Channel 4 look into historic abuse


Alex Thompson of Channel 4 News has been in Scotland working on a piece about historic child abuse this week.  This morning he Tweeted a photo of Celtic Park, adding the words, “Watch this space”.

While these matters happened decades ago, Celtic are still Celtic, and have a corporate responsibility for all that went before.  Fergus McCann first acknowledged what took place.  He setup counselling facilities and instructed an independent investigation into the actions of the club under the old board.  This happened 25 years ago.

There is no statute of limitation on victims coming forward.  Some only want to tell their story, to be heard and be assured that processes are different now.  Others seek financial compensation.  I don’t think there is a lot of money involved, certainly not for Celtic, who have insurance.

What happened was terrible, affected countless boys and went on for perhaps 20 years.  The club must act appropriately and responsibly.  The matter does not lend itself to dialogue on social media, or a running commentary through other media.  There is a process underway, I have no idea how long it will take, or if everyone will be satisfied with the outcome.

Historic child abuse is handled so flippantly by others it has become a football itself.  Much comment is sensationalist, “Watch this space”, is not a promising start.  This subject does not benefit from a drumroll introduction.

The subject is also most commonly reported about one club – Celtic – to the exclusion of all others.  It should be reported and those responsible held to account, but balance your reporting.  There are three Glasgow clubs under review for this matter right now, as well as the SFA.  Coverage mostly concentrates on the one that was first to react and offer help.

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  1. According to my daughter who lives in Dumbreck, across the M8 footbridge from the hoose of hunnery, the weather has been atrocious. There is a slight respite at the moment but the storm predicted to hit again at 12:00. So I can’t see how the sevco game can go on if the pitch was unplayable yesterday?

  2. Pog – unless there was other factors yesterday like having no striker due to a fallout, or a players revolt after not getting paid, I love a good rumour.


    The Masonic hand at work… Mmmmm



    D. :)

  3. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Big Jimmy,


    Sorry to hear about your complications, hope they can find a solution that give you a better life soon



  4. Thanks to all for the kind words about my health etc.


    I am very out of breath all the time especially when I try any exertion…like tying my shoelaces LOL !


    It has been very disappointing NOT have surgery ( By Pass), as I had hoped that would turn me into a “Super Hero”, and I could get out and about a lot more including going to Celtic Park.


    I do have some chest pain 24/7 and constant slight dizziness every day, so it is worrying but it is what it is.



    Does anyone know how PADDYFAEOZ is…as he was going thru surgery a few weeks back ?



  5. If the wind is as strong in Aberdeen as it is here on the west coast at the moment, I can’t see how our game can be played. It would be a farce. If anything, the wind is stronger than it was yesterday.

  6. The Battered Bunnet on

    Majestic Hartson @ 12.42, many thanks for transcribing your mate’s observations. Great points.

  7. Macjay


    Thanks for the reply



    Your from Oz Macjay,we have had this debate. You are an immigrant.


    From Scotland but an Oz immigrant.



    That is a that’s you in a wee categorized box.



    It’s not ad hominem it’s a proud of being an immigrant,it’s what our club was founded on.



    Climate change – you don’t think anything is occurring and only rebut the evidence in front of you,fiddling while Rome burns(literally)


    So what can we learn from someone who denies?-0



    Stalin was a vile despot who murdered millions of his own people,Russia also had experience of another despot born out of a capatilist democracy in Hitler.25 million souls lost due to a Nazi despot who abused his countries democracy for His own end.



    3-0 to the immigrants today




  8. Today’s official starting line up v Aberdeen ……


    Forster; Bitton, Jullien, Ajer; Forrest, Brown, Ntcham, McGregor, Taylor; Griffiths, Edouard


    Subs: Bain, Frimpong, Hayes, Rogic, Christie, Bayo, Elyounoussi

  9. I see the club have put the dispute on hold with Sly sports until the offcom findings.


    Shame we should have made a point, I just hope this doesn’t Peter out. No pun intended.



    D. :)

  10. Two one to the champions.Remember the 2 each game in ’67 whic gave us the title,rained from the time we alighted at Broomielaw seven in the morning ’til we boarded at nine that evening,but then,that was the LIONS!!!!!


    that did the business.Mon the hoops.

