Change underway at SFA, Irish Voice launch


Some of the reaction to Peter Lawwell’s promotion to the top table of the bowling club yesterday was thoroughly entertaining, including some from our own side.  As a rule, I’m happy to germinate nonsense which distracts potential opponents from applying logical analysis to their world, so now THE EVIDENCE is all there!!

The SFA badly need higher calibre board members and, despite some generous assessments (from all sides), Celtic’s influence over the Association has been akin to pushing water up a marble staircase.  The only genuine solutions to Scottish football’s problems will be to the benefit of all clubs, not just the main income generator.  This is the challenge Peter Lawwell should set himself.  By delivering well-funded, competitive football for all, he will best look after the interests of Celtic.  Big changes all round are required.

I was accustomed today by a suggestion that Celtic were about to announce debts of over £30m after investing in some underperforming bonds!  Fortunately the story teller is listening to the wrong people and this is complete fantasy.  At least this nonsense keeps people from reading the accounts and asking by our board blow so much cash on amortisation each year instead of buying players.

Shout out to the newly launched Irish Voice newspaper, issue one of which is now out.  Focussed on “Bringing you all the news from the Irish in Scotland” it’s a really impressive read – and it’s free!  Check it out online here and look out for the paper copy.
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  1. leftclicktic oscar in our thoughts on

    Oscar Knox is my Hero – RWE


    CRC passed it on for me



    Technology not a strength for me,your in good company then with the likes of myself ,though crc is trying to drag us into the 21 century :))



    Dropbox pffffffffffffffft



    page 17 just as game enters ET :))

  2. weebobbycollins on

    Pigalle…like it. Perhaps we could fill it with helium and watch fat Sally and 45,000 other peepul float off into space…

  3. Oscar Knox is my Hero - RWE on




    Managed the dropbox, but more luck than judgement.



    Thanks again for the link stuff.



    What struck me though was how they are still so deluded about their own world.



    That and the hate.




  4. Celtic have pulled the plug on the inflatable stadium.



    It was last seen flying over Motherwell making a loud farting noise. :)

  5. RobinBhoy - Supporting Wee Oscar and Mackenzie on




    Just E-Mailed you the scanned document required, I watched the debate on the “voracity” of the language in the various drafts with interest and whilst I very much doubt that the Celtic board would deliberately do anything to harm our club the resolution is well thought out and needs an answer.



    Hope you get the 100 signatures needed.




  6. Morrissey the 23rd on

    Kilbowie Kelt @ 11:58 on 3 September, 2013





    11:29 on 3 September, 2013



    I met up with Morrisey23 at last nights Celtic Supporters Trust meeting. A note of the meeting will appear on CST web site in due course.



    Of immediate interest to CQN will be that CST agreed to promote Canalamar’s resolution re requesting a UEFA investigation into the process for awarding the UEFA 2011 Licence to Rangers.



    The resolution will be made available from the CST web site which might help get the message out there and with it the extra signatures required (although time is running out. )



    On that point of signatures it transpires Celtic have aggregated the shares of the signatories in the past to get an average over 100 so if you thought your shareholding was too small to sign up then give it a go now.





    That last paragraph is great news for Canamalar’s resolution. It is a complete game-changer.


    Those with only a few shares should now get their details to him as soon as possible, knowing that they will be as valuable as those with bigger holdings.





    So…… Pass this on to all the Celtic share-holder you know. Those at work; those you are related to; post it on the social network sites that you use; post it in the Celtic groups you post in; tell the people you go to the games with or sit beside.



    TIME IS RUNNING OUT. We are close to getting enough support from share-holder to have this resolution included in the next AGM but were are dangerously short of having the number we need. YOUR help is needed. Please spread the word. If you have shares but haven’t return a signed resolution. Please do that right away. Even if you don’t believe it will make a difference.



    Remember this is open to ALL share-holders. No minimum requirement. There is also no length of time you need to have been a share-holder. You can buy shares to take part.

  7. Dubaibhoy-"If I signed off the accounts it has been in good faith." on

    Greg Dyke sets England 2022 World Cup target


    By Richard Conway


    BBC Sport Football Association chairman Greg Dyke says the England team should aim to reach the semi-final of Euro 2020 and win the World Cup in 2022.




    You’ve got to laugh at these guys!

  8. A young Gordon Brown wrote the foreword for a book-The Red Paper on Scotland back in the early 1970s. It was a left wing critique of the cosy world of business boards and particularly banks/insurance companies ( now financial services ) and it demonstrated through interlinking board directorships that this was a well connected but closed club. In a small Scottish population it was actually no surprise that a bank or insurance company , if they wrote a job description for a non executive director role at all, would look into a small pond and appoint a well kent face. And so they appeared across planet financial services and, on many occasions, they would move the chairs and take up different seats but, critically they remained connected.


    When Harold MacMillan won the 1959 General Election for the Conservatives his entire cabinet was made up of Old Etonians – and a few had actually been in his class at Eton.


