Charlatan government opens pubs and shuts stadiums


I was delighted to read the Scottish Government’s clinical director, Jason Leitch, say there are strong advocates from within the Government that football fans will at one point be encouraged to leave pubs when watching games and instead attend in socially distanced numbers at outdoor stadiums.

It will not apparently happen next month, but there may be a trial when the national flags can fly when Scotland team plays in September.

You and I can only wonder when the Government’s scientists will find evidence that an easily policed outdoor arena will become as safe from Covid-19 as thousands of indoor pubs across Scotland.

Pubs, with their drinking, exchange of money, regular toilet use and the legendary increase in judgement that comes after alcohol is consumed, are clearly the safest places to watch football.  If this was not the case, your government would stop fans gathering in them to cheer on their teams and celebrate goals.

And remember, to make watching football in pubs extra safe, the government decided you do not need to wear masks when inside a pub.  Yes, masks are important, but only in shops, if you go to a pub this weekend to watch football, none of those shouting and celebrating will be wearing a mask.

By contrast, football stadiums, with their designated and easily dispersed seating, blanket CCTV monitored from dedicated police facilities, all that outdoor air and with masks used by everyone in a spectator area, are clearly more dangerous to public health than gatherings in pubs.

They would not be able to sell alcohol at football stadiums, so unlike pubs, would need to rely on the sober judgement of spectators to ensure safety procedures were respected.  And I don’t need to tell you how ineffective sober judgement is compared to how easily drunk people find following rules.

To suggest that it is worse (as I stupidly thought) for public health to gather in pubs to watch games this weekend, instead of socially distances in stadiums, is ridiculous.  If this was not the case, what would it say about your governments regard for you or your health?

This is typical of recent politicians’ involvement in football.  Not content will kettling fans, or trying to make political dissent illegal, they are happy to throw the masses they pretend to care about together in pubs at greater risk to public health, rather than actually listen to reason from outside their logic-defying bubble.  Whenever I see these clowns I think of thought-control charlatans.  This is a a farce, the Government know it, football knows it and we all know it.  Those not prepared to admit it should consider how much thought control they are already under.

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  1. Pot


    Can you explain why the lounges at Celtic park cannot be open on matchdays ?


    Explain the difference


    I would fully expect greater social controls in these lounges than in many pubs/bars

  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Norrie- the Club have been looking at control measures for over 3 months, I think you could put 20k in the stadium without any issues, as I posted earlier, the big issue is creating a 1 way system for toilets, dont think catering will be open initially. HH

  3. Instead if the stupid childish digs, attempt to refute a single thing I have said, go on, refute a single one

  4. Below is the BBC’s opening paragraph in the article on their website about Barkas singing,



    Vasilis Barkas says “I don’t feel pressure” from a price tag reported to be around £4.5m after completing his transfer to Celtic from AEK Athens.



    Some slant.

  5. The Battered Bunnet on

    That’s Greater Manchester added to the restricted list from midnight tonight, along with Burnley, Bradford, Kirklees, Calderdale and other areas in east Lancs/ West Yorkshire. That’s in addition to Oldham, Blackburn, Pendle etc previously advised. And Leicester. And Luton.



    The problem with relaxing measures early is that the virus is still doing its thing in the community, and when it takes off again – as inevitably it does – the numbers get quite big quite quickly.



    You need to close things down fast to prevent it getting out of hand. The cycle of lockdown-release is terribly clumsy, expensive economically, and people die.



    Hancock ( of course) is blaming local (Muslim) people for not following the rules… https://twitter.com/MattHancock/status/1288931858856710150?s=20

  6. Interesting on our interest in Toney ?


    Raman Bhardwaj@ramanbhardwajTV


    Celtic’s interest in Peterborough striker Ivan Toney remains strong. They had a bid turned down for the striker last week. Toney scored 26 goals from 39 games in an (incomplete) season for Peterborough.


    9:13 PM · Jul 30, 2020

  7. Father Jack


    You omitted the fact that worldwide YTD 23 1/2 million babies have been aborted. Murdered.


    BLM. Babies’ Lives Matter.

  8. GG


    I could have, I probably should have, at least their bits are going into the vaccines so it’s not all in vain…..

