Cheltenham, prosecco and the inevitable ban


Spanish authorities confirmed this morning that La Liga will be played behind closed doors for the next two weeks, leaving only Germany and England from Europe’s big five leagues permitting spectators.  Yesterday the Italian government banned all domestic sporting fixtures until 3 April, meaning Serie A games will not take place, even behind closed doors.

Authorities in Germany and the UK will now come under pressure, especially as leagues in Germany and England attract he highest attendances in the world.  The next move is likely to be in Germany, where the confirmed case number is similar to that in Spain and France.

Case numbers in the UK are a quarter those in Germany, France and Spain, there are still only 321 cases here, but if we follow a similar pattern, that figure will be over 1,000 by the weekend, when we can expect non-essential gatherings to be prohibited.  A ban is in the post.

The Cheltenham Festival runs from today until Friday.  The cynic in you might suggest a ban on sporting events will take place after the last of the Prosecco is supped in Gloucestershire.  I hope we do not see the now-annual player photos from the Festival…

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  1. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    So give him the World Epidemiological Organisation job.



    He`s not a medical doctor.

  2. why would you need to be a medical doctor to be chief of the world health organisation ?



    that michael oleary runs ryanair but doesnt have a pilots license.

  3. Michael is not a doctor either, so why would you give him the WHO job but not the Ethiopian fella ?






    In February 2020 O’Leary suggested that airport security should focus on single Muslim men, and called obese passengers “monsters”.[39]

  4. Repost : 10TH MARCH 2020 6:23 PM


    My friends in Celtic,



    I will be on Mchuills ( God willing ) to watch us put the huns firmly back in their box.




  5. Not sure if this has been posted but on Saturday, all 5 of our goals were left-footed strikes.


    Have the players now dispensed with shooting with their right peg?


    Hope the huns don’t cotton on to that before the weekend.



  6. CELTIC Football Club has outlined some measures it has taken in light of the ongoing issues concerning Coronavirus.



    As the SFA/SPFL Joint Response Group has stated, the health of first team environments across all clubs must be a priority.



    In response to health advice being given and in line with a number of other clubs globally, Celtic will be asking players to limit their appearances at events outwith training and playing duties, and to temporarily avoid interactions such as providing photographs/selfies or autographs.



    The Club has already put in place a number of its own appropriate proactive measures across all Club operations and venues. These additional measures aim to protect the ongoing well-being of the Celtic squad and mirror the approach taken by a number of other clubs.



    Clearly, the Club and our players know the huge importance of making time for our supporters and, of course, we regret any inconvenience caused by these temporary measures.



    We thank all our fans for their continuing support

  7. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Health – Ethiopia travel advice – › … › Travel abroad › Foreign travel advice


    Medical treatment There are a number of hospitals in Addis Ababa but only private hospitals offer a reasonable standard of basic care for minor health problems. Dentistry options are especially lacking. Ambulance services are also limited. Outside the capital medical facilities remain extremely poor.





    Out there fixing the world.


    Maybe he should have put his own house in order first.

  8. SFTB to our resident ………………



    You have to relax about appointments going to people you might consider as melanin-enhanced or lacking a willy.


    ……………………………………………………………………..ouch….lol 😂👍




  9. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    I am comfortable having my level judged by my peers-…………





    Congratulations on your peer .

  10. Tobago Street on

    Would you want to be Sevco this week? They have a massive game Thursday which may see an end to their European ‘journey’. Then on Friday they start to prepare for Sunday; their game against the league leaders. If that game is lost their league challenge is effectively over ( if it isn’t already ). Because often is a word I seldom use let me say this about that; I’m looking forward to Sunday ( BIG SMILEY THING )




  11. prestonpans bhoys on



    If you are lurking, Judith looks to have put weight on😱😱😱😵

  12. Hamilton Tim



    Thank you for posting,an important chronicle of irish republicanism,inherent in our club Celtic since 1888.


    God bless you.




  13. !!Bada Bing!! on

    PB- was great to see the Goddess, not been on for a while, was getting worried 😜👍

  14. Regardless of the appropriateness, ( or otherwise ) of the qualifications of the Head of the World Health Organization, the Chinese have refused both WHO and the CDC access to the disgustingly inhumane, unsanitary and barbarous ‘wet market’ at the epicenter of the Covid-19 virus outbreak.



    One wonders if the Chinese government will make any changes to its current practices vis-a-vis hunting, trapping, breeding, storage, butchery and sale of exotic animal products for human consumption?

  15. Magwai



    We do seem to have a lot of left footers these days, I thought we were inclusive😎



    James is pretty biased to his right foot but the left footers do seem to be decent on the weaker foot; McGregor vs Livi a great example.


    Christie is a bit left biased I suppose



    Eddie is right footed but no problem on his left in the box

  16. Huns game in Europe to be played behind closed doors.



    Oh dear, what a pity, never mind.


    We must be the luckiest supporters in the world as we have amongst us the cleverest best informed superhuman being that has ever lived.



    WALTZING MATILDA …………………………………………………………………



    ps.don’t tell any huns or they will sign him.

  18. An Tearmann



    Hope that you are well. Thanks for posting that article on ‘67. Can’t believe it’s nearly 3 years since the 50th celebration in Lisbon. Unbelievable few days and superb memories, brings it all back.




    Then putting a virus research facility on its doorstep



    Maybe thought handy for live specimens

  20. South Of Tunis on

    Atalanta 1 up after 3 minutes.Empty Mestalla stadium.Hundreds of Atalanta supporters outside the stadium.Singing their hearts out.You can hear them on the tele.Atalanta are from Bergamo -which is louping with Covid 19.

  21. Macjay1


    I posted this at an unGodly hour, so you probably didn’t see it.


    GG on 10TH MARCH 2020 1:59 AM





    Although Tedros Gebreyesus (spelling) WHO Director General,is essentially a political administrator, he does have a degree in immunology, so he is probably uniquely positioned to address the Cocid-19 pandemic. I assume we can now call it that.

  22. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    ‘GG on 10TH MARCH 2020 8:22 PM





    We could have called it a pandemic weeks ago imho .

  23. Trouble brewing within commercial department at Celtic Park as lax computer security results in website inadvertently publishing new ‘avant garde’ first team kit.



    The breach was almost immediately repaired but not quickly enough to stop us geeks getting the exclusive.



    Absolutely crackin and without doubt ‘cutting edge’ for the modern environment.





    Hail Hail




  24. South Of Tunis on







    A long time ago I had a job on Ford’s assembly line at Dagenham .(between finishing 1 Uni course and starting another) Woman who checked our work came from Ferguslie Park.Our Section Supervisor came from Carlow.He had fabulous BO..Woman from FP used to refer to him as Larry The Louper.

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