    As the world has moved on ( with the exception of the militaristic, jingoistic, crypto fascist elements amongst the Sevco support ) we have still remained closely connected. As a rule of thumb it has been generally accepted that we are all only six people removed from someone who knows you. Facebook and Google recently claimed these steps had now fallen to four. Think about it. Draw a diagram then on average you are only four ( or six ) steps away from some connection to everyone on planet earth.


    And talking of planets it brings me to that Unseen Fenian Hand diagram produced here this afternoon.


    I usually dismiss such creations as the work of some sad little fantasist or bigot or both.


    However I travelled up from London last week to be at Parkhead for what I was convinced would prove to be a memorable night. I have lived away from Glasgow for many years ( but I still buy two season tickets ) yet still occasionally bump into people from my past.


    I met a few , now ageing, old Rangers fans last week but one in particular stuck in the memory. He was a decent( I know, I know ) enough lad growing up although always denied their sectarian policy. Anyway, I don’t meet any of the Sevco generation so for me it was jaw dropping to listen to this intelligent, articulate man word paint that diagram. If it had not been for the interventions of great men such as Sandy Jardine, John Greig and ( dignity exemplified ) Walter Smith then the entyist long term plan by those unseen Fenians who had entered the body politic, judiciary and media as well as the civil service would have done for his club. No hint of self infliction could be discerned. What was unfolding was a clear, planned strategy to fold Rangers and it would be executed by that tightly linked group of people such as on that diagram of today.


    Is this the first steps to madness or are they travelling the more likely road of demagogary? Where oh where is their saviour? I suspect there is not one, no not one. There may be trouble ahead.

  9. BlantyreKev-thoughts and prayers with Wee Oscar and family on

    An inflatable stadium of that size would put too much pressure on everyone. I suppose the fans would be pumped up for every game. Probably be thousands (of pounds per square inch) to put it in place. Can we generate that sort of support? You could have a pop concert just by sticking a needle into it. First visitors to the stadium would be Ayr.



    Apologies to my family and friends.

  10. Greensideup is also Neil Lennon and supports Wee Oscar


    14:38 on


    4 September, 2013


    I’m not sure if this has been covered or not, but how did PL become part of the SFA board, was he invited, elected and who’s seat did he take over?










    1. He was nominated by the SFA Board



    2. Ralph Topping

  11. Garcia


    Good post but



    exemplified ) Walter Smith then the entyist long term plan by those unseen Fenians who had entered the body politic, judiciary and media as well as the civil service would have done for his club



    Having read a few posts from FF it’s not “entered” it’s infiltrated, worm into, cheat and con they’re way in…

  12. Morrissey the 23rd on

    jmccormick @ 12:38 on 3 September, 2013


    Have you managed to e-mail your scanned and signed resolution?

  13. greenjedi




    16:07 on 4 September, 2013




    Thanks for the info.



    It makes you wonder why now? Is the SFA going to be handing out some punishment in the not too distant future and they don’t want to get their hands dirty when it concerns their brethren, so let the fenian hand do it!



    Ah the paranoia is taking over again :)






  14. Nope – gotta take my hat off to Dyke…



    … starts off by scotching (Excuse the pun) the myth that England have a successful history – that is plainly not the case.



    No matter that expectations – and Dyke’s are not foolish – to paraphrase Krishnamurti – to travel to B you have to realise you’re at A. There’s no point being at A wishing you were at B.



    Reminds me of another mob. Worshipping B, blindly ignoring the fact they were at A.




  15. Blantytre Kev.



    We could always use helium. That would give us all a lift and capture the floating support.



    We could all take a whiff and , sing You Never Walk Alone like a flight of Orvilles and loss ourselves laughing if Barca score a barrowload.



    Well you started it! :)

  16. Garcia Lorca



    The big difference between them and us in terms of supporting in hard times is they can find no leaders whereas we all want to be leaders.

  17. Morrissey the 23rd on

    I was reading back on CQN posts that I have missed in the last few days. I read one and thought, I agree with every single word that person has wrote then looked to see who wrote it. It was me.

  18. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    Blantyre Kev suggested I use Siri as i am finding it hard to type with the left hand!



    So i gave it a go , patiently speaking a few words at a time on a business e-mail.



    And do you know what? it almost worked — although the Siri thing just decided to throw a swear word or two in of its own volition…. big sweary words at that too.



    Amazing…. must be customised for personal use……

  19. traditionalist88 on

    Great post in the comments section on Phils latest blog:







    After our club was shafted for many decades by a self serving dynasty of families who feathered their own nests and treated Celtic fans as their very own cash cow, I can understand why our fans have an inbuilt distrust of the men in power at Celtic, the SFA and the media. It must be so frustrating for the present board after all the good work they have put in to get US where we are today (ie, Top dogs) to continually have this level of suspicion from our own fans. Our club is now in the safest hands and best financial shape in our history and yet our young militant wing seem to be at war with the chief executive and I, for one, love this. It’s how it should be. This rebellious streak is healthy and with the level of love of Celtic, allied to the intellect of a great many of our fans we will never again be taken for granted. Remember, our old rivals died because no one had the nous to ask questions. UP THE REBELS!





  20. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Gunning appealing the three match ban offered. Is this clown for real. .he also wdnt out to injure lustig although the actual injury was caused by hid fall

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