Channel 4 look into historic abuse


Alex Thompson of Channel 4 News has been in Scotland working on a piece about historic child abuse this week.  This morning he Tweeted a photo of Celtic Park, adding the words, “Watch this space”.

While these matters happened decades ago, Celtic are still Celtic, and have a corporate responsibility for all that went before.  Fergus McCann first acknowledged what took place.  He setup counselling facilities and instructed an independent investigation into the actions of the club under the old board.  This happened 25 years ago.

There is no statute of limitation on victims coming forward.  Some only want to tell their story, to be heard and be assured that processes are different now.  Others seek financial compensation.  I don’t think there is a lot of money involved, certainly not for Celtic, who have insurance.

What happened was terrible, affected countless boys and went on for perhaps 20 years.  The club must act appropriately and responsibly.  The matter does not lend itself to dialogue on social media, or a running commentary through other media.  There is a process underway, I have no idea how long it will take, or if everyone will be satisfied with the outcome.

Historic child abuse is handled so flippantly by others it has become a football itself.  Much comment is sensationalist, “Watch this space”, is not a promising start.  This subject does not benefit from a drumroll introduction.

The subject is also most commonly reported about one club – Celtic – to the exclusion of all others.  It should be reported and those responsible held to account, but balance your reporting.  There are three Glasgow clubs under review for this matter right now, as well as the SFA.  Coverage mostly concentrates on the one that was first to react and offer help.

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  1. Found it.



    So ‘Thomo’ doesn’t have an exclusive – he is clickbaiting for a Channel 4 project. Not classy to take this approach to a genuinely serious subject. As Paul alludes, I hope the outcome is thorough and includes all organisations involved.

  2. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    Was sure I spotted mr Thompson walking by the statues outside the stadium just before the Hertz game………..thought naw cannae be and why?

  3. ‘Watch this space’ in relation to a child abuse story, if that is the story, is a very unbecoming piece of advertising.



    If nothing else the story will provide light relief to ill minds.



    In the meantime, I trust Celtic are acting ethically in our conduct.

  4. There is no moral high ground here. It is a sad reflection on our society all these years ago. It is disgraceful what happened and all involved at all football clubs and numerous institutions should be brought to justice.

  5. Paul67,



    That isnae an article I like to read.



    As I Always say. Celtic is Fundamentally Good.



    Gdansk, here we Go.





  6. I’m sure the right thinking people of Scotland will address this societal issue with the care it demands….and Hollicom will ensure a clear perspective is maintained throughout the sensitive process.

  7. The uncomfortable fact is that child abuse has been a feature of human existence in all societies and all cultures from time immemorial.



    Now we are coming to terms with that and making sure such heinous acts can not go unpunished again.

  8. I think it reasonably important to remember that this, primarily, is to do with the behaviour of certain individuals. The Clubs or Association which employs the people responsible for criminal behaviour might want to look again at their Safeguard Policy but they are not the primary, guilty parties.

  9. Hot Smoked


    However in many organisations it was known and covered up – to my shame it happened in the Catholic church amongst others.

  10. Hot Smokie –



    Yes. Well observed. One can imagine some however trying to establish a legal connection where none exists.


    To some, the horrible optics of this terrible issue will suffice – even to the expense of a proper and profound resolution for all the individuals in ALL cases.



    That may be the real shame in all of this.

  11. Boring and predictable as as day follows night.


    Whenever things go against the Ipox scum, out the come with crap about poor wee Alfredo, Traynor, sectarian abuse aimed at them, it really is pantomime stuff, really is BUT, it’s true. To add insult to injury they delve about in the gutter looking for anything negative about Celtic, no matter how tenuous. It really is pathetic stuff, very poor, yet the mugs and morons believe it ‘cos it’s on the beeb or Sky or the written press. God help us.


    What we must do is keep winning, that’s all , keep winning and make them hurt more than they do now. Easy really.



  12. It’s going to be wet and windy at the Vale this afternoon so won’t be silky football – here’s hoping for a home win

  13. AuroraBorealis79 on

    A win tomorrow to go 13 clear. Oh how damaging that would be to the already “mentally weak”.

  14. Sevco logic tells me that this will be painted as if they are now in a far better position, what with their two games in hand… ;-)

  15. AuroraBorealis79 on

    “The PR boss also claims ‘his position at Ibrox was what sparked the assault’, near Stirling Road at around 3.15pm.”









    Hold on a minute… jabba was able to confirm that his position at Ibrox was the reason for the attack but nobody knows his condition












    I smell a massive shiiiiite



    Only Jim Traynor could write this

  16. Comparisons of institutional cover up are wide off the mark.



    The cover up from the Catholic Church was in relation to the Priests and Religious who made up the Church.



    Celtic Boys Club was not, at any point, part of Celtic Football Club and Athletic Coy.



    If any individual has acted illegally in the act or cover up of abuse then justice must take its course.

  17. I reckon, I only listen to Radio Clyde doon here in England.,the Host is Fantastic.



    Gordon is Good. Respect he is Tap Drawer.



    He has an Incredible way of doing Good Things for others Audibly. Wow an Incredible Talent RC has. Sigb him up longest term.



    Send him into Kashmir, dinnae Ever send him to you know where.

  18. Ouch! No cash coming through the gates at the hunderdome the day.



    Wonder if they’ll have enough money to keep the lights on ’till the end of the season..?

  19. An Dun on 15th February 2020 1:23 pm



    ‘Celtic Boys Club was not, at any point, part of Celtic Football Club and Athletic Coy.’






    Which fact would prevent anyone claiming compensation from Celtic FC on the ground of vicarious liability.



    It would however not prevent someone from claiming compensation from Celtic FC on the basis that Celtic FC owed them a duty of care and had breached that duty. I think it’s possible that a claimant could establish that a duty of are existed.

  20. earlier today – Craig Whyte asked by Tam Cowan on off the Ball – are rangers a new club – Yes of course they are replies Craigy Bhoy!

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