Charlatan government opens pubs and shuts stadiums


I was delighted to read the Scottish Government’s clinical director, Jason Leitch, say there are strong advocates from within the Government that football fans will at one point be encouraged to leave pubs when watching games and instead attend in socially distanced numbers at outdoor stadiums.

It will not apparently happen next month, but there may be a trial when the national flags can fly when Scotland team plays in September.

You and I can only wonder when the Government’s scientists will find evidence that an easily policed outdoor arena will become as safe from Covid-19 as thousands of indoor pubs across Scotland.

Pubs, with their drinking, exchange of money, regular toilet use and the legendary increase in judgement that comes after alcohol is consumed, are clearly the safest places to watch football.  If this was not the case, your government would stop fans gathering in them to cheer on their teams and celebrate goals.

And remember, to make watching football in pubs extra safe, the government decided you do not need to wear masks when inside a pub.  Yes, masks are important, but only in shops, if you go to a pub this weekend to watch football, none of those shouting and celebrating will be wearing a mask.

By contrast, football stadiums, with their designated and easily dispersed seating, blanket CCTV monitored from dedicated police facilities, all that outdoor air and with masks used by everyone in a spectator area, are clearly more dangerous to public health than gatherings in pubs.

They would not be able to sell alcohol at football stadiums, so unlike pubs, would need to rely on the sober judgement of spectators to ensure safety procedures were respected.  And I don’t need to tell you how ineffective sober judgement is compared to how easily drunk people find following rules.

To suggest that it is worse (as I stupidly thought) for public health to gather in pubs to watch games this weekend, instead of socially distances in stadiums, is ridiculous.  If this was not the case, what would it say about your governments regard for you or your health?

This is typical of recent politicians’ involvement in football.  Not content will kettling fans, or trying to make political dissent illegal, they are happy to throw the masses they pretend to care about together in pubs at greater risk to public health, rather than actually listen to reason from outside their logic-defying bubble.  Whenever I see these clowns I think of thought-control charlatans.  This is a a farce, the Government know it, football knows it and we all know it.  Those not prepared to admit it should consider how much thought control they are already under.

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  1. Thank you for all for your kind congratulations and comments AN TEARMANN if only I had a pound on it lol ,now back to the celebrating but thanks again lads from one very delighted granda

  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    CORKCELT on 30TH JULY 2020 10:28 PM


    Bada, If we got everyone wearing nappies as well as masks, job would be sorted.



    Post of the Day

  3. !!Bada Bing!! on

    IMO, alot of England has done hee haw re Covid measures, that’s the main reason the figures, which have been distorted from Day 1.How England create a group of countries you need to quarantine from is laughable, and they are trying to exert and deflect from the absolute shambles, presided over by the tramp in chief Johnson.Thats why the quarantine issue, clouds the news.

  4. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    I know most of you bhoys/ghirls are in beddy by baws now.


    Just like to say that reading back this lovely sunny morning was a joy.


    Great posts as usual from TBB and SFTB, not forgetting numerous


    others both funny and really interesting.


    Just maybe Paul 67 knew what he was doing with that..ahem.. controversial




    Congrats to BOABYEVANS on the new arrivals to the Celtic family.


    Bring on our Celtic flag day.


    H.H. Mick

  5. I think the shutdown, frustration and isolation is seeping into the psyche of posters.


    The beauty of this forum is that we should be able to discuss football and all things associated with Celtic, Covid, and 10IAR champions.


    What is not acceptable in any civilized environment is the disdain and contempt being shown for differing views. Jibes about political affiliations, real or imagined, are as equally absurd and reprehensible as insults about religions, color, height or gingerness.


    I’m a practicing Catholic and hold certain faith tenets close to my heart. Howevva, doffs chapeaux to Kojo, I respect and tolerate the views of other and no religious beliefs. I hope I never express the kind of contempt for Calvinism, Islam or Rastafarianism posted today directed at our host and those who complied with his views.


    Today tone was distinctly lacking in civility at times and was more akin to the rank intolerance of those who abide in Larkhall or the Law.


    Play the baw. No the man.


    And with that I send my high horse back down to Goodwood and make everyone go to bed without their jelly piece.


    Good night, stay safe and healthy.


    2 days to the TTT. Trip to ten.




    Tremendous news , congrats to you and family , wow such joy that will bring gramps .

  7. Good morning cqn from a beautiful sunny Garngad morning.



    The sun is out and the birds are singing…..and naw MM and BJ no they kind of birds..



    Roll on Sunday.






    D :)

  8. Good morning, friends and a Big Happy Friday to you all from a dry, bright, just about to be sunny East Kilbride. And happy Teninarowseason Eve ;-)

  9. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Good morning DAVID 66, SPIRIT OF 67, and as per, JOBO.


