Charlie Gallagher on CQN tonight


Celtic legend, Charlie Gallagher, will be on CQN from 7:30 tonight.  He’ll be discussing his time at Celtic, from 1959 – 1970, throughout the legendary years.  Working under Jimmy McGrory, then Jock Stein.

Login and ask him questions.


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  1. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    My first ever first

  2. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    Decent run 3/3 no bad

  3. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    I’m retiring from CQN podium chasing – give younger talent its chance:-)

  4. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    Charlie Gallagher



    Who is your choice for new manager… And why?



    Hail Hail Mr G!

  5. Oh, and no one is to ask Charlie what he thinks of Ronny Diela


    – I heard his answer at the Tommy Gemmell supporters night


    A few will not like his answer, let’s just say he most certainly signed WHiTS petition :-)

  6. There is a significant proportion of our fanbase that can’t see past Neil Lennon.



    But I’m not convinced. I like Neil Lennon, but he wouldn’t be my choice.

  7. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    Neil Lennon wouldn’t disappoint or surprise me…



    He’d sell SB – he’d make current players work harder ( he’d reintroduce Burger King lunches) and he is a known quantity. Good enough foe SPFL and probably get us a win or two in Europe.

  8. BSR


    Is that the Benfica manager.



    Is he out of contract or something.

  9. I would’nt believe Keevins if he told me the day,the time and the date. H H Hebcelt

  10. Tricoloured Ribbon on






    Martin O’Neill’s legacy was dire?






    He brought some of the greatest players to Celtic Park in manys a year.



    A good few quid was spent? So what?



    Nothing better that putting the Huns properly in their place.



    He faced cheating galore.As did Strachan and Lennon.



    None of our recent managers with the exception of Ronny can be properly assessed because of the cheating.



  11. Tontine Tim on

    Good afternoon Charlie, you gave me 4 of my best days watching the bhoys:



    1. That Cup Final obviously although my main memory is your thunderbolt shot that spun up off the bar and rebounded down for wee Bertie tae nod home the equaliser, I was directly behind the goal that day.



    After Billy scores the winner John Fallon can be seen swinging from the crossbar, I’ve always thought that he just didnae swing but the momentum of your shot had the bar still shaking. This game is always thought of as Big Billy’s, and rightly so, but IMHO you and wee Bertie contributed just as much.



    2. The Vojdvodina night, one of the greatest, and there have been many, at Celtic Park.



    3. The original 5-1 game on a dreary New Years, well January 3rd, day when your exocet piledriver flew intae the deid team’s net.



    4. This one may not be remembered too much but on a dreich September day an injury ridden Celtic team beat the former sevco 3-1 going on 5 as Yogi had a perfectly legit goal chalked off and you, whisper it, missed a penalty. Your display in midfield that day was sublime with the Fife sand dancer comfortably in your pocket.



    One other mention should be Dumbarton, they were my local team and in season 1971/72 when Kenny Wilson’s goals seemed to dry up and his namesake Davy’s form dived, pun intended, you with 9 goals in the final 9 games single handily carried them intae the First Division as Champions. You should be in their Hall of Fame.



    Oh and I forgot I saw you turn in a terrific display against Celtic in the League Cup semis and replay where the Big Mhan came out ontae the track in the latter and “suggested” to Davie Hay to stop you. )))



    BTW what happened tae yer shop up Bellsmyre.

  12. Just a question on the debate from previous blog about Martin O’Neill


    Did he not do all the heavy spending up front ? Inside the first season ? then basically nothing for the next 3 ?


    Part of the deal in him agreeing to come to Celtic ?


    May want to look at spend over his tenure


    And was the problem not that most of the players as signed were all earning over £1.5m per season, so our wage bill was the problem – remember bobo? Given a new deal on £28k per week

  13. Delaneys Dunky on




    Ronny faced cheating in three semi finals he lost. Many times more than that too.

  14. Charlie, when you were playing did you ever get blisters on your feet? How did you treat them or, better still, prevent them?



    Naw, seriously, as one of the finest passers of a football I’ve witnessed, who do you think is a decent passer of the ball in our current squad?