  9. glendalystonsils on




    Barkas will soon get used to the media agenda in his new country of employment . Perhaps it should be part of the induction training for foreign players we recruit . Most of them will likely never have experienced anything quite like it.

  10. TBB


    I was in Manchester last night, today


    4 confirmed cases in the Manchester facility past 48 hrs


    All Asians





    Full site now being tested

  11. Norrie,



    I’m not advocating that the lounges do not open if there is match attendance but it would have to be 100% table service and the toilets would have to have a steward outside them.


    As regards having a ballot for attendance I can almost guarantee Celtic PLC would royally feck this up like they do for away European tickets, talking from experience. Will a family of say 4 all qualify for attendance in a successful ballot?


    I was out at the pub with my wife tonight, me coffee and water and she had a half of lager. It’s the same every visit – good social distancing, all the staff wear masks and table service only. They’ve even put locks on the outer toilet door that must be locked to ensure single person use. Before placing the order you have to provide your name, phone number and email address. Exactly the same procedure required in a cafe I visited with my son in Elgin, I only had coffee I hasten to add. 😉

  12. whitedoghunch on

    sous vide Celtic.


    prep meals and bag in sanatised kitchen


    heat to order around ground


    was good enough for Barca olympics


    Thier will be many a food factory nearby doing little where prep can be done

  13. Burnley 78.



    As for the difference between masks being mandatory in shops and not in pubs I would really love to hear anyone’s logic for that farcical recommendation.




    Please do not think I am being flippant here, but it’s impossible to eat or drink when wearing a mask.



    Cheers and HH.

  14. EMERALDBEE \O/ A DOUBLE NINER!! on 30TH JULY 2020 7:23 PM





    slow down, and call him a dirty fat monkey hun zombie orange bastard.



    works for me,



    done it a few dozen times,



    never miss an opportunity



    keep it lit

  15. NORRIEM on 30TH JULY 2020 10:20 PM







    Can you explain why the lounges at Celtic park cannot be open on matchdays ?’







    Because the risk of transmissions among a clientele drawn from a wide geographical area outweighs the economic benefit of employment of a few part time staff for one day a fortnight.




  16. One thing that may be being overlooked regarding match attendance is the social aspect. Many fans go to the game with their mates and meet up before the game and socialise afterwards. Some people might not particularly want to attend on their own. I suspect if it happens fans will have to indicate that they want to be part of the ballot. I can’t see any of the Irish lads coming over to attend a match where they don’t meet up with anyone or have to travel over on their own. The same could be said for those up North and those from the Isles. Also as I said earlier would family attendance be guaranteed?

  17. so,



    doon the port toon last saturday.



    whale suppers was the order, louis the destination 6pm ish, packed out, i decided to come back later,



    laters, empty, put in my order, wait outside,



    the PG health centre car park, big bus arrives, off rolls local football team, several i know, some i dont.



    steamin, huggin, gibberin, they are off to the new place on princes street,



    “she better let me in”.



    i get a few nods,



    one boy i dont know,



    here mate, gies fer fluckin mask



    eh nawe, its mines, why would you want to wear ma mask



    cos, its a lot ah pish, i wana drink wae ma mates.



    what could possibly go wrong ?



    car park to pub.







  18. BoabyEvans



    Hope all happy and healthy.congratulations!



    Did u have a pound on?





  19. that was some interesting read back.



    i dont know quite what to make of it.



    open up the economy seems to be the cry, if people die, hey ho, thats what happens,



    did i read that right >

  20. Neustadt-Braw on




    awfy braw and then awfy braw again



    smiley Micky and Stevie thing








  21. BURNLEY78 on 30TH JULY 2020 10:11 PM



    respect your business success, respect your gins,



    other political things, hmmm

  22. Law?? I used to play foorball tgere..painted on path to football park was ‘you are now entering Prodland’ !




    Absolutely spot on. A very well written piece.


    Its the crime of the century.


    But here’s a ray of hope -more and more people are starting to see whats really happening.


    Several Scottish Facebook groups are popping up now.

  24. SAINT STIVS on 30TH JULY 2020 11:22 PM








    ‘open up the economy seems to be the cry, if people die, hey ho, thats what happens,’










    That’s the argument, more or less.



    The problem for Celtic though is that there is no great benefit to the economy from allowing fans to attend.