Cheltenham, prosecco and the inevitable ban


Spanish authorities confirmed this morning that La Liga will be played behind closed doors for the next two weeks, leaving only Germany and England from Europe’s big five leagues permitting spectators.  Yesterday the Italian government banned all domestic sporting fixtures until 3 April, meaning Serie A games will not take place, even behind closed doors.

Authorities in Germany and the UK will now come under pressure, especially as leagues in Germany and England attract he highest attendances in the world.  The next move is likely to be in Germany, where the confirmed case number is similar to that in Spain and France.

Case numbers in the UK are a quarter those in Germany, France and Spain, there are still only 321 cases here, but if we follow a similar pattern, that figure will be over 1,000 by the weekend, when we can expect non-essential gatherings to be prohibited.  A ban is in the post.

The Cheltenham Festival runs from today until Friday.  The cynic in you might suggest a ban on sporting events will take place after the last of the Prosecco is supped in Gloucestershire.  I hope we do not see the now-annual player photos from the Festival…

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  1. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on







    Finally got the words.



  2. soupy…… that is no all they usually have in their Hans….



    smiley blind to reality thing





  3. Green Pinata



    You did post Ayn Rand quotes though didn’t you? And then didn’t respond when I’d ‘thought’ about it -which was supposedly your reason for putting up the quote in the first place? And can you explain that because it seems like total bullshit to me – posting something which you have no opinion of.



    And you have in the past posted in support of Brexit.



    Soft left? Aye, that is a laugh.

  4. Oh, and to answer your question, I have in the past voted Labour, Green and SNP (helped in my own small way to get rid of Jo Swinson in the last election FWIW).



    I’m assuming you you voted Tory, is that correct?

  5. prestonpans bhoys on

    This guy Bryce on the DR just wanting to type “league null & void” due to corona, you can feel it.



    Sticks in this “we’re in a privileged position on these shores to even consider whether Celtic will be awarded nine in a row or not,” then this “With Celtic 13 points ahead of Rangers in second, potentially 16 by next week, the notion of a play-off to decide the title is extremely far-fetched.” indeed………….

  6. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on




    2 legged playoff with a 4-0 aggregate start???




  7. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    Motherwell and Aberdeen can still catch Rangers…just. Let them all have a playoff first :)




  8. South Of Tunis on

    TEUCHTER AR LA @9.01 pm



    Big thanks for the Lord Tanamo choon !



    Reminded me of student me getting a part time job in a San Francisco choon store. 1971. Owners and most of the customers were smelly hippies . Best things about the job were getting a discount on choons , getting early dibs on newly arrived second hand choons and having access to the shops super duper hi fi ..


    I drove the hippies to distraction with my non hippy choons -one of which was this 1965 gem from Lord Tanamo—



  9. Frankterry,



    You will be aware that I didn’t endorse Ayn Rand.


    I do believe her quote that Communism and Fascism are just different gangs of a totalitarian regime.



    And no I have voted Labour consistently, unlike yourself.


    I have never advocated Brexit, although I respect the will of the majority. That’s called democracy.

  10. South Of Tunis on

    20 degrees / big sun and a clear blue sky -way down south.



    Off oot to get a prescription from my GP . Lockdown means he’ll leave it in a plastic folder outside his surgery .



    Then a walk through ghost town streets to the chemist — customers allowed in one at a time ( as long as you are wearing a mask and gloves ) .



    Choon for the day -before I go –


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