  15. thetimreaper on

    Good evening Mr Gallagher,



    Given that you worked as a scout for Celtic, what areas of the team do you think we need to strengthen for next season? Are there any players you think we should sign?

  16. Hello Charlie.



    I attended my first Celtic game in 1962.



    Can’t remember much, but I do know that you didn’t play that day.



    Anyway, what I wanted to say was that the three best passers of a ball in the Hoops were your goodself, Bobby Murdoch and George Connelly.



    Who was the best ‘tho?!



    C’mon now!




  17. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    A manager like Martin O’Neill delivered 60,000 crowds,brought excitement for the fans and had Celtic fans on a high.


    A bit of debt?


    Yes.Surely it was worth it.


    The debt was very sustainable.


    And he was cheated rotten.

  18. Tricoloured Ribbon on



    Domestically he was done.


    No doubt.


    However against Legia Warsaw,Maribor,Molde,Maribor and the Zombies he failed miserably Clueless.

  19. Benjybhoy mul



    I think it is safe to say it won’t be henrik and Lambert together.



    Both are managers in their own right. Neither would want or accept being a number 2

  20. Delaneys Dunky on




    Those games I canny argue on. Was at all the home Euro games and we were poor tactically in all. Sadly Ronny failed in the big games, along with a few of his players.

  21. An Tearmann on

    Hi Charlie.


    Good to see you on A long since passed away neighbour, Kitty, said she took you and your cousin(paddyaC) over to Gweedore when you were weans.are you still a visitor to the area?


    Hope your well :-)



  22. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    Loved Lambert and Larsson.


    Not for me though in a management capacity.



  23. Charlie



    How did you feel about being deemed too lightweight or too much of a footballer to get a more regular slot at Celtic?



    You were already up against a world class pair in Murdoch and Auld- did this feel like an added insult, to the likes of yourself and Harry Hood, that was unnecessary and untrue?



    P.S. Can you make a plea to get Thom the Thim back on this blog as we miss the correspondence from Annagry?

  24. the glorious balance sheet on

    Burnley 78 and Weeminger-



    I completely forgot about Neil Lennon at £5.75m in my take on Martin o’neill’s signings. So apologies for that.



    But a lot of the financial losses posted during mon’s time as manager were due to losses crystallising from the previous regimes



    Eg kharine on a big fat contract to 2002 dished out by John Barnes, rafael scheidt paid off in mon’s first year, 5 year fat contract sanctioned by Barnes , berkovic sold at a loss etc



    Did wages not go up under Gordon strachan? I’m sure they did.



    Costs were high im sure. It needed reined in? Probably yes. But to say that mon took the club to the brink of bankruptcy or only was a chequebook manager is wrong- as I say agathe and vega give lie to that as do the improvements he inspired in the likes of lambert Petrov Mjallby Petta

  25. Hi Charlie



    You where the first Scots born footballer to play for the Republic



    Where you approached to turn out for Scotland




  26. Delaneys Dunky on

    Good evening Charlie Gallagher, it is great to see you and your pal John Fallon at Celtic matches home and away. Do many Celts from your era still attend our games?


    I just missed you, but my late dad and uncles spoke fondly of you.


    Hail Hail

  27. Charlie Gallagher on

    Good evening Celtic Quick News. I am delighted to be asked to come onto the site to talk to fellow Celtic supporters. If anyone wants a copy of my book I am happy to sign it for you this evening.



    Cultsbhoy – I have no idea but I want someone who has enthusiasm, will run onto the park now and again, who will have a go at referees so they know we won’t take it so easily and of course a manager who will completely change our tactics and get us back to playing football the Celtic way – certainly a bit more attacking. We have been to defensive over the last two years.

  28. Charlie Gallagher on




    I hope you enjoyed the night at the Tommy Gemmell CSC, when’s the next one? I hope we’re in a better place as club by then.



    I can only wish Ronny well. I hope he can go back to Norway, find a club and be successful. Hopefully he’s experience from what he’s come through at Celtic.

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