Chase is on from St Johnstone, data driven policy


Admit it, you smiled when you heard “St Johnstone are now the second most successful Scottish football club over the last decade” on the news last night.  The most trophy-laden period any single club has enjoyed in Scottish football history is over.  It saw Celtic win their fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh domestic treble.

Due to the peculiarities of 2020, we knew the run would end when Ross County eliminated us from the 2020-21 League Cup competition St Johnstone won yesterday, three weeks before facing Hearts in the 2019-20 Scottish Cup Final and winning our 12th successive Scottish trophy.  If you live for another 100 years, you are very unlikely to enjoy (or endure) watching any club match this record.

We deserved every one of those 12 trophies, just as we deserved to drop out of the League Cup and League challenge early this season, the latter could officially be over within six days.  The Scottish Cup is our only hope of silverware this season, although there is every chance the latter stages may be postponed until after the summer.

John Kennedy’s win in his first game in charge together with Motherwell’s win at Easter Road killed off any chance in-form Hibs had of catching Celtic in second place.

“Policy is being driven by the data”, a recurring theme you are being told by politicians and public health officials.  Hmmmm.  We are now in a situation when politicians, backed up by our National Clinical Director, tell this disease was eliminated in Scotland in the summer.  To back his political sponsor, Professor Jason Leitch claimed there was no deaths for an entire month (there were 24, a remarkably low figure considering where we were before and have been after).

At that time (different from now), Celtic ran consultations with fans about safely returning to stadiums.  The club invested in temperature scanning equipment and distances processes to no avail.  It seems the data was not driving policy.  It remains to be seen what data drove the crackdown on Celtic that saw 13 players side-lined in January.

St Mary’s in Calton, the church where Celtic were born, are taking the Government to court on the very issue (you can support their case here).  Like Celtic in the summer, churches are curious about the data informing the decision to close churches in Scotland while they remain open in England and Wales.

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  1. Bada



    Kennedy isn’t just the defensive coach, he’s been in charge of coaching the entire first team squad since Duff left. You can take that to the bank big fella.

  2. TheLurkinTim on

    Our nest generation shoild be kind…but germsn children will always b kinder ;))




  3. TheLurkinTim on

    Our next generation shoild be kind…but german children will always b kinder ;))




  4. I had to go to Greenock today on a sad errand, but took a wee detour to see some architecture and places I wanted to see.



    Anyone want to read a story of Anti Catholic populuce ranting preachers way back then, and an attack on the original st mary’s ?

  5. THELURKINTIM on 1ST MARCH 2021 7:53 PM


    Stivs @7.18…that’s a mule ;-)) mibbe






    Too wee to be a mule,A – definitely a donk

  6. ST Dumbarton due to the shipyards in the area was a staunch tangerine town, the lol used tae go out to Renton picking fights on the Irish population there during the annual cattle show.



    This all changed around the 1850s when a decision was made to extend the railway line to Helensburgh.



    To accommodate this tunnels had to be bored under the existing Cardross Road where the current St Michaels church and school are, continuing under the former Notre Dame Convent and school and exiting at an area known as Havoc.



    Irish navvies, living in Duntocher at the time, were brought in from the Boulevard/Great Western Road construction to facilitate this.



    They came they saw and the conquered, Dumbarton was never the same again, at least 3 St Patrick’s schools were opened as well as a chapel. St Patrick’s Day was a statutory holiday for all Catholic school weans.

  7. garygillespieshamstring on




    So little chance of improvement between now and season’s end.


    Doesn’t fill me with hope if he gets the job for next season. I had hoped that he might bring a fresh pair of eyes to help solve the tactical issues.

  8. prestonpans bhoys on

    If Kennedy is chief coach as HT says, then on the basis of what we have seen this season should be nowhere near the manager post

  9. !!Bada Bing!! on

    HT- heard a few rumours, so Lawwell knew this was happening on his watch? Lennon has been hinting at something behind the scenes, but can’t tell us? I hope he gets asked when he surfaces.Cheers C,hope things are as good as they can be HH

  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Was scanning the Club website for Birthday wishes for MON……not there……must be only for Rodgers…

  11. Fairhill Bhoy


    you dont consider Kennedy as a possibility


    for the managers role do you?

  12. Saint Stivs on 1st March 2021 8:56 pm



    I had to go to Greenock today on a sad errand, but took a wee detour to see some architecture and places I wanted to see.



    Anyone want to read a story of Anti Catholic populuce ranting preachers way back then, and an attack on the original st mary’s ?





    Last post from me – yes, please go for it.




  13. FB


    has to be a completely new management team,


    new manager and his own backroom picks

  14. A lot of change ahead.



    new ceo-coming


    poss board reconstruction



    possible new D.o.F.


    new manager coming in


    new coaching team



    probably new captain


    who would you keep in current squad?


    who do we sell?


    who do we get in ?



    champions league qualifying ready to go.


    league campaign rwady to gp



    That in my experience is a lot of change to occur,a lot of know how and experience going out the door in any organisation at the same time




  15. That time of year again when a certain poster gets lauded for showing off their cut’n’paste skills each morning. I know I can just scroll past, but would it not be easier just to post a link or refer back to the exact same cut’n’paste posts from this time last year, or the year before that? Appreciate that some on here are fascinated by this, but do we really need it pasted over and over, year after year? Stick to the footie, perhaps?

  16. St Stivs..


    i dont know if you know the “cut” area where Greenocks water system was dug out and chanelled for the towns of Greenock and the port.



    was wondering if


    1.You have any blogs/sites like the one above you mention above,describing the building of the greenock cut? .we used to take walking groups in from Cornalees country park.



    2 is the big upturned boat that sank in 67 still upturned on the clyde?






  17. LassieBeattie on

    Tontine 9.16pm – great story. Never knew that. We lived in the houses right above the railway line where the trains came out the Tunnel at Clerkhill, as my dad called it. You could set your watch by the 2 electric trains per hour. When the diesel trains came down from the West Highland Line you could feel the vibration right through the cliff!


    Good memories.


    Sadly the old school and convent are gone. There is a new St Michael’s school next to the chapel (where big St Pats used to be) and the Carmelites have moved into the old Notre Dame/Craigend House at the top of the Avenue.


    Love your stories of the old town. Take care x

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