Chasing Celtic will bankrupt the Tribute Act


The man who wants to be chairman of Rangers International, Dave King, said over the weekend:

“In particular I see a present need to utilise the time we have over the next few seasons to be prepared, both financially and on the pitch, to compete with our Glasgow neighbours when we get back (sic) to the top League.”

Therein lies the problem.  Oldco Rangers under David Murray were driven, “10-in-a-row and two European Cups” was the target Terry Butcher attributed to his former employer.  They lived in someone else’s shadow but needed to think of themselves as superior.  As a consequence, they lost everything.

Now the same crew at it again.  “Compete with our Glasgow neighbours”.  Why not just live within your means?  Be as good as you can be, run your affairs in an ethical manner, whether you win, lose or draw?  Spend the early years of Newco trying to compete with Celtic and the only thing you’ll achieve is a pervading sense of failure.

The Battle for the Blazer, AKA the bid by King to persuade the SFA that despite the enormous evidence to the contrary, he is Fit and Proper to be a director of a Scottish football team is surely pointless.  Rangers International don’t need King as a director, all they need is his money, or anyone’s money.  King doesn’t need to be a director to exact effective control over the club, all he needs to do is appoint proxies. The SFA must issue the JP McEnroe retort, “You cannot be serious?”

My apologies if King’s target is Partick Thistle.

Celtic’s Iron Man:

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  1. If anybody else wishes to donate to the ‘Mini St. John Doyle’ Fund in memory of Sean Ryan please e-mail me.



    The fund is in memory of St. John Doyle and Linda’s Son, Sean who was still born in 2000. Their dream before St. John Doyle’s untimely passing was to buy two log cabins by Loch Lomond to give families who have suffered similar heartache a place to go for a bit of respite. Linda and the Ryan Clan plan or forging ahead with St. John Doyle’s dream.



    To date CQNers and Lurkers have raised £860; this was to buy four tickets to send the Ryans to the Ajax game on 22nd Oct. and to buy a wreath, which was with George yesterday as he rested at home. Not a place to post but anybody who has donated and wishes to see the wreath I will e-mail you. The four tickets have bought and I will take them to the Ryans on your behalf later this week.



    After the cost of the tickets and wreath we currently have £605; this and all other donations received up to the Ajax game will be handed to the ‘Mini St. John Doyle’ Fund in the name of CQN.






    Thank you for your donations, proving once again CQN’s legendary status.



    George will receive the Fortified Rights at St. Andrew’s Cathedral tonight at 18:30 and his Requiem Mass tomorrow at 10:00.



    God Bless George Ryan, God Bless the Ryans, God Bless CQN.



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  2. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    Thank you



    Possibly the most meekly contested podium ever :-))

  3. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Watching the Barnet game ….poor fair …..still better than a third tier SPFL game

  4. An early Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canuck Tims and Happy Columbus Day to all our US based Tims



    Surely this could be another record for Sevco if King gets involved with them “doing the tax dodge on two continents simultaneously”. I spent all day on Saturday looking for the perfect turkey and there was one sitting on the dock in South Africa






  5. Huns have lots of problems…..braw , but one they cannot seem to see is this ..”.when we get back (sic) to the top League.”


    they were never in the Top League ……we,ll have a braw time watching them though ….hehehehehe…stupid stupid huns …..

  6. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on

    Reverse podium for me again-last to post on previous article.



    Pyrrhic victory? Grasping at straws?






    I think the huns are grasping at straws wi King. His past tells us that he doesn’t have time for legal niceties,or any form of intrusion or dissent on how he carries out his business.



    He’s an egomaniac,he has crashed and burned in South Africa,as he did previously in Scotland.



    He will do so again for one simple reason. He will NOT learn from previous mistakes because he doesn’t think he has made any.



    Egomania and success are not for the long term.

  7. Afternoon Paul 67



    You wrote



    “The man who wants to be chairman of Rangers International, Dave King, said over the weekend”



    Now if I made that copy for the shameless Scottish media it would go like this……..



    “The man who wants to be King of Rangers International, Dave (rand off the radar) King, said over the weekend”



    Noticed the MSM have dropped the silly King etc references of late which only proves they now have endorsed a new knight charging his way to their and Sevcos rescue.



    And they want us all to take it seriously..

  8. Hotel de Paris on




    Gold star for being alert! Long time lurker (5 yrs +) who has eventually decided to take the plunge into the murky waters of CQN. Always told topics of religion,politics and football should be avoided until such time that you have established “the credentials” of all involved. So not sure I will be in a position to contribute much to the debates!

  9. We know that a substantial part of Rangers Fc income over a 10-15 year period was in fact borrowed money, (and unpaid debts), the bulk of it channelled through MIH. Counting the numbers to be addressed at the UTT I have estimated this total debt to be around £250 million all told. Actually it is more than an estimate, it is basic arithmetic, something Murray and every other director at Ibrox over that period never could quite grasp. Neither did the lenders, Cummings and Masterton but that is another story. The new club will simply be unable to replicate that level of borrowing in the foreseeable future, so when King talks of “raising funds” either he means substantially raising prices or finding supporters who wish to donate to RIFC.

  10. Sir Paul



    Very Perspicacious, of you..kiddo.



    Ach! Am no surprised.



    You have hit the Proverbial oan the Heid.



    When ye said…



    “Rangers do not need King.. They Need his Dough”..or.. words tae tat effect.



    Thereby hings the Crux of the Maitter.



    but..the Sixty Four Dollah question remains.



    “Wull King Gie them The Money?”



