Change underway at SFA, Irish Voice launch


Some of the reaction to Peter Lawwell’s promotion to the top table of the bowling club yesterday was thoroughly entertaining, including some from our own side.  As a rule, I’m happy to germinate nonsense which distracts potential opponents from applying logical analysis to their world, so now THE EVIDENCE is all there!!

The SFA badly need higher calibre board members and, despite some generous assessments (from all sides), Celtic’s influence over the Association has been akin to pushing water up a marble staircase.  The only genuine solutions to Scottish football’s problems will be to the benefit of all clubs, not just the main income generator.  This is the challenge Peter Lawwell should set himself.  By delivering well-funded, competitive football for all, he will best look after the interests of Celtic.  Big changes all round are required.

I was accustomed today by a suggestion that Celtic were about to announce debts of over £30m after investing in some underperforming bonds!  Fortunately the story teller is listening to the wrong people and this is complete fantasy.  At least this nonsense keeps people from reading the accounts and asking by our board blow so much cash on amortisation each year instead of buying players.

Shout out to the newly launched Irish Voice newspaper, issue one of which is now out.  Focussed on “Bringing you all the news from the Irish in Scotland” it’s a really impressive read – and it’s free!  Check it out online here and look out for the paper copy.
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  1. leftclicktic oscar in our thoughts on

    I once complained about a clique to a wise old man:))



    He answered “Join it then as you cant do anything about it from the outside”



    made sense tae me csc

  2. An inflatable stadium!!! What happens when one end jumps up to acclaim a goal and the other end get catapulted out their seats…..

  3. The Battered Bunnet on

    More seriously,



    A quick review of the SFA’s Judicial Panel Notes of Reason from April 2012, and the decision of the SPL’s Commission of Inquiry from February 2013 confirms in spades that John McClelland breached the fiduciary duties he owed to both RFC plc and SPL in his time as variously Director and Chairman of RFC plc and Director of SPL Ltd.



    These breaches relate in the first instance to his role as a Director during the period of ownership of RFC plc by Craig Whyte, and in the second instance, to his role in actively concealing from the football authorities the tens of millions of pounds in offshore payments made to players during his tenure, such payments being in clear breach of the rules.



    In short, John McClelland is a man found to have breached his fudiciary duties thus contributing to the liquidation of a football club, and additionally, was found to have deliberately acted to breach rules of the Game, such rules designed to protect the integrity of the game itself.



    Unfit and improper!

  4. Dubaibhoy-"If I signed off the accounts it has been in good faith." on




    The best one in there has got to be Jackie Mac’s image rights paid by EBT.



    Aye right!

  5. craigwhitesoptometrist – fearless #teamoscar



    Milan 18th Sep


    Ajax 22nd Oct


    Barca 11th Dec

  6. leftclicktic oscar in our thoughts on

    Greensideup is also Neil Lennon and supports Wee Oscar



    On looking at it again Paranoia does not begin to cover it ,pure deluded madness is nearer :)).

  7. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    Problem wi joining a clique is….



    You think yer in the tent,pissing out.



    You soon realise yer stuck in the middle.



    Those outside the tent,and those in the inner tent,have one target.






    Better,IMO,to burn the tent down,start again.

  8. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    geordie munro



    12:38 on 4 September, 2013



    Hahahahahahahahaha…caught, Madmitch….get out of THAT one……!!!!!!!!

  9. Loving the idea of this inflatable stadium. Great anticipation as we await the final whistle at which point we do ‘bum bounces’ all the way down the rows to the front. We then stand up, brush ourselves down, and leave the stadium in an orderly fashion.



    Green Brigade would spoil it for everyone though by taking part in dangerous and illegal lateral bouncing.

  10. We cannae have an inflatable stadium , one of they guys that goes for a smoke in the toilets at half time would burst it!

  11. The Long Wait is Over



    I know your question was rhetorical but the answer is in their mind set.



    In a closed mind a person thinks everyone thinks and acts as they do. If a person is intolerant and not willing or able to listen to another perspective then they can do nothing but act from their own.



    The concept of playing fair is clearly an educational step too far or they would never have gone down Zombie Road. But even after arriving there and finding it a no hope cup de sac, they still think others will do as they did because they are not open to changing their minds.



    One day some academic will write a book about it and be tabled as a vindictive taig out to get them.

  12. leftclicktic oscar in our thoughts on

    The Battered Bunnet




    13:51 on 4 September, 2013






    I have lost my login for TSFM posts like that should be on there to .

  13. Oscar Knox is my Hero - RWE on

    Bob LobLaw


    13:50 on


    4 September, 2013


    An inflatable stadium!!! What happens when one end jumps up to acclaim a goal and the other end get catapulted out their seats.




    Actually, Bob..



    When one side stands up the other side would sink deeper into the their seats and miss the goal cellie.



    When the jump up and down mob sat down again, that’s when the sedentarists would be boinged into Janefield Street,or at the very least spill their hot bovril.



    Inflatable CSC

  14. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    empirically the huns have no basis for their hate of BBC,SFA etc



    thery`re just too stupid to appreciate reality

  15. On second thoughts an inflatable stadium is probably not such a good idea.



    ‘Lateral movement’ could be a problem.



    …and as for walking up to the top tier?!




  16. the long wait is over on




    One day some academic will write a book about it and be tabled as a vindictive taig out to get them.





    Phil already has, I think , on both counts.

  17. Leftclicktic



    Re that diagram on TSFM. Well it has convinced me. And I think I walk far enough due west I’ll eventually fall off the edge and into space.







    Jimbo67 supporting Oscar Knox

  18. How long would it take to inflate the stadium?



    What would the dimensions be when it was deflated?



    I would imagine it would not fit into a medium-sized van.



    It would probably require a juggernaut – or possibly a 747.




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