Charlatan government opens pubs and shuts stadiums


I was delighted to read the Scottish Government’s clinical director, Jason Leitch, say there are strong advocates from within the Government that football fans will at one point be encouraged to leave pubs when watching games and instead attend in socially distanced numbers at outdoor stadiums.

It will not apparently happen next month, but there may be a trial when the national flags can fly when Scotland team plays in September.

You and I can only wonder when the Government’s scientists will find evidence that an easily policed outdoor arena will become as safe from Covid-19 as thousands of indoor pubs across Scotland.

Pubs, with their drinking, exchange of money, regular toilet use and the legendary increase in judgement that comes after alcohol is consumed, are clearly the safest places to watch football.  If this was not the case, your government would stop fans gathering in them to cheer on their teams and celebrate goals.

And remember, to make watching football in pubs extra safe, the government decided you do not need to wear masks when inside a pub.  Yes, masks are important, but only in shops, if you go to a pub this weekend to watch football, none of those shouting and celebrating will be wearing a mask.

By contrast, football stadiums, with their designated and easily dispersed seating, blanket CCTV monitored from dedicated police facilities, all that outdoor air and with masks used by everyone in a spectator area, are clearly more dangerous to public health than gatherings in pubs.

They would not be able to sell alcohol at football stadiums, so unlike pubs, would need to rely on the sober judgement of spectators to ensure safety procedures were respected.  And I don’t need to tell you how ineffective sober judgement is compared to how easily drunk people find following rules.

To suggest that it is worse (as I stupidly thought) for public health to gather in pubs to watch games this weekend, instead of socially distances in stadiums, is ridiculous.  If this was not the case, what would it say about your governments regard for you or your health?

This is typical of recent politicians’ involvement in football.  Not content will kettling fans, or trying to make political dissent illegal, they are happy to throw the masses they pretend to care about together in pubs at greater risk to public health, rather than actually listen to reason from outside their logic-defying bubble.  Whenever I see these clowns I think of thought-control charlatans.  This is a a farce, the Government know it, football knows it and we all know it.  Those not prepared to admit it should consider how much thought control they are already under.

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  1. TBB



    “I think also you underestimate the importance of – or unjustly attribute motivation for – the differences in relaxing measures either side of the border. Up here, there’s an express policy of ‘Zero Covid’, and approaches have been diverging with England for more than 3 months. Down south the priority has been opening up as fast as possible without swamping the NHS.”



    I honestly wish it was unjust. But no relaxed measure has been taken down south without it being immediately relaxed up here or relaxed within 2 to 3 weeks of down south. There are just no large timescale differences; just a veneer of differentiation. Then there was a 48 hour turnaround on school opening policy and that was clearly not driven by Scientific advice. Even the cultists within the SNP party would have to concede that they play party politics too.



    In the great caution that accompanied the initial Covid policy, we had reason to fear that the NHS would be swamped. It did not happen ,and it could have if Boris had just been as daft as Trump & Bolshy-Nero. The excess capacity that we built up in our emergency hospitals showed that we got some things right quite quickly, both north and south, but so far, I am hearing no predictions that we will be swamped here by a second wave or resurgent first wave. But we could lose a lot of people.



    Brazil and USA and maybe Belarussia, are different matters. There we have got a lot of enthusiasm for Idiocracy.

  2. prestonpans bhoys on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 30TH JULY 2020 6:19 PM



    That was really funny, anyone on this blog long enough knows your views. Don’t agree with them but at least you’re points are constructive and polite, which is more than I can say for others😵

  3. This pandemic is political – highly political. The Johnson government is manifestly incompetent but they’re counting on short memories as they still have four years for voters to forget. Up here there’s a Holyrood inquiry soon into the Salmond affair followed in short order by an election campaign.



    The Scottish Government’s messaging and PR have been excellent. But its actions, in fact, have never been more than a nuance away from Westminster’s approach. They both locked down too late. Both claimed to have solved the PPE crisis. Neither did. Testing, until recently, was just as haphazard in both domains. Quarantining and travel restrictions are equally inconsistent in both England and Scotland. Both governments’ records as far as the care home sector is concerned have been disastrous. (About half of all Scottish Covid deaths have occurred in care homes.)



    None of the politicians wanted people to die. But the refusal of some on this blog to accept any fallibility on the the Scottish Government’s behalf beggars belief. And, what about this for inconsistency – spots spectating is banned yet hundreds of thousands of pupils will return to school within days without any routine testing of staff or pupils?



    And I repeat that our clinical shogun, the honorary professor, did tell ‘Disclosure’ that it was in the interests of public health to attend the Ibrox game in late March.

  4. Seeing as there are hunners a folk on here ra day, a wee repost from yesterday…



    *** CQN PLAYER OF THE YEAR 2020-21 ***


    Buoyed by the encouragement of many of you on here and elsewhere I’ve decided to run the ole ‘Player Of The Year’ survey for season 2020-21. Last seasons results are still to be finalised as we have at least 1 but hopefully 2 cup games still to come but in terms of the forthcoming season all players start back at zero points.


