay, he would prove a ‘handful’.




    You’re not seriously suggesting that Lawwell will be involved in appointing the next manager? Hasn’t he done enough damage already?


    Marsch would be a good option. He spoke about how he likes to build a project and develop young players and has a decent track record so far. All the things we SHOULD be looking for.


    Could certainly do far worse and I am sure we will. And no doubt someone far more old firmy.

  12. AN DÚN on 17TH MARCH 2021 12:23 PM



    I don’t think it’s just a case that the Salzburg manager is out of our reach – but a manager who will have the pick of some big Bundesliga jobs in the summer. The suspicion is that RB are grooming him for Leipzig.



    I agree we should at least ask the question – but don’t he disappointed if you don’t see him unveiled at Celtic Park this summer.

  13. Salzburg and Leipzig are both RB clubs. The current Leipzig manager, Julian Nagelsmann, is highly thought of and is very much in demand, so expect Marsch to move to Leipzig.

  14. 79CAPS on 17TH MARCH 2021 12:39 PM



    That seems to be the view from Germany. Either that or he’ll go the same path as Salzburg’s previous manager and go to Moenchengladbach replacing the outgoing Marco Rose.

  15. Paul 67,



    ” Some ex players will try to scare you with Roy Keane”





    Well they have me scared.




  16. Geebee1978 @ 12.44



    Agreed. Wherever he goes, the Bundesliga will be a big step-up for him. He would perhaps need time at Celtic to carry out his “project” and it’s doubtful whether our supporters would give him time. I think Rangnick was his mentor – he would be the ideal DOF, but DD would really have to dig into his funds to get him.

  17. SQUIRE DANAHER on 17TH MARCH 2021 12:19 PM


    I think they go out in March. I suspect, nothing to back it up but I think until the DoF and Manager are announced they won’t be sent out.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  18. SPIDEY101 on 17TH MARCH 2021 12:08 PM


    Plus – for those considering not renewing, Marsh would likely be a game changer





    It would take at least this level of ambition to make me consider renewing.



    We should certainly aspire to the likes of him. Sadly, he likely aspires far above the likes of us in our present state and league.



    HH jg

  19. 79CAPS on 17TH MARCH 2021 12:51 PM



    Chris Sutton recently asked Rory Smith about Ragnick at Celtic live on BT.



    Smith said for any chance of Ragnick coming to Celtic (chances are already very slim), he’d need to know what direction the club is going in and what type of a club we want to be. An identity or blue-print – a way of playing that goes from youth up with new managers and players being signed to fit that blueprint, much like we see at Ajax or Barcelona.



    If his remit was simply to beat Rangers (sic) and/or European football after Christmas, then there’d be no chance.

  20. Go tell the Spartim on

    I’d be excited if it was JM or those of similar ability, however, I fear the worst, it’ll be Clarke, Neil, Jack Ross calibre most likely hope to be proved wrong



    It’s all about ambition of course

  21. JAMESGANG on 17TH MARCH 2021 1:02 PM




    It would take at least this level of ambition to make me consider renewing.




    We should certainly aspire to the likes of him. Sadly, he likely aspires far above the likes of us in our present state and league.




    HH jg




    In total agreement with you. It has almost gone too far for me. Celtic have treated the support with utter contempt this season. If they think we’ll be fobbed off with some cheapskate appointment then I’ll be finding other things to do when the footie’s on. I suspect there will be thousands more like me.

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