Charlatan government opens pubs and shuts stadiums


I was delighted to read the Scottish Government’s clinical director, Jason Leitch, say there are strong advocates from within the Government that football fans will at one point be encouraged to leave pubs when watching games and instead attend in socially distanced numbers at outdoor stadiums.

It will not apparently happen next month, but there may be a trial when the national flags can fly when Scotland team plays in September.

You and I can only wonder when the Government’s scientists will find evidence that an easily policed outdoor arena will become as safe from Covid-19 as thousands of indoor pubs across Scotland.

Pubs, with their drinking, exchange of money, regular toilet use and the legendary increase in judgement that comes after alcohol is consumed, are clearly the safest places to watch football.  If this was not the case, your government would stop fans gathering in them to cheer on their teams and celebrate goals.

And remember, to make watching football in pubs extra safe, the government decided you do not need to wear masks when inside a pub.  Yes, masks are important, but only in shops, if you go to a pub this weekend to watch football, none of those shouting and celebrating will be wearing a mask.

By contrast, football stadiums, with their designated and easily dispersed seating, blanket CCTV monitored from dedicated police facilities, all that outdoor air and with masks used by everyone in a spectator area, are clearly more dangerous to public health than gatherings in pubs.

They would not be able to sell alcohol at football stadiums, so unlike pubs, would need to rely on the sober judgement of spectators to ensure safety procedures were respected.  And I don’t need to tell you how ineffective sober judgement is compared to how easily drunk people find following rules.

To suggest that it is worse (as I stupidly thought) for public health to gather in pubs to watch games this weekend, instead of socially distances in stadiums, is ridiculous.  If this was not the case, what would it say about your governments regard for you or your health?

This is typical of recent politicians’ involvement in football.  Not content will kettling fans, or trying to make political dissent illegal, they are happy to throw the masses they pretend to care about together in pubs at greater risk to public health, rather than actually listen to reason from outside their logic-defying bubble.  Whenever I see these clowns I think of thought-control charlatans.  This is a a farce, the Government know it, football knows it and we all know it.  Those not prepared to admit it should consider how much thought control they are already under.

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  1. GENE






    We will sell anyone if the price is right.



    10 in a row on the horizon or not.

  2. The Battered Bunnet on




    “…no relaxed measure has been taken down south without it being immediately relaxed up here or relaxed within 2 to 3 weeks of down south. There are just no large timescale differences; just a veneer of differentiation.”



    Hmmm…. Let’s think about that.



    First up, we have the same social order, the same culture, the same economy. Other than Morris dancing v Ceilidh, there’s not a great deal of difference in terms of the aspects of ‘normal life’. Whatever was restricted will be relaxed, and given they’re the same activities with the same (or largely similar) risks, we ought to expect that the same measures will be relaxed in a similar sequence.






    We oughtn’t look at simply calendar time. We need to look at the point in the relative point in the epidemic that a given measure is relaxed.



    So, schools. In England, schools were reopened on 1st June. At that time there was an average of 1400 new cases reported each day. Scotland elected not to reopen schools at that time, and instead set about reducing community infection to low levels over the summer.



    England subsequently closed schools again, and they will reopen in September, around 1 month after those in Scotland.



    Return to work. Bawjaws implored England to get back to work on Sunday 10th May. That was subsequently revised when folk decided not to, and the current position is that those ‘non essential’ workplaces should reopen from 1st August, subject to employer risk assessments etc. In Scotland, the position remains to work from home unless absolutely necessary, next review 14th September.



    Public Transport. Same pattern.



    Hospitality. Same pattern.



    Tourism. Same pattern.



    Moreover, look at prevalence at the point measures are relaxed. We opened up hospitality when the infection rate was averaging 2 new case per million. In England, the pubs reopened at 10 cases per million.



    In the intervening period, new infections have grown in both countries – in Scotland to 2.5 new cases per million each day, and in England to 15 cases per million.



    In Scotland we’re trusting, hoping, praying that the Test and Trace operation works and stamps out the predictable clusters of infections such that we can continue on the path to ‘back to normalish.



    In England, they’ve applied new restrictions on Leicester, Rochdale, Darwen, Pendle and Oldham, with other areas in the frame. They’re going backwards, and the reason suggested is that they opened up too early while community transmission was still occurring.



    We’ll see if Scotland follows suit and we start to see transmission rates increase rapidly and lockdowns reimposed “within 2 to 3 weeks of down south”.



    This isn’t a semantic debate. It’s not academic. It’s terribly, tragically human. Had England maintained the same path as Scotland from 1st May (at that time Scotland had higher community prevalence) many thousands of poor souls in England would not have been infected and died in the period since. As it is, every week hundreds of people lose their lives in England and sadly, the number will increase in the coming weeks given what we know about transmission and infection rates.