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    This wee initiative will start, obviously, with the Flag Day opener against Hamilton on Sunday. Voting will open after the final whistle and remain open until 10pm on Monday evening. The first results will hopefully come out before 10.30pm on Monday.


    You don’t have to sign up or register. You don’t even have to post on CQN so lurkers, friends, family can all vote if they wish (but by separate emails if possible). And you also don’t have to vote after every single game – just those for which you manage to actually see the 90 minutes 😉.


    This is just a wee bit of fun to generate discussion as much as anything. At the moment, I’m just hoping that season 2020 21 is completed as expected (in more ways than one)!


    Oh and just 3 more sleeps ;-)



  5. Well that’s the goalkeeping solution sorted,just need another couple of defenders,we have enough midfielders and strikers,unless one off the Celtic Director’s put ,no laughing at the back,there hands in there pockets to buy a couple off quality players .

  6. GREENPINATA on 30TH JULY 2020 6:00 PM


    Paul 67,


    I cannot see any fault in your rationale.


    I would argue that it is far safer to attend a match in controlled environment at Parkhead rather than be a Celtic fan watching in Merchant City. Toilets are far more problematic in busy pubs and I can say this through experience even without a Celtic game being on.


    Social distancing and alcohol do not mix. As for test and trace, the amount of false names and contact details given to pubs is rife.


    That aside, Nicola Sturgeon’s presentation has been first class ( Compared with Boris Johnson’s anyway) although it is flawed.


    Our population density is 70 persons per Sq k. England’s is > 430. With that stastic our record compared to similar countries in Europe is appalling.


    I fear we will have to live with Covid 19. A vaccine may or may not be found. When found it may or may not be universially sucessfull. I would wager that many people have had Covid and have not realised it.


    Herd immunity may ultimately be the answer, but one thing for sure is that we cannot live the ” new normal ” indefinitely.


    I wish all our government’s well in this dilemma.





    What a load of BS this malarky which is going on @ present is shite there has been a lot of scaremongering


    going on one only has to read between the lines find out the real truth of this scaremongering crap yeah I’m sure there is going to be a mad rush for a Jag made by a Company who has an appalling past record this Virus has totally been blowen out of all proportion with a virus that is no more dangerous than Sars infact less dangerous than sars & the common influenza (flu) if one wants to be more knowledgeable about said


    fiasco then I would suggest listening to Vermon Coleman who speaks the truth he has put post’s on YouTube & his website is http://www.vermon coleman.com or just duckduckgo it or google it one of the two


    I tell u what here is the link:-https://www.vernoncoleman.com also if I was u folk I would also check out


    this link as well which was uploaded on 2012 via YouTube:-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kx2DIkl-GPY


    This is what is really going on in the World today & if any fools out there dismiss it as nonsense then their


    minds are in cloud cuku mode it’s not a conspiracy it’s a real fact these idiots who are trying to change the


    World we live in will be exposed & taking to task end of they do not want a democratic world they want a world where they have full control also I was trying to get a hold of Plauenil which one could buy freely


    over the Net before all this crap went down now their are loads of arseholes out their trying to put people off with harping on about it’s side effects what a load of crap if I was you all I would watch the nearly two


    & half hour long https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kx2DIkl-GPY & then type in Vermon Coleman into


    the YouTube search column & also visit his website the truth is out there instead of letting those so called


    arseholes indoctrinating you all with crap & also trying to sneek through their real hidden agenda which


    is bad news & more doom & gloom for us all incidently Freemasonary is also linked to this so called Illuminated or otherwise known as the New World Order this past shit storm is only the beginning oft what is yet too come if you let these arseholes get there way we all need to be on our Guard & make sure we are not all suckered into believing that things will get better under their proposed new ideas because they certainly will not things will even get worse for us all so watch it/ listen & read it with a open mind not closed


    cause it all certainly makes sense

  7. ERNIE LYNCH on 30TH JULY 2020 6:27 PM


    GREENPINATA on 30TH JULY 2020 6:00 PM



    The supposed justification for opening pubs and restaurants is to boost the economy. That benefit, it is claimed, outweighs the increased risk of transmission.



    How does opening CP to fans help to boost the economy?



    The tickets are already paid for. Money’s in the bank.




    Very true, however when NS opens bingo halls and gyms there will be absolutely no justification for not partially opening football grounds.


    It could be argued that as football is our national sport it’s in the / her public interest.



    Incidentally the toilets in 441 and surrounding areas have an entrance and separate exit. How many venues have that social distancing measure.



    Cheers and HH.

  8. Go tell the Spartim on

    Did our new Greek GK get a mention in Shortbread for TV ? I think I missed it




    Is it just me or does everyone feel like bursting out laughing when they see someone wearing a Sevco top?



