Charlotte catches all in her web


The mainstream media, football administrators, football club directors, former football club directors, together with the executives from PR companies, are in a new space this week.

Many of these people have spent over 20 years controlling all important aspects of the media in relations to football in Scotland.  Some have established a culture of dependency and fear; at the left of the telephone, or the click of a mouse, they could destroy reputations.

Most of these types backed Craig Whyte when Sir David Murray endorsed him as the right sort to buy Rangers, a situation which remained in place until administrators were appointed last year.  Since then they have acted in unison to demonise Whyte, who has been painted as the solely responsible for the downfall of the football club.

Now, thanks to the industrious Charlotte, every underhand conspiracy is in danger of becoming exposed.

Find yourself in the dock over sectarian chanting?  Don’t dispute the fact, simply allude to links which didn’t actually exist between the son of a Celtic director and the head of an anti-racism unit.  The fact that some think there is an apparent scandal in the son of a Celtic director having links to an anti-racism campaigner is a bizarre thought.  There were no links, but why shouldn’t there be, it’s anti-racism were talking here, which football clubs really should have affinity with.

And Oldco Rangers printed this rubbish in a submission to Uefa!  Good grief.

Stewart Regan finds himself with a position to defend.  One of his responsibilities is to ensure clubs are licenced correctly for Uefa competitions.  I am not too exercised with him coordinating a response to this issue with the club concerned, but his assertion that Rangers were legitimately licenced for season 2011-12, despite the Discounted Options Scheme, or Wee Tax Case, seems more than odd.

In order to gain a Uefa licence clubs must have paid all social taxes due by 31 December no later than 31 March.  Rangers advisors, Grant Thornton UK LLP, called Rangers £2.8m liability, which was unpaid by 31 March 2011, a “potential liability”, which was subject to discussions between the club and HMRC.

In quite simple terms, a club can call any liability a potential liability, however, this particular liability was very real.  If the SFA allow Uefa rules to be circumnavigated by such a self-certified dismissal they are failing their duty to the game.

Mr Regan, the fact of this matter is that the liability was real. What evidence did you see to convince you otherwise? What processes are in place to ensure that a rogue SFA executive cannot rubber stamp a licence when one should not be granted? Can a club simply say “We’re all right, this stuff is under discussion” to make the SFA look the other way?

SFA president, Campbell Ogilvie, was secretary and director of Rangers during the entire operation of the Discounted Options Scheme.  He was on the SFA board with oversight duties for ensuring clubs meet Uefa licensing standards when the club were issued with their 2011-12 licence, and he is currently seeking re-election to his post.

If Rangers were denied their licence for 2011-12 Celtic would have been eligible

The chat from PR companies is perhaps the most alarming, for them, of course.

Right now there is a campaign underway to ignore Charlotte.  Any journo who takes on such an influential group of interests might is facing down some of the most influential people in the media industry.  Here’s a thought for you: I reckon only circa 10% of available material has been looked at.  Charlotte is not going away and neither is wee Craigie.

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  1. celtic fc



    spl champions


    scottish cup winners


    last 16 champions league



    same again will do me…….would love last 8 or the treble in my dreams







  2. Kilbowie Kelt on






    Some of the persistent negativity recently, last night in particular, from the same repetitive posters is depressing.


    They have made their position clear on so many occasions that we could write their comments for them.


    WE KNOW that they don’t trust the BORED.


    We have ‘got it’….. Enough, already.



    If you want to tell the board members about your frustrations, then address THEM.



    Me ? I think EVERYBODY at the club is doing a magnificent job.


    I will try not to bore everybody else by posting that judgement 20 times every day.



    Breaking news……………






  3. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    Am expecting to see sevconians appear on that new French thriller The Returned on Sunday nights. It’s about a disparate group of people who return from the dead.

  4. Tom McLaughlin



    Good to hear from you.


    Thank you for up to date news. Happy to hear that you all right in the circumstances.

  5. Re the CFC boards apparent lack of action regarding the Zombie FC affair as Elvis would say “only fools rush in”



    or as they say in Dublin “punch the fecker Anto”

  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Just going back over those Charlotte emails re the European licence. Did a bit of digging and found the point where it started. Apparently “discovered” by Whyte during his due diligence. So nobody at the club knew about it before then? Hmmmmm…..



