Cheers, Magners


Sponsorship income is harder and harder to find so securing an improved shirt deal, while others flap to secure lesser deals, is a genuine result for the Celtic commercial team.  Irish cider maker, Magners, will have their name of the Celtic shirt for three years from this summer.

This will be the first time Celtic does not share the name on their shirts with another Scottish club since the 1990s, apart from a brief period during 2012, in the weeks between Rangers being assigned to liquidation and a successor coming into existence.

The significant amount of coverage outside Scotland as a result of this season’s Champions League qualification will no doubt have contributed to Magners’ decision, as will the reputation of Celtic fans to toast their Irish heritage in good nature.

Let’s hope club, fans and sponsor can work to make this a long and successful partnership.

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  1. Now that Jabba has pledged his allegiance publicly to the dark side as if no-one already knew does that mean he is scoffing succulent lamb…from Lidl’s?




  2. Totally agree Southside, Brown been ace all season considering he carrying an injury, Captain in every aspect. Vic, FF or Brown for me mid season, hooper is awesome but his attitude can come into question for me and Mathews been in and out team too much to be on the list, KW looking good but still prone to lapses, Lustig also been awesome but gets subbed or injured. One for the future as well with AM. Will Izzy ever get back to his best? only he knows the answer.




  3. I’m Neil Lennon (tamrabam) – 12:07 on 10 January, 2013






    For me it’s going to take one or both of two things to realistically keep us in the CL the majority of seasons. Assuming we continue with our spend what you earn policy.



    1) There’s some kind of crash in football finances that brings a lot of teams closer to our financial level, so we can once again compete for signatures in terms of finances.



    2) The CL product becomes stale enough that it’s revamped to ensure teams from below the top 4 leagues have a decent chance of getting in.



    As much as I’d like a regional league, I don’t see it happening within that time frame. Even then I think it might be a short term boost.



    We need to bear in mind that football as we know it, is not the all encompassing draw it once was. There’s so much access to other sports, never mind non-sporting activities that can grab people’s attentions.

  4. Dubaibhoy-"If I signed off the accounts it has been in good faith." on

    Regarding attendances and SB prices, I am not convinced that dropping the price of tickets will have any significant effect, as the associated match day costs (rail fare, pint etc) remain the same (or higher) meaning that significant SB reductions would be required to encourage an increase in SB sales.



    I think the way to go would be special deals such as buy 2 get 1 free, or Parent+Child tickets, where 2nd child gets free etc.



    Another thing that would encourage SB sales would be if CFC re-sold SB tickets on behalf of SB holders that could not attend (for a fee)thereby potentially minimising the SB holders ‘loss’. Charlton used to do this in the EPL and it was a great system. Admittedly this is harder to do successfully in tough times, but some creative thinking is required to encourage SB sales.