    In a Woid..






    Ah dinnae Think He wull..



    King is a Piker..and a Proven PIker.



    Ah think that he is awe Hat and Nae Cattle.



    But, that is jist me.



    Ah wid be surprised if he hiz in the Position tae .. Dole oot Largesse.



    Largesse, is Very hard tae Come by,in these times.



    Look.. Celtic hiv a guy who is very capable of handing oot.. a Large Amount of Largesse..



    But.. You know and Ah Know that He wullnae!



    Na.. King jist wants whit A lotta Folk Want.



    Tae Be noticed.



    Fame is the Spur.. Right? Damn Right!



    So King wull get his wish.. but, Ah don’t see fur the life of me..



    Whit the Rangers wull get oota This.






    You Betcha!





    Still , Laughin’..even Mair Noo.

  11. Vmhan:



    I might be missing something, but if you’re asking should you/could you… do a half marathon for charity, then not only would my answer be yes, I’d also promise to do it with you.



    Maybe not on the same streets, but in the same spirit.



    Regards Kano… Kano got dealt the worst hand that life could deal anybody. With Kano their were a few amazing graces… there was his wife Caroline who is by his side tonight; their is Ramie, who if not sharing a bottle and a smoke, then he’s just around the corner and less than a shout away, and there was/is, all those from the Celtic Support and beyond and even blue, who knew what the right thing was to do,



    There are a lot of Kano’s in this world, we just haven’t met them yet.



    Run for charity? I’d beg and crawl for charity if it made somebody else a wee bit better.

  12. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    Welcome aboard,mate.



    The topics you referenced are best kept for moonhowling duties. But always welcome at other times for wind-up purposes!



    Just don’t make any spelling mistakes and you’ll be fine.

  13. ….PFayr supports WeeOscar 13:26



    I expect Keevins is setting up the agenda for next weeks phone in on Clyde so he can call all us Celtic supporters obsessed.



    I remember him criticising a young hack for getting a scoop he was too slow for as an amateur who got lucky and was not worthy of membership of his noble profession.



    This was at a time like the rest of them he had his snout in the Minty trough.

  14. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Wasn’t it Dave King that sold up to Craig Whyte for £1? Oh no, that was King Dave. My mistake.

  15. Re David Kings admitted guilt in his South African case :



    “This take on things must bring a great degree of solace to the thousands of people who have pleaded guilty at court and been sentenced. These ‘facts’ seem to suggest that they have not been convicted of anything, but merely reached an agreement with the court to settle their outsatnding matters.”



    Scottish fawning Sevco Media hang your heads in shame…you are an embarrassment to Scotland.

  16. Paul67, you describe the team from Govan as the tribute act, do you think Peter Lawwell and the rest of the Celtic Board agree with this description?

  17. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Good article Paul.



    Celtic Mac 14.47



    I have just been trying to work that out, and your figures are about in-line with mine.



    Look at all the money they took in (and spent) from what you might call “external sources”. Murray International 2004 share under-writing (£50m), Dave King (£20m), NTL (?m), JJB (£18m), ENIC (£40m), EBT tax avoided (£48m?), DOS (£3m), liquidation creditors (£55m), plus anything I’ve forgotten!



    I make that at least £234m of “external” funding/debt/write-offs/tax dodges. Throw in the money they got from CL campaigns which they wouldn’t have been in without access to the aforementioned sums and you’re looking at around £300 million. Over a 10-15 year period that’s around £25m “extra” a year and they still couldn’t win the league every year; and the years we won it were by huge margins. In 20 years they won 12 Champions League games! So, with only their own internally-generated money, are we really to believe that they would be a super-power challenging us?



    Oh, and that’s without even taking into account any rent money they might have to pay to Craigie or Charlie!



    I can see it being like the John Greig years, only with no Fergie or Jim McLean.

  18. Freddiebhoy



    I could be wrong but think you may have misinterpreted that particular quote. Who do you attribute it to?

  19. saltires en sevilla supporting wee oscar on




    The only realistic solution for the new club is to start from base and build a cost-controlled youth to senior model -developing local talent from within the club and adding one or two low cost imports now and again.



    They still have the opportunity to create a new and innovative style of play and build slowly



    Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending how you choose to look at it…



    There is no club anywhere on the planet less likely to adopt that model



    One would need a very powerful microscope indeed, to see how minuscule the chances of thems tolerating anything other than off-the-radar megabucks spending



    Dontya just love them to bits? ;-)




  20. Glass Two Thirds Full



    MIH wrote off over £100 million debt on behalf of Rangers FC, debt inherited by Lloyds from the Bank of Scotland. ENIC’s contribution may have went directly to Murray himself. Either way we are looking at a quarter of a billion unpaid. Unpaid. Will not be easy to replicate that.

  21. lennbhoy


    Ref emails (thanks again), contribution is winging its way via the now privatised Royal Mail.



  22. VP KO'd by fearless Oscar Knox on

    Ahhhh! Thank you Lord for bestowing upon us two of mankinds greatest gifts..


    …….Henrik Larsson and beer.hh

  23. lennybhoy


    Cheers. Sunday name as per email, although no recognition required. Well done on a great thing done for a great man and his family.



  24. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on

    Re the total amount of money spent during the Murray years,over and above actual income,I think AWE NAW broke it down a while back.



    He also arrived at a total in the region of c£250m.



    Not quite Abramovic,but at least it was his to spend. Ish.



    And he has been quite modest in his profile while doing so.



    Not so Murray. Couldnae happen to a more deserving person,IMO.

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