    Anyway, this is what No Surrender Johnston said:


    “The 2.8m payment will have to be worked out, but I don’t think it is a deal-breaker. I’m frustrated by it for a lot of reasons. I don’t like it, it wasn’t in any plan, it wasn’t in our budgets or anything that we have been trying to do. We have a very disciplined approach to what we do right now and I didn’t like that appearing over the horizon suddenly.


    “It relates to more than two or three players, but it relates to an issue ten or 11 years ago. As the Americans say, this one came right out of left-field. It really, really is frustrating. No-one knew about it a couple of months ago and let me put on record if we did know about it we would have had to put it in our annual report and take liability for it in the accounts.




    A few thing stick out there.


    Firstly, he said it related to more than two or three players. Wasn’t it put out that it was only Flo and De Boer? Now why would that be? To make it relate to less games should they be investigated re undeclared payments?



    Also, there is no mention at all of any appeal or issue regarding contesting the liability. Yet Regan refers to it as a “potential liability”.



    No mention either of the penalties (a further £1.4m if memory serves me correctly). When did this come about? Surely they must have known about this at the time? Were they trying to hide it from Whyte?



    Oh, and ANSJ also says this:


    “Craig is a very bright businessman. He keeps his cards close to his chest. I would say he is enthusiastic and aspirational (about Rangers], but also realistic.”



    But didn’t he say he knew all along that Whyte was a wrong un? Oh dear!




    Prefer Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent to Elvis.



    Anto Stokes does as well – allegedly of course!




  8. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON on




    What Charlotte is exposing comes across as scandal to us, but unless the mainstream media starts reporting – the only ones that are caring about it is us.



    As far as Sevco fans are concerned they are the same club; the media doesn’t argue this, they claim to have won the big tax case and the LNS investigation says they didn’t cheat enough to have titles stripped.



    All of this, however shocking to us, doesn’t mean much if no one else is willing to listen. We’re just obsessed by taking an interest.

  9. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    If Rangers were denied their licence for 2011-12 Celtic would have been eligible






    More to the point, if Rangers had got through the CL qualifiers that year they’d probably still be alive today. Might even have won the last two titles, denying us the win over Barcelona and everything else we achieved.

  10. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON on




    Last few seasons;



    2011 played 13 scored 4



    2012 played 22 scored 6



    2013 played 27 scored 9.



    Not what you would call prolific but he is young & I’ve never seen him play.


    16(3goals) for Portugal U19 and 4(2goals) Portugal U20.

  11. archdeaconsbench on

    Slightly off topic ‘long shot’ here….. Looking for 1 ticket for the Stone Roses at Glasgow Green this weekend… Would be eternally grateful if anyone knows of one going, could let us know… Either on here or by getting my email from Paul…


    Many thanks.

  12. leftclicktic on

    Seen on TSFM site




    Will the day come when the money that Media House earn from Ra****s is outweighed by the negative publicity they get ?



    Could social media help hasten the arrival of that particular day ?

  13. “Any journo who takes on such an influential group of interests …. ”



    What cowards they are. Look at Edward Snowden, who has taken an incomparably greater risk. He is a moral giant, the Scottish hacks are moral pygmies.

  14. Amido Balde is in town and set to sign for Celtic. Picture on Twitter of him arriving at airport and posing with a Celtic scarf.

  15. leftclicktic on

    In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.


    Martin Luther King Jr.



    Till later all

  16. The Moon Bhoys on

    By now there is probably enough stuff out there for Celtic to go to Uefa and demonstrate that there has been continuous SFA bias against us going back years and discrimination still very much ongoing to this today. If Paul McBride was still alive today…..RIP Paul.



    Failing that surely we will have made enough money from the CL run to hire a legal team to put together a bullet proof case that we could submit to Uefa. Maybe we are doing just that.



    Really hope we are not playing a long term wait and see game, that will get us nowhere.

  17. KK I posted the same yesterday h h Skel cheers……your monica is close to sklelp ora bears (hunskelper exteordinaire )

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