    It’s a difficult topic to confront, and the situation can flip in jig time, but I think a little recognition of the significant differences is in order, else why do anything different at all.

  3. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Corkcelt- I think families from same house,I.e a bubble, might be first back in the stadium.

  4. TBB



    Over the whole Covid period, our stats and trends most closely reflect those of England. We have a better record in the general population but we have a poorer record in the Care Home sector.



    Other countries, whilst also seeing signs of a 2nd wave/ resurgent first wave have done much better than us, including Arlene Foster land and the supposedly free and easy Swedes.



    It is sadly all too human and our advertising has been sadly all too parochial and self congratulatory. The reckoning has yet to come.



    Excess seasonal death rates

  5. itscalledthemalvinas on




    Lol. Law sounds a great place to visit. Would it be outside the remit of BBC Scotland to send a reporter to the town to find out why their Main street is “celebrating ” an event from over 300 years ago in another country ?


    Maybe the KKK should think of moving to the town to keep a low profile

  6. The Battered Bunnet on




    “Over the whole Covid period, our stats and trends most closely reflect those of England.”



    Of course they do! We started off following the advice and policy directed by Downing St. We had the same experience of Covid accordingly. Until ScotGov policy started to diverge from UK Gov. In April a ScotGov advisory group was brought together, in May their recommendations started to be implemented.



    We followed England lockstep into disaster and changed course when alternative approaches were advised.



    What happened was catastrophic. What’s happening now is significantly different. You know this stuff, you’re smarter than the rest of us.



    It’s August in a few days. Are you more comfortable in Lanarkshire or Lancashire? Rutherglen or Rotherham? These are not trivial questions.

  7. GREENPINATA on 30TH JULY 2020 7:13 PM




    There’s an economic benefit to opening gyms and bingo halls. Businesses which had been closed would be opened. People on furlough and at risk of redundancy would be back at work.



    Think of it as a set of scales. On one side there’s the economic benefit, on the other the risk of spreading the virus.



    As far as CP is concerned there’s very little on the economic benefit side of the scales to balance the undoubted increase risk of spreading the virus.

  8. TBB



    We were not forced to be in lockstep with the Westminster approach. We were not forced to say the same things about the approach that Boris, and Matt and Michael and Dominic and all the other drones were saying. We managed to say it better



    If we had the freedom to say it better then we had the freedom to implement it better. If we were reading our own stats about what was happening in Care Homes and with Hospital discharges, we could have called a halt to it. We could have done better in sourcing PPE and in sourcing tests. We actually chose to walk in lockstep with Westminster and we are as responsible for what went wrong as they are.



    In terms of geographical safety- why am I safer in Lurgan or LLandudno than I am in Lockerbie?

  9. Hi lads just wanted to update you all my two daughters they did give birth to their newborn babies on the 28th of July one in the early hours at 03.06 am named Grayson Michael& the other was born at 23.22 named Chester Stephen I managed to find the odds / percentage of this occurrence 0.0008% both my daughters are home with the babies now & well






    Lol. Law sounds a great place to visit. Would it be outside the remit of BBC Scotland to send a reporter to the town to find out why their Main street is “celebrating ” an event from over 300 years ago in another country ?


    Maybe the KKK should think of moving to the town to keep a low profile



    Honestly, Malvinas, it’s a chuckle going through it, a time warp in a rather nasty, sweaty kind of way. The big gobber I mentioned originally would be in no way out of place in the KKK. Big, fat, ugly and very,very red necked that day! Yeugh!!

  11. KINGLUBO on 30TH JULY 2020 8:10 PM


    I am a big fan of SOUTH OF TUNIS



    Does anyone out there have any info on him.



    KINGLUBO, I posted a week or so ago that, because of the concern shown here on the blog, Paul tried to email SOT directly. His original email address bounced back, but Paul tracked down another contact address and tried that, to no avail.



    Worrying, certainly. Hope that helps.



    Ave Ave

  12. Ignoring the politics of the lead, it is nonsense to suggest fans cannot be acconotmdated in sports stadia.



    For Celtic Park, what does this mean? We can’t have 50,000 though we can have 50.



    The question is, how many

  13. timmy7_noted on

    Unionist lead from an increasingly unionist and intolerant site, I’ve been a user and rare contributor since day one. Sadly it’s now less relevant and full of religious zealots.

  14. However they ‘ballot’ the first fans into CP, with 53K ST holders and only say 10k allowed to enter it means only 1 game in 5 initially so pot luck which game you get to attend I suppose ?


    And how would they handle the Glasgow Derby (possible 4th League game) ? And would the Ibrox game be limited to the same crowd numbers in late December ?