  11. Good morning, friends.


    So not only was I the only one who gave a vote to big Jozo the other night, but now I see that he’s the only player dropped from today’s starting line up! I sure know my stuff ;-)

  12. Here in Arbroath, 55 miles south of Aberdeen, it is windy but perhaps not as wild as had been forecast.

  13. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    AN TEARMANN on 16TH FEBRUARY 2020 10:28 AM


    Stalin was a vile despot who murdered millions of his own people,Russia also had experience of another despot born out of a capatilist democracy in Hitler.25 million souls lost due to a Nazi despot who abused his countries democracy for His own end.





    Stalin was a communist from the Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics.


    Naziism was a response to communism .


    USSR was Hitler`s enemy. Not UK which he admired .



    Communism and its various guises continues to curse the planet.


    ” Let them come to Caracas ” JFK paraphrased.



    Suggesting that Celtic is an ” immigrant ” club is false , misleading and harmful in as much as it alienates the thousands of Jocks who do not conform to the ” ethos “.


    Celtic : Immigrant , Irish , Catholic .


    Because its not true and never has been .

  14. Och McNut was the butt end of a bit of banter over his claim to own 3 % of the Shareholding and obviously felt his Brand was compromised & went away & could even be back at the moment discussing his alter ego.


    He was polite & I actually enjoyed & got a bit of fun out of him.


    I don’t believe he was a genuine Tim Poster but that is OK too,



    Re the Debate on Celtic’s Legal or Moral responsibilities in the Historic Sex Abuse scandal, the Board’s hands will be tied until there is a Legal Ruling. I have read that there is a Test Case in process & a few dozen other claims in limbo awaiting outcome of Test Case.



    Celtic will have Insurers & even if Celtic were minded to make E Gratia payments they could by doing so prejudice the result of Test Case & also run foul of their Insurers & possibly void their Insurance Cover,



    This I fear is one we all will just have to sit out & wait & see unless of course Thomson has come up with some new game changing revelations.

  15. Looking at our bench gives an indication of just how good our squad is.



    I still see Pittodrie as a difficult place,though, to get a positive result…..even though recent history suggests otherwise.

  16. E Gratia should have read Ex Gratia, The bloody X button on the lap top is a bit sticky and I need to really thump it, to get it to work.,

  17. Macjay 1,



    I usually avoid discussions about socialism v capitalism, as I feel there is no simplistic answers to be had. But as a direct descendant of 2 of those for whom Celtic was founded to feed, I feel you are wrong to dismiss the contention that Celtic have never been for the immigrant, Irish, Catholic. It has but has also always been open to everyone else. That is something that was sadly lacking in Scotland at the time. It is also why the Establishment have no regard for us today, imo.

  18. Jobo Never had an Ex, Met Miss Corkcelt when we were teenagers. Made her Mrs. Corkcelt June 1971, we are still going strong, Thank God.

  19. DAVID66 on 16TH FEBRUARY 2020 10:46 AM



    IMO the Board have messed this one up. This was a chance, based on clear unprofessional and deliberate (mis)behaviour, to take Sky head-on and enforce real and lasting changes. This could/should have been a line-in-the-sand opportunity to show the broadcaster(s) that we will not accept such deliberate machinations against our club, but for whatever reason they have decided to play along with a broadcaster which has behaved shamefully towards our club, our fans and even our players.



    Back o’ the bus stuff right enough.




    Sorry to hear of the various disappointing outcomes for your illness.



    I know you will dig in and come through the challenges ahead still smiling and cracking jokes.



    Take care big mhan and be careful what you wish for regarding the women folk as they can mess with your heart and your heid.




  21. Macjay


    Would our liberal western democracies exist today if 25 million Russian souls had not been sacrificed?



    I would say


    We would be in a permanent night.



    Communism does not exist anywhere in full,you fart bout Venezuela,


    Do capatilist economies kill their own- you bet they this country no figure can be put on universal credit and the roll out of poverty destitution and hopelessness is leaving millions empty.



  22. Big Jimmy



    Keep positive keep coming on here and giving it lalldy.thinking bout you and a pint is pencilled in for end of season.take it easy




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