Cheers, Magners


Sponsorship income is harder and harder to find so securing an improved shirt deal, while others flap to secure lesser deals, is a genuine result for the Celtic commercial team.  Irish cider maker, Magners, will have their name of the Celtic shirt for three years from this summer.

This will be the first time Celtic does not share the name on their shirts with another Scottish club since the 1990s, apart from a brief period during 2012, in the weeks between Rangers being assigned to liquidation and a successor coming into existence.

The significant amount of coverage outside Scotland as a result of this season’s Champions League qualification will no doubt have contributed to Magners’ decision, as will the reputation of Celtic fans to toast their Irish heritage in good nature.

Let’s hope club, fans and sponsor can work to make this a long and successful partnership.

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  1. Coming up live on #SSN we’ll speak to Derek Johnstone about Charles Green’s reaction to Scottish football’s restructuring plans



    Look Sevco tv quick off the mark again.

  2. glasstwothirdsfull- Of Magners ? I think Challs is due 360k if Sevco get promoted,but they will be in the same league….?

  3. Afternoon all



    Sad to read the news that Wilko Johnson has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.



    H x 2

  4. Hen1rik-Jack Irvine earning his corn,hope the wee lamb has a nice cold refreshing Magners to chill a wee bit.

  5. googybhoy ♥ Celtic



    I just can’t see it being as straight forward as it seems on the surface.



    Much wailing and bleating will follow from the msm.



    I hope you are right, but knowing scotland, I won’t be holding my breath.

  6. saltires en sevilla on

    whit problem Chuck?



    you move from 4th tier to 3rd tier



    quelle problem….

  7. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    What’s the betting the hun “walking away” story will be billed higher on reporting scotland than the Celtic Magners deal.



    Bring back Cat Coobie, thon other big lady is scary.

  8. I live in Clonmel a couple of miles from the plant where Magners is produced, some lad earlier in the thread said it might be Bulmers on the shirt but I can assure you it wont. The cider here was originaly produced by a family called Magners, they then bought out The Bulmers Brand in IRELAND, thus when I go for a large bottle of cider with a pint glass and plenty of ice its a bottle of BULMERS i’m drinking. When the Irish Company expanded and started exporting, they discovered the British Company Bulmers were producing cider abroad under the Bulmers name, so they had to revert back to MAGNERS for all sales outside Ireland. So Irish Cider is Bulmers in Ireland and Magners abroad, and the Bulmers English Cider can’t be marketed in Ireland but is sold abroad as BULMERS. Confusing isn’t it.

  9. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    will hun2 be given an extra six months to submit their books again ?

  10. I hope somebody tells the Shortbread Loyal and SSB that the huns are a 4th tier team without a vote,and are an irrelevance to any re-construction plans.

  11. ernie lynch



    15:55 on 9 January, 2013



    Apples 1


    Oranges 0







  12. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    so have Celtic abstained from reconstrucction negotiations ?

  13. ASonOfDan


    17:16 on


    9 January, 2013


    So the SFL associate member who have no voting rights for 4 years threaten to quit.







    I have asked a few sevconions(new club) why they have no voting rights(need to be alive two years)I think :)))


    They said they will get back to me,



  14. Lots of lads on this thread over recent weeks were accusing our Board of collusion in trying to get Sevco bumped back into top flight ahead of schedule etc. In past week Board issues Statement talking about last years game being final Old Firm game & re-iterating our 125 year UNBROKEN history. Now they have negotiated a seperate shirt sponsorship deal. They are supporting reconstruction that leaves Sevco marooned at the bottom with Charlie squealing and threatening to walk away. The Club have listened to us and have acted accordingly we should acknowledge this and put an end to sniping.

  15. fergus slayed the blues on



    I saw that today also ,my first thought was




    hail hail

  16. Are Sevco now going to apply to join The East Of Scotland league,and let Spartan gain their rightful place.

  17. Marrakesh Express on

    Magners Cider…two words which go well together, and also make an anagram of another three words which go well together….Gers And Crime.

  18. Just lost a tenner, I bet my good lady that John McKay would


    wear a green tie tonight, canny believe I got it wrong :-)

  19. “We are not defined by any other club. We are Celtic and that is witnessed here today. We have our own brand, story, traditions and a powerful offering to any sponsor. Here we´ve got Magners who fit with Celtic in terms of its global aspirations.


    Peter Lawwell



    Nice one

  20. Today is another great day for the Club. I’m really buzzing, its simply magic being a Tim.

  21. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    for octogenarians:


    Are you cliaming your Affordable Warmth Dividend one off payment about £100 from Glasgow District Council finance services, those on benefits may have already received it automatically though some slip through the net, if you do not receive benefits you most likely know nothing about this Dividend.


    You can discuss Affordable Warmth Dividend with Financial Services Revenues and Benefits staff by telephoning 0141 287 7961



    philvis GIRUY (thumbsup:o)

  22. !!bada bing!!



    17:44 on 9 January, 2013


    Hen1rik-Jack Irvine earning his corn,hope the wee lamb has a nice cold refreshing Magners to chill a wee bit.



    I’m sure Jabba is placing the fork with the succulent lamb into Chuck’s mouth as we speak

  23. Stairheedrammy on

    Astounded by the sponsorship deal as I thought it would be something else- a text I received earlier suggested that Jabba was defecting- I just read it again and realise it says defective

  24. Marrakesh Express on

    Walker kicks off snyde by going easy on Chuckles. This same show ridiculed DD every time he dared to mention the possibility of Celtic playing outside Scotland.

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