  15. Firstly


    Huge congrats to Granda BoabyEvans, and his 2 daughters on the birth of their 2 Bhoys





    Welcome to the World Famous Glasgow Celtic Vasilas Barkas



    Hail Hail

  16. Timmy7noted. Full of religious zealots ?, that’s hardly true.


    Obviously Pete might qualify under that banner but apart from Pete I can’t think of anyone else, unless being a practicing Catholic qualifies one as being a religious zealot.

  17. Non Political post


    How does the Scottish Goverment get praise for their Covid response, because Sturgeon has frontedthe majority of briefings ?


    Announced today,


    Scotland has the 3rd worse Excess Death rate in Europe through Covid


    Behind only England and Spain


    A measure widely reported as being the most accurate and beneficial way of measuring a countries performance, according to The Scientists


    Also is this not a goverment who tried to hide the Nike conference outbreak


    Like the English goverment like to play with words on truth.





    Admittedly I am T-Total


    Can anyone explain how it is safer for people to attend pubs, bars restaurants etc, without face masks


    And why Celtic, could Not allow its hospitality lounges to open on match days, with high levels of steward controls, hygiene standards etc


    And allow these attendees to watch the football


    Or allow me to assess my safety controls along with Celtic match controls and watch the Celtic ????



    So it’s acceptable for pubs and bars etc to open, but I cannot go to the football

  18. Great article Paul. Pleased to see someone calling out the ridiculous ambiguity of the various government policies and so called ‘health leaders’ guidelines we seem to be asked to follow here.



    Aside from the pubs issue which you rightly raise I am curious to understand why watching cricket in Surrey is allowed this week and yet football in Scotland is not ? Even if it meant 10% of capacity properly distanced (As with cricket) in stadia surely we could learn and evolve, developing best practise.



    As for the difference between masks being mandatory in shops and not in pubs I would really love to hear anyone’s logic for that farcical recommendation.

  19. Aye Paul, you are well in the minority I see, shame as you are a fraction of the way to the truth…


    Been a while but still reading daily.


    So we are in the middle of a “pandemic” or so they tell us, we sure are in the middle of a “PLANDEMIC” though, you have to wonder why when real problems, problems that are actually killing people are not “pandemics”


    A few facts, not my facts, facts from the collation of governments world wide and the WHO.


    As of today the 30th July 2020…….yearly deaths.


    Deaths… from the seasonal flue…. 283,000 and rising


    Malaria… 570,000….and rising


    HIV-AIDS…976,000 and rising….no vaccine for this BTW, maybes should ask Dr Fauci about that, he has made millions from it if you care to dig a little, just a little scrape of the surface will take you there.


    Communicable disease deaths …..7,600,000….and rising….WOW, and not a “pandemic” in site, you have to wonder why.


    Smoking related deaths….3,000,000 and rising rapidly


    Figures are from here…..https://www.worldometers.info/



    I could go on but you get the gist, no pandemic in sight for any of these causes of death, now when you start to dig again, you just only need to scratch the surface, these figures are from the WHO, you will find that the largest contributor to the WHO are the Kill and Melinda Gates foundation, now again when you start to dig into him-them they are not even close to the philanthropists that they are made out to be, they are devout Eugenicists, following on from his father, I wonder why every vaccine experiment is done in either India or Africa, oops, India no more as they are taking the foundation to court over the vaccines that has killed and disabled more than 500,000 kids, mainly girls, the polio vaccine specifically, I wonder why eh, can’t let them reproduce can they, Africa is still ripe as the despots who rule there are happy for the experiments to take place, you have to wonder if Kill is dishing out the brown envelopes to them.


    Again a little scratching under the surface you will find the the future Covid-19 vaccine will alter your DNA, please don’t take my word for it, it’s laid out in black and white in government and medical sites telling you how the new T&T vaccine will work, the new Covid T&T vaccine that the Eugenicist wants to inject into the population, you really don’t want to look into what is actually going into the these vaccines, really you don’t trust me, you don’t, if you think that monkey genes and aborted babies bits are acceptable, fine, take the vaccine, you could look this up, I am not bullshitting you BTW, far from it, these are the least of the crap that is going into them, heavy metals, formaldehyde to name but a couple, the list is quite frightening.


    Ever heard of the Georgia Stones, look it up, 500,000 million is the ideal world population by their reckoning, they have a fair bit to go, but they are getting there, the biggest step for them will be the Covid vaccines, trust me you really don’t want to be taking it, or even better you could look up the 2010 Rockefeller foundation “LOCKSTEP” report, that is what is going down as we speak in the guise of a “pandemic” or the Agenda 2021 report, Or this site http://www.deagel.com/country/forecast.aspx?pag=1&sort=GDP&ord=DESC


    I have to say it really scared the crap outa me, but when you start to read what Gates and the rest really are about it shouldn’t, but it does, the info is freely available, but they know that you won’t bother your arse looking for these things, as ever it’s all hidden in plain sight, they are laughing at how stupid you all are, but as ever don’t take what I say as anything but conspiracy bollix, I know it’s what you will think as you won’t have the gumption to start digging cos you are terrified what you will find, you are terrified, shit effin scared that I may be telling you the truth, they know this and they are playing you all like a fiddle and getting a superb tune out of you all.


