Cheltenham, prosecco and the inevitable ban


Spanish authorities confirmed this morning that La Liga will be played behind closed doors for the next two weeks, leaving only Germany and England from Europe’s big five leagues permitting spectators.  Yesterday the Italian government banned all domestic sporting fixtures until 3 April, meaning Serie A games will not take place, even behind closed doors.

Authorities in Germany and the UK will now come under pressure, especially as leagues in Germany and England attract he highest attendances in the world.  The next move is likely to be in Germany, where the confirmed case number is similar to that in Spain and France.

Case numbers in the UK are a quarter those in Germany, France and Spain, there are still only 321 cases here, but if we follow a similar pattern, that figure will be over 1,000 by the weekend, when we can expect non-essential gatherings to be prohibited.  A ban is in the post.

The Cheltenham Festival runs from today until Friday.  The cynic in you might suggest a ban on sporting events will take place after the last of the Prosecco is supped in Gloucestershire.  I hope we do not see the now-annual player photos from the Festival…

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  1. CELTIC40ME on 10TH MARCH 2020 10:30 PM



    It would. Would also be interesting to know how many in the UK have made a full recovery.

  2. CaddingtonCommon on

    Just scrolled through the Coronavirus website. All the talk was football, football, bloody football.

  3. How weird is it that a Country (Term used loosely) with a population of 55 million has circa 370 Positive Tests for the virus and one of them happens to be the Health Minister.

  4. GENE on 10TH MARCH 2020 9:16 PM


    We’ve undoubtedly got the better players so it will be up to Neil to get the selection and formation right






    Spot on and Neil will be judged (however unfairly) on what he does on Sunday. There’s questions he needs to answer after December.



    I suspect we’ll see September mark 2 in terms of tactics. Their recent success against us has been predicated on a high press and counter attack set up.



    We won in September with 40% possession but lost at Celtic Park with 60% of the ball.



    Sit deep, defend well and we’ve the players to counter and score.

  5. S.o.T



    Italian players union statement there is an English version








    AIPPLE,powerful words.:-)


    I agree with you private sector unable to cope with something of scale,can’t cope at mo at normal day-to-day health.






    Haha.i think we have to await and see the mudslide after Thursday.



    I am positive and hopeful as per mate






  6. Roger Mitchell




    · 52m


    I see the uk health minister has it. Here we see players unions wanting an entire stop. Let’s call it now. The football season is to all intents and purposes over. @EntertainedAre @ttmygh



    Then posts link posted recently




  7. I’m obviously too young to remember, but is their any research or articles available on how we reacted to the Spanish Flu after WWI?

  8. From Murdoch’s rag



    RANGERS are closing in on £20million worth of investment through a share issue which could bring about significant boardroom change.



    SunSport understands a mystery Asian investor and a Hong Kong-based backer are poised to plough millions into the Ibrox club



    Douglas Park, tipped to become chairman when Dave King officially stands down later this month, will also provide further additional funding.



    An announcement confirming the Ibrox windfall is expected to be made before the end of month.



    The deal has been months in the making and it’s understood both Far East businessmen could be in attendance at Ibrox for the Old Firm clash.



    The Asian investor was given a guided tour of the stadium and the club’s training facilities when he was a guest for the Scottish Cup victory over Stranraer back in January.



    The Hong Kong backer has been brought to the table by existing directors George Taylor and George Letham.



    In November, Rangers announced an annual loss of £11.3m — forecasting they needed another £10m in investment before the end of this season.



    The club’s annual report showed increased turnover of 63 percent to a total of £53.2m, but operating expenses also rose by about £20m to £58.2m.



    At the time, Gers also declared share issues totalling £18.2m, the vast majority of which went into converting investor loans into new shares.



    The annual report stated: “Building a team to challenge for the Ladbrokes SPFL Premiership and compete in European competition requires continued investment before success in these areas will generate a significant contribution to the revenues and cash flows of the club.”



    SunSport understands both Far East


    businessmen have provided Gers with proof of funding.



    Both are keen to become involved at Ibrox and could invest further if King is willing to sell his shares.




  9. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    We are sailing…we are sailing…o.k I know Rod isn’t too popular at


    the moment on here as he’s an all Tory fart, but I still luv’im, he


    brought a lot of light into my life 8-))


    Cruising across the Bass straight now heading for Dunedin which


    apparently was the former name of Edinburgh according to the


    onboard historians, loads of Victorian architecture similar to


    Glasgow/Edinburgh, so I’ll be thinking there must be a Bairds bar


    or a Sarri Heid somewhere about.


    Met a couple Tims already, amazing how the cream rise and gathers


    the gither isn’t it?


    Nobody coughing or wearing masks yet on board, I had a bit of a


    headache this morning but think that had more to do with the Rid


    biddy last night lol.


    Hope to see a hoopy in Town when we arrive to add to my list of


    cities I’ve met bhoys world wide.


    Next post from Dunedin.


    H.H. Mick.




    Happy days. Stumbled across article while DuckDuckGoing (Googling, other options are available!) The Monocled Mutineer a few days ago.

  11. I have a good friend in his mid 80s.


    He is Celtic daft, like all of us on here.


    He said that he doesn’t really mind how we do in Europe.


    He is unhappy if we lose in Scotland.


    But he hates losing to any form of the team based in Govan.


    I am now working my way to the same position in the lead up to Sunday.


    My wife says I will be punished for it, but it won’t stop me praying for us to thrash them on Sunday.