    Looks like you are the early birds ( burds )


    Bring on the Hoopy Flag Day.


    H.H. Mick

  10. Melbourne Mick on

    Just reading back now.


    Good post GG, although got to say some of it was funny.


    And my jelly piece has evolved into a glass of the rid biddy 8-))


    H.H. Mick

  11. Morning to all from The Calton….


    I had a wee dry sober day at home yesterday….I may go out later..and check if the Beer Taps are still working in my local since Wednesday….LOL ?



  12. I had 4 winners at Goodwood on Tuesday…


    I had 3 winners at Goodwood on Wednesday…


    I had 1 winner at Goodwood on Thursday…


    Going by that downward trend…I dont have much hope for Today ?





  13. Melbourne Mick on




    How are you mhate? hope all is well down


    in Ye Aul Caltonia.


    H.H. Mick

  14. bigrailroadblues on

    Good morning all from Govanhill. Mrs BRRB is 60 today and I promised her I would stay off the beer. Until 10am.

  15. Melbourne Mick on

    Delighted we’ve signed big Vasilias, he really looks the part


    although I’m wondering if he brought that goalies kit with


    him from the beach at Kasikidakas.


    H.H. Mick

  16. Good morning from a cloudless North Staffs – going to be a scorcher


    MM – Our new goalie is actually Dutch so he should wear an orange strip. 🤭

  17. BRRB


    Best wishes to your good lady – suppose you’ll be treating her to a sherry down the star bar. 🤭

  18. There’s a lot of thought been put into that goalie’s kit. Imagine going one on one with the keeper? You’ll not be able to take your eyes off that kit and ultimately your eye off the ball allowing the big man to dispossess you. 😉



    Oh, and good morning from what appears to be a gloriously sunny Costa del Moray, 28*C promised today in what has been the coldest July I can remember, even my Bhoy asked me to put the heating on the other day and he was renowned for going to school in Germany in shorts and a T-shirt in the middle of winter.

  19. It’s obvious that the real reason we’ve introduced the requirement to isolate for 14 days when returning from Spain etc is to discourage people going there in the first place and preventing our holiday makers infecting them.

  20. MM


    He may also get some decisions going his way from the MIBs – it works for mcshagger 😉

  21. Melbourne Mick on




    Never thought of that, might as well go the whole


    hog and plug hm into our disco light show.


    H.H. Mck

  22. Taurangabhoy on

    Can’t agree with you Paul67.



    North Britain, with its hands tied behind its back has not beat the bug.



    Until you have a complete lockdown with isolation, and full compliance, you will effectively sentence your most vulnerable, be it older people, people with underlying conditions or predisposition, to die from Covid-19.



    Returning too early to line the pockets of Celtics owners is not the Celtic way. People before money.



    Sad that big FF is not going to be legend but good luck to the new Holy orthodox goaly.



    Hail Hail. Bring on the Hamil dons.



    Ps missing my Friday funny no statement from ra peepul.

  23. Melbourne Mick on




    He could wear Josephs coat of many colours, still wouldn’t


    get a decision from those bigot bastas.


    H.H. Mck

  24. Melbourne Mick on




    Good to see you on, absolutely correct in


    all you stated.


    Looks like Victoria going into further restrictions.


    Oh for a leader like Jacinta.


    H.H Mick

  25. leftclicktic on

    Congratulations to BoabyEvans and both of his daughters.



    Welcome to the Celtic family to your two new bhoys Boaby.

  26. It may be worth remembering that Celtic has expressed a view and a desire on how fans can return to grounds. Paul has in my opinion pointed out inconsistencies in government approach but It will of course be goverments’ decision when and how that will happen.

  27. POG



    On your earlier point about whether folks would travel from Ireland for games if their friends, family can’t get in



    I come over on the plane from Dublin and there are clubs and groups of friends who go to most games and would definitely lose some of the craic if only some could go. On the other hand there are a good few like me who travel alone and usually meet family/friends in Glasgow but not always. I do a few trips a year where it is just me and the iPhone all day



    For euro games, not everyone gets a ticket so I think the groups would be able to handle a different bunch travelling to each game.



    Can’t speak for the guys from the north who get the ferry but I would have thought those big clubs would have enough people getting into the ground to justify the trip



    Also, if you book travel early, you can still go on the trip and go to the pub during the game



    I have the full weekend booked in Oct for Huns game (can’t tell when ko will be) so if I can’t get in the ground I’ll be in the pub and have a weekend with friends anyway



    Overall, I think the draw to the game is stronger when you are an ex pat only 45min flight away



    Hail hail