    Not a single thing have I said is untrue, I challenged you before to refute what I have said, nobody did or could, and I challenge you again, refute what I am saying, trust me I wish you could.


    I did get quite a few of my posts deleted for telling the truth so I expect this one to be deleted as well.


    If any of you actually want to know the truth, you could do worse than looking for….


    UK Column….what the news should be like, it’s still on YouTube, every mon, wed and fri from 1 o’clock for an hour, they deserve to be supported, this really is proper news, news that the MSM want to tell you but are not allowed to.


    The Dollar Vigilante….a bit of financial, part of the reason for what is going down, the pity the msm won’t have him on as he has been spot on for years, can’t have the FED being undermined can we now….some of his stuff is still on YouTube


    The Corbett Report….even the likes of TBB will appreciate this bloke, or he should, or maybes not, he believes that we went to the moon, even Obama told the world in 2015 that he hoped soon we would be able to leave lower earth orbit, even NASA tell us that we can’t leave lower earth orbit and that they have LOST the technology that got them to the moon in the 60’s, aye right, but don’t let fantasy get in the way of the truth.


    Ritchie From Boston…..Or RFB 11….also been spot on for telling things way before they happen, schools will be closed in the US for the foreseeable for one, even after the CDC telling everyone that kids have 0% of catching or transmitting the “virus”, fact, it’s on their site, look it up, it’s the truth.


    Reallygraceful….she is really graceful and well worth the watch


    The Crow House…..keeps getting his videos deleted, the OZ government really don’t like him, pity as again he is on the button.


    Most of their stuff has been taken off YouTube, they don’t like the truth on there, so places like Bitchute and Lbry are where you will find them, but I know most of you won’t bother as yous are all scared of the truth, you are all happy just to believe the pish they are telling you.


    “””Scotland’s Clinical Director and a team of scientists and infection control experts….”””




    This would be the same experts who told us not that long ago that smoking was good for you and that spraying your kids with DDT was the best thing since sliced bread, forgive me if I don’t believe these so called experts, they have made a complete bollix of this so called pandemic, in the height of the “pandemic” masks werny even thought of, now that it’s virtually gone, their figures, masks are mandatory, aye some experts, masks that tell you on the box that they don’t work for stopping viruses BTW, read the box if you don’t believe me.


    They are actually admitting and have done since the beginning that the tests are a showing a 50-80% false positive, that is another FACT that is irrefutable, just look at St Mirren, these are up to date super dooper testing kits or so they tell us, 6 out of the 7 were actually false when they were positive initially, great testing that is, this is what they are going by, reassuring stuff so it is.


    A couple of cracking points were made earlier, they allow you to fly in a plane in a sealed container, breathing recycled air with no problems, they allow BLM demos with no problems, do you really believe that in a real live proper pandemic they would allow these things, really, if you believe they would you need help, big time, in a real pandemic folks would be dropping dead like fly’s, they ain’t, yet you can’t go to watch a game of football in the open air, aye, if you still believe that it’s about health, there is no hope for you.


    Another FACT….over 10,000 folks per month in England alone will die in an old folks-care home, if they were to tell you this stuff daily on the news folks would be freaking out big time, it’s why they don’t, but according to the health sec these are the figures, he said it in one of the daily briefings and I did a little digging, it’s actually more than 10K but we will allow him a bit of slack on that one, real figures that are irrefutable.


    Then when you allow for the extra deaths, over and above the 10K daily deaths that occurred in the care homes because Doctors were not permitted to enter them and actually care for the old folks, you have carnage, real carnage, again this is a fact that is on the government sites, again look it up if you don’t believe me, I know you won’t though cos you are scared of reality and the truth, over the years I always believed CQN to be the educated supporters site, if this is an educated site I truly despair at an uneducated one, open your eyes FFS.


    Oh, and facts are facts…the SURVIVAL rate of people who contract the Covid-19, for EVERY country on the planet is over 99.4 %….just simple round up or round down figures, that is some pandemic so it is.


    PS……If you want the “PLANDEMIC” to go away, stop listening to and believing the MSM, as if by magic it will disappear, just open your eyes and see for yourself.


    PPS….George Floyd officially died from Covid….yip, another fact.


    PPPS…Over 35,000 people will die of hunger today, in the world I live in that is a real Pandemic.