  12. Celtic have two options on Sunday . We don’t need to win ,(super if we do ), a draw also does us .but they have to win , hence the appointment of Beaton and co . They don’t even try to hide there bias now . We should be able to take care of that mob , but only IF we all turn up , ( a big ask I know ) still with no game on Thursday we should be fresher . And time for a few of our players to visit the wizard of oz for some heart , expect loads of free kicks for nothing ,from the edge of our box , pumping high balls into there big boys , expect mysterious yellow cards or red red red cards for nothing , after all they have been especially picked out to derail us . Could maybe have been a bit different had our suits had the stomach for a fight over Beaton and Ross,s last gigs in a celtic sevco game . Time will tell ,you can do this celtic HH

  13. Jimtim



    A Celtic team will always go out to win.:-)


    Inbuilt since 1888,we might not do it every time,but I would say it’s part of our core your best.wherever we compete.



    Win wi football,the ref thing is there,will always be there,smile and laugh at what it says bout our governing body and the refs.


    It’s reflecting on Scotland,laugh at it Jim and beat it with football.


    Hope your good mate,nae nerves.just know we don’t shy away from work and we got a job to do on Sunday.😊



  14. GG



    Lol £ for £



    The figures don’t add up,just say twas ?20m



    Last accounts talked of £10m needed


    Prior to season end(entitlement’n’nat )



    Michael bill to come poss £10m



    Investment!! Lol


    David kings exit strategy.





  15. AT


    King will sell his shares, pocket the cash and return to Jo’burg to restock his wine cellar.

  16. GG


    Here there’s a story:-)



    Restock the wine cellar



    Hire a painting,get Jum to get wee Jim Whyte to do an interview:-)


    Toxic Dave breaks doon greetin due to world wide ban on him bein Dave king,opening up


    He swore blind itwisnaehim,



    DejavuCsc :-)



  17. Ah! The Lying King leaving, 20 million new investment,new chairman!


    Sounds like season ticket renewal time to me or am I just being cynical?

  18. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    I notice in the Plc Statement in the SFA announcement everything is focused on their investments, as in the importance of protecting players and nothing on supporters wellbeing.

  19. Good morning CQN from an insomniac Garngad



    Regarding investment at the bigotdome, gullibilly’s season ticket renewal time, UEFA registration time and all Sevco have to do is tell the corrupt SFA “look all will be well we have investment coming in” and the corrupt SFA will do their bidding for them.



    More SMSM pish, who would invest in that basket of assests, your due diligence would show about 4 court cases pending ffs.



    Bring on Sunday.



    D. :)

  20. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Italian doctor – Exams, radiology always with the same sentence: bilateral interstitial pneumonia.


    The current case fatality rate in Lombardy has now topped 6%. We know from China (ex Hubei province) that in a functioning health care system the death rate of Covid-19 patients is lower than 1%. It is not the virus that kills more people in Italy, it is an overwhelmed health care system.


    The only way to prevent such a catastrophic development is to spread out the timeline during which the epidemic happens.


    We can do that by lowering the reproductive number of the disease. Under normal circumstance one sick person will infect two, three or even many more healthy ones. We can lower that number by prohibiting large congregations, by isolating infected persons and by good hygiene.


    People who test positive or show symptoms need to be quarantined. Everyone needs to be made aware of the dangers and learn how to avoid them. Washing ones hands helps as soap easily destroys the fatty lipid layer that forms the skin of the virus.


    All countries need to test as many people as possible to isolate positive cases. People who test positive but show no symptoms should not be send home to their families. China has learned that doing that only creates new clusters of cases as all family members are then likely to get sick. Those who develop symptoms must be isolated separately and with access to care. Only the 20% who will develop serious complications should be admitted to dedicated hospitals.



    Are the US heading same way as Italy?


    Despite vows to drastically expand the coronavirus testing regime, federal and state public health authorities have tested only 6,563 people for the coronavirus as of Tuesday (10th) morning, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and numbers provided by all 50 states. Only positive results are reported/counted by labs.



    Oh and one for turkeybhoy


    So last year 37,000 Americans died from the common Flu. It averages between 27,000 and 70,000 per year. Nothing is shut down, life & the economy go on. At this moment there are 546 confirmed cases of CoronaVirus, with 22 deaths.



    So all the expert advice is restrict gatherings and test, the UK and US strategy, issue platitudes and rhetoric but test to monitor numbers so they can estimate the weekly body bag count.

  21. fourstonecoppi on

    A Scottish lottery winner has announced he’ll buy Glasgow Rangers FC.


    The man was not available for comment but his wife told reporters..


    “He’s over the moon and who knows what he would have done if he’d got a fourth number up”

  22. Moonbeamsfc, Gullibilly’sfc, Zombiesfc, Establishmentfc, SFAfc, SMSMfc, Beatonfc, Maddenfc, Rossfc, Salmondfc, durtycheetinbastardfc, masonicfc, orangeorderfc, Derhunfc, Sevcofc.



    There got that aff ma chest.



    Have a good yall.



    D. :)

  23. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Genuine question.



    What is a Sevco share actually worth?



    1p, 2p, 3p ?



    King bought in around 20p?



    So he’ll sell at a loss to help the club he loves?



    Or “Far East” investors – strange, mystical beasts – buy high?




  24. Here’s a novel question regarding COVID-19 that has just come into my head because of what I am currently doing, ie posting on here.


    It is recognised that viruses survive longer on certain surfaces such as stainless steel. Have they done any tests on how long the virus survives on touch screen display equipment?


    You wash your hands for 20+ seconds singing the BOTOB or Come out You B&T’s and the first thing you do is go onto your mobile phone which may be carrying the active pathogen thus negating any personal hygiene measures you may have taken.


    Let’s face it nearly everybody carries a handset these days.


    Cue panic buying of antiseptic screen wipes. 😉

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