    THE BLOGGER, yesterday, for reasons not important to the blog, Mrs Emeraldbee and myself found ourselves passing through the loyal village of LAW, in deepest Lanarkshire. We occasionally nick through this hovel (IMO only, of course) as a short cut to the motorway after passing through the gentrified Carluke.



    Anyway, EVERY time, and I mean EVERY time we pass through Law we see a village main road festooned with the signs of loyalism, but being so close to the recent 12th day of July one of the hovel’s hovels was particulary festooned, with flegs of every colour and hue of orangism, not ignoring the prevalance of the flegs of mighty St George as well for some reason. One great oaf, dressed for duty from head-to-toe in his Ranjurs gear, was parading (well, they don’t ‘walk’ do they?) up and down in front of this hovel and as we approached he decided that his rather gargatuan throat needing clearing and up he brought it and deposited it at his own gate.



    Mrs Emeraldbee (from Tipperary town, County Tipperary) had just made a remark about the street decorations and was chuckling at her own very funny witticism (which involved what the flegs might be used for during a dysentery outbreak) when the street gargler deposited his phlegm and glowered in our direction. I habitually obey speed limits, but that glower merited a wee breaking of the law as I headed along the main street at a few more knots than usual.



    When safely out of sight we roared with laughter at the comical (and at the same time very sad) sight of such an oaf dressed and behaving like that in this day and age. Actually makes you feel dirty going through there!



    Anyway, your post brought that to mind so no, it’s not just you that bursts out laughing when you see a sevco top.



    Welcome to Big Dog – the Athenian Fenian!



    Ave Ave

  10. IniquitousIV on

    ERNIE LYNCH @ 6:19


    Very droll! Coffee spluttered over keyboard. A welcome light relief to the general tenor of today’s blog. There have also been some very well constructed and thoughtful posts from TBB and SFTB and others.



  11. Welcome Vasilis, great to have you on board.


    Well done Celtic on a proper signing, this is the sensible option to Forster and looks the best choice long term.

  12. I reckon if say only two thousand are initially allowed in, some boffin could write a programme for a Computer to pick out 2.000 random seats throughout the Stadium whilst maintaining social distancing.


    Those 2,000 would be then excluded from future draws, & the draws continue on that basis until all Season Ticket Holders are offered entry to a game.



    On an entirely different subject I recently heard a guy singing a Scottish Song that I hadn’t heard sung for 50 years, I have a big interest in old songs & ballads especially those that are almost extinct.


    Just wondering is this song in the almost extinct category or does it get a regular airing in Alba.


    Song is called My Johnny Lad & the chorus goes


    and wi’ you and wi’ you


    and wi’ you My Johnny Lad,


    I’ll dance the buckles off my shoes


    wi’ you my Johnny Lad.



  13. Go tell


    I caught SSN earlier – they started with the lad from West ham not making a decision about joining us then it seemed reluctant announced our Athenian Fenian. Hayley McQueen at her best.

  14. 21-5-79 🍀 on




    The Celtic Superstore – Celtic Park



    Celtic Park




    G40 3RE


    0141 551 4231





  15. When Celtic spend millions on a player .


    We usually have sold or intend to sell one of our best players for even more millions.



    If another striker comes in and we spend several millions on him ,then I’m afraid that Eddy will be sold this window.



    I posed a question before the season tickets deadline .



    The Celtic board wouldn’t have us all renew ,then reward us by selling Eddy ,after we had renewed would they?



    Hope I’m wrong .






  16. Thanks Friesdorfer, anybody singing it now, or is it worth copying and adding to my collection of almost forgotten songs.

  17. GENE on 30TH JULY 2020 7:38 PM


    Go tell


    I caught SSN earlier – they started with the lad from West ham not making a decision about joining us then it seemed reluctant announced our Athenian Fenian. Hayley McQueen at her best.



    Gene that does not surprise me about Sly Sevco Sports News

  18. TIMBHOY2


    If I get the chance to see Celtic In September,will the seats and stairs be cleaned.



    Yeah but the Bins will still need emptied


    It will also mean only 1 out of five+ Season Card Holders will only be allowed in


    So how are they going to keep tabs on that like who went to which home match


    & when?? This is going to be interesting

  19. Their might be better food on offer in the snack bars however but no doubt the


    food & drink prices will be increased that is certain

  20. Who is the person who hires sports presenters at Sky Sports ,would like to ask them why there seems to be EX Sevco employees and Sevco leaning supporters on Sky Sports

  21. Timbhoy2


    They will point to Charlie nic, walker and Alan McInally – 1out of 3 ain’t bad

  22. I am a big fan of SOUTH OF TUNIS



    Does anyone out there have any info on him.


    S O T if you are out there geez a shout pleez.



    I was delighted to hear that they have found a cure for dyslexia, it was music to my arse.