Channel 4 look into historic abuse


Alex Thompson of Channel 4 News has been in Scotland working on a piece about historic child abuse this week.  This morning he Tweeted a photo of Celtic Park, adding the words, “Watch this space”.

While these matters happened decades ago, Celtic are still Celtic, and have a corporate responsibility for all that went before.  Fergus McCann first acknowledged what took place.  He setup counselling facilities and instructed an independent investigation into the actions of the club under the old board.  This happened 25 years ago.

There is no statute of limitation on victims coming forward.  Some only want to tell their story, to be heard and be assured that processes are different now.  Others seek financial compensation.  I don’t think there is a lot of money involved, certainly not for Celtic, who have insurance.

What happened was terrible, affected countless boys and went on for perhaps 20 years.  The club must act appropriately and responsibly.  The matter does not lend itself to dialogue on social media, or a running commentary through other media.  There is a process underway, I have no idea how long it will take, or if everyone will be satisfied with the outcome.

Historic child abuse is handled so flippantly by others it has become a football itself.  Much comment is sensationalist, “Watch this space”, is not a promising start.  This subject does not benefit from a drumroll introduction.

The subject is also most commonly reported about one club – Celtic – to the exclusion of all others.  It should be reported and those responsible held to account, but balance your reporting.  There are three Glasgow clubs under review for this matter right now, as well as the SFA.  Coverage mostly concentrates on the one that was first to react and offer help.

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  1. Very little wriggle room for league extension ( or any other FTSFA jiggery pokery ) due to the Euro’s , which start on 12th June.


    All European leagues are on compressed schedule already.



    The Onlooker

  2. ernie


    As one who knows very little about Celtic Boys Club, I have to ask:Why would it be that ` Celtic FC owed them a duty of care ` ?



    I am assuming there is a connection that would not exist were I, for example, to start something in Arbroath and call it something with the Celtic name in it. Is that the case? ie is their a genuine connection between the Celtic Boys Club and Celtic FC ?

  3. I see the Huns game is off.



    I cannot remember a game being off there in quite a few years, but then again my memory is not as good as some on here. Think there is something brewing at the bigotdome.


    Is it no cash for wages?


    Has there been a fallout at training or after the game on Wednesday?


    Do Sevco players love going under buses?


    Do you think, just maybe the players have downed tools due to Slippy’s style of management, Blakey (on the buses) style only under the bus?


    Has the Columbian angry hippo really downed tools because he was promised a move and Sevco were being greedy and no bids came in for £3million😂?



    Regarding the child abuse, I hope the courts deal with it and if Celtic have to pay victims compensation, let’s do the right thing.







    D. :)




    That seems highly unlikely to me.



    Third party duty of care extending to an independent organisation with no contractual or custodial responsibility to the harmed is unlikely imo.

  5. Celtic,I hope will be demanding an explanation on why Celtic Park was shown on this tweet.Also should be onto Channel 4 on what the content of the investigation entails.This disgraceful episode does not only relate to Celtic.There are plenty of investigations ongoing in England at the moment,on widespread abuse,the sudden switch to Celtic,at this time ,stinks to me.I really hope our club are all over this,and Celtic Boys Club should not even be mentioned.No witch hunt should be entertained.

  6. Hot Smoked on 15th February 2020 1:58 pm





    As one who knows very little about Celtic Boys Club, I have to ask:Why would it be that ` Celtic FC owed them a duty of care ` ?






    Because Celtic FC were aware that the Boys Club cultivated a belief among the public in general, and the potential victims in particular, that they were operating under the aegis of Celtic FC.



    It was only that supposed connection that provided the individual abusers access to, and control and influence over, their intended victims.

  7. An Dun on 15th February 2020 2:09 pm



    So how come Jock Stein was able to kick (literally according to some accounts) Torbett out of Celtic Park?

  8. The Clumpany



    I am sure that almost everyone who reads your piece will agree that ` All child abuse is abhorrent.`



    I am less sure that there will be general agreement that `Anyone who abuses another human being for whatever reason and in whatever way is an absolute abomination and deserves everything the law can throw at them.`



    I think we have to look at the reasons why someone becomes an abuser before calling that person an abomination.



    Although I have made the above contribution, I am by no means certain that this is really a topic for CelticQuickNews.

  9. ernie


    Thanks for the reply but I am left unconvinced that Celtic are truly responsible of any wrongdoing here.

  10. Ernie,


    Just why would Celtic FC have a duty of care over an institution they had no governance over.

  11. I think the next putsch will be to label and align the Club (exclusively) with this.



    Opportunists will be at large and active.



    I’m hoping that Scotland and our society can make appropriate judgement.

  12. Ernie



    I have no idea if that is correct. I’ve no idea of the circumstances or context.



    I know that a predatory abuser set up his own sports society to get access to children, some of whom he would go on to abuse.



    That cretin has been dealt with by the courts.



    Celtic FC do not enjoy a trademark of the word ‘Celtic’ and can not prevent others using it.

  13. prestonpans bhoys on

    Let’s spare a thought for all those Irish huns already over and will miss the game.




    Hahaha 😂😂👏👍

  14. Growing up I always thought that Celtic Boys Club were affiliated to Celtic as a “feeder” club and Celtic had first dibs on any talent coming through. That was most peoples understanding as far as I know. Could be totally wrong though

  15. Something strange in the neighbourhood at the Bigotdome.



    Rearranged very quickly, Mmmmmm



    D. :)

  16. Serious matters require serious insights, precision and the ability to discern with credibility the difference between perception and reality.


    !!BADA BING!! on 15TH FEBRUARY 2020 2:53 PM


    D66- cash……



    What a tip scored for notts forest in extra time.

  18. Bada – my thoughts exactly… They need cash no doubt.



    You think the daft bassas would make it 2pm to play before us and try and put pressure on us.



    If your cheating you may as well do it right.😂



    Someone sent me a picture of a bit of water at the corner flag the rest looked ok. I don’t know how genuine the photo is though.






    D. :)

  19. The Orcs are again living hand to snout and need money in every two weeks hence game on tomorrow.



  20. Livingstone wanted the game moved to Monday night and arent happy.


    If the Celtic game is called Off tomorrow….will the SPL have it played on Monday at 3pm….Nah, I didnt think so.