Change underway at SFA, Irish Voice launch


Some of the reaction to Peter Lawwell’s promotion to the top table of the bowling club yesterday was thoroughly entertaining, including some from our own side.  As a rule, I’m happy to germinate nonsense which distracts potential opponents from applying logical analysis to their world, so now THE EVIDENCE is all there!!

The SFA badly need higher calibre board members and, despite some generous assessments (from all sides), Celtic’s influence over the Association has been akin to pushing water up a marble staircase.  The only genuine solutions to Scottish football’s problems will be to the benefit of all clubs, not just the main income generator.  This is the challenge Peter Lawwell should set himself.  By delivering well-funded, competitive football for all, he will best look after the interests of Celtic.  Big changes all round are required.

I was accustomed today by a suggestion that Celtic were about to announce debts of over £30m after investing in some underperforming bonds!  Fortunately the story teller is listening to the wrong people and this is complete fantasy.  At least this nonsense keeps people from reading the accounts and asking by our board blow so much cash on amortisation each year instead of buying players.

Shout out to the newly launched Irish Voice newspaper, issue one of which is now out.  Focussed on “Bringing you all the news from the Irish in Scotland” it’s a really impressive read – and it’s free!  Check it out online here and look out for the paper copy.
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  1. .






    Looks like its Your Lucky Day..



    The Feijenoord Bhoys look like they have 2 Tickets for the HamsterJam Arena.. Getting them Today did Not know the were on Sale yet unless its today..



    Will text You later.. Seats are Together..*Double thumbs Up*




  2. Farewell my darling Johnnie, Prince of players we must part, no more we’ll stand and cheer you on the slopes of Celtic Park.



    God Bless John, rest easy.

  3. Maleys bhoy



    Tried to get the 3 match package for a few Mates on my 2 grandsons under 13 season tickets ,was told I would have to pay the full price , but I could get concessions for my grandsons

  4. Usual guff from MSM in the last couple of days regards playing next years CL qualifiers at maybe Murrayfield.



    U would think they would know the previous winners don’t have to qualify.




  5. maleys bhoy,



    You can certainly upgrade Concession seats to full Price Ones for Individual Games but Not sure how this works when buying a 3 Game Package.



    By the way I came Down to row 9 in FS2 at half Time last Wednesday but Someone else was in your seat and Looked Blankly when I said to him, “maleys bhoy?”



    Posting From Phone pm apologies for the Random unavoidable capitalisations



    chineseAndroids CSC

  6. Zbyszek mówi, trzymaj się Oscar on

    Starry Plough



    Sincere condolences. I know you will miss your Mum and I wish you strength in terrible times.


    Rest in Peace, SP’s Mum.

  7. time for change on

    Morning all,



    quick read back there………..Chateau Neuf du Papes my favourite.



    Re development of the South Stand……….are we now not closing parts of the ground down on match days…..if redeveloping the satdium put a retractable roof on it otherwise we’re fine at the moment.



    Hail Hail

  8. Vhman



    I don’t think there will be many Celtic fans outside the city centre.



    Most will be city centre Window shopping (:-)




  9. Starry, sorry to hear about the sad loss of your mum may she rest in peace. There are never any positives when something like this happens but take solace in the fact that you managed to go back with your family to see her recently. A wee prayer offered for the repose of her soul. KTF.

  10. Top of the morning to you all on ths fine, pleasant Fife morning.



    History from 1931



    On the fifth day of September,


    ‘gainst the Rangers club he played,


    From defeat he saved the Celtic,


    Ah but what a price he paid.



    The club were only about a month into the season of 1931/32 and just a few months after the tour of the USA & Canada when John died.



    Then in the next few years Peter Scarff and Robert “Bertie” Thomson would also die tragically young.



    For the young team that had returned as heroes from their American tour John’s death must have been a hammer blow followed by two more in quick succession. Can you imagine how that would affect the remaining players?



    Little wonder this was a barren period for Celtic.

  11. Morning all. Brightish down here at the moment.



    Woke up to the thought that McClelland had Dodds speaking for him, like Young giving his backing to Ogilvie. Do they think they can just keep ignoring the rules and regulations (daft question)?

  12. by TOM ENGLISH


    Published on the


    05 September








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    IF THERE was a Richter scale for Twitter then the news that Peter Lawwell had been appointed to the main board of the Scottish Football Association would have measured about a 5.5, the digital equivalent of a mighty earthquake.



    When the news came through on Tuesday there was a sudden tremor online, a reverberation that could have only meant one thing. Something had happened in Old Firm land. Again.



    There are very sound reasons why Lawwell should be on the SFA board. He’s in charge of the biggest and most successful club in the country. He’s run the finances of that club expertly. He has contacts and knowledge and experience.



    If it was any other country in the world then there wouldn’t have been such a hubbub about his nomination.



    The gist of the argument against it appears to be this: He’s Celtic and therefore anti-Rangers. He’ll have too much control. He’ll feather the nest of his own club and shaft the rest. Suspicion and conspiracy and poison, too, but not a lot in the way of commonsense.



    On Twitter the other night we waited for something that went beyond the usual one-eyed hysteria, some level of criticism of the appointment that had any merit. Eventually, a point was made quietly. And it was an interesting point, whether you agreed with it or not. Is it right that Lawwell should sit on a board that exists to protect Scotland’s footballing interests when his own club have argued for so long that the sooner they leave Scotland the better?



    That’s a legitimate talking point. Much of the rest of the reaction to Lawwell’s new role was depressingly predictable, though. After the online earthquake of Tuesday, the after-shocks will continue in cyberland for some time to come.




    Tom will be popular with the deid club. “He’s in charge of the biggest and most successful club in the country. “

  13. tommytwiststommyturns supporting Wee Oscar on

    Starry P – sorry to hear your news mate. The loss of a parent is very hard to bear.


    My thoughts are with you and your family.




  14. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Starry Plough – very sorry to hear of your loss mate.



    Don’t know what I’d do without my mum – my thoughts are with you and yours at this very sad time.



    God Bless







  15. The other day, someone posted these stats:


    Smith`s record in Europe:


    First spell: P 31 W 3 L 13 D 15


    Second Spell P15 W 2 L 6 D 7


    Total: P 46 W 5 L 19 D 23



    Lennon`s Record in Europe:


    P 30 W 16 L9 D 5



    Does anyone have the stats on money spent for the corresponding periods for both managers?




  16. Mountblow tim supporting wee oscar on

    Good morning CQN



    Starry Plough



    Sincere condolences in the loss of your mum



    Thoughts and prayers with you and your family



    M T

  17. DontPatmadug



    A half decent journalist would maybe have pointed out the number of people from the Deid Club who have held recent/ historical office at the SFA.


    Indeed, whilst I am on a stats mission, does anyone have such a record?




  18. Jungle Jim


    09:07 on


    5 September, 2013



    “Indeed, whilst I am on a stats mission, does anyone have such a record?”



    Aye Tom English :)

  19. Starry Plough



    Sorry to hear about the loss of your mum.


    Thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.