Chill your jets, excuse to fail


Chill your jets.  Far better to win and score five goals in a preseason friendly than to lose, but these games are all about improving fitness, the score is the least important aspect. Notwithstanding that, I’m pleased Teemu Pukki showed some form in front of goal. I don’t think Celtic would stand in his way if he found a potential new employer, but if he remains with us this season, his pace is likely to sit comfortably with the Ronny Deila model.

After missing the bulk of the last two Champions League campaigns through injury and Brazilian diving, news that Scott Brown will miss an extended period as a consequence of his hamstring injury is a blow to club and player.

It could have been worse. Celtic lost Scott for the bulk of last season’s Champions League on 1 October, when they were unable to compensate by tweeking the squad. Expectations are we will be without the player until October and we are only nine days into the transfer window. Lots of time to ensure we are at full strength when the meaty part of the season starts.

Brazil players and Phil Scolari turned up for yesterday’s semifinal wearing Naymar caps in the absence of their star striker. Their Excuse To Fail – emblazoned across their foreheads. Literally!

Add to the mix what can only be described as inappropriately enthusiastic anthem singing, while holding up the no. 10 shirt of, let’s remember, another player, not a fallen war hero, and you have all the ingredients for cloudy and unstructured thinking, instead of focus and awareness.

I don’t doubt this was all well-meaning but it was amateurish naivety. Players should turn up to a stadium with their game plan dominating their minds, not lamenting the loss of their best hope, having been consumed by national pride, one of mankind’s enduring fallacies. The Brazilian FA should immediately sack Roy Hodgson Big Phil.

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If your cycling days are over, they are looking for drivers and stewards… if you’re available.

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  1. I see no sense in selling a player now who has struggled and now finds form.







    You must be sitting on tenterhooks until a new blog comes up.

  3. Geordie Munro on

    Pukki for p.o.t.y.



    As predicted, Silva was a far bigger miss than Neymar was ever gonna be.

  4. tomtheleedstim on

    20/1 for a Germany win minus a two goal start – easy money.



    Absolutely no idea what to expect from Celtic in the qualifiers. Wouldn’t like to back us in any kind of substantial bet – but here’s hoping the players buy into the new model, and quick.

  5. bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers





    Its sad buddy, kids screaming as their fathers dragged away, parents going through rubble as their homes are flatened.



    Seems like alot of protests happening , one in Derry tonight. I think these protests should be happening outside bbc offices demanding fair reporting on whats happening .



    The governements are a disgrace, irish one espcially sickens me but then they allowed their own people in the north to go through some awful times.



    If this was 1936 we would have the international brigades heading for palestine.

  6. “Players should turn up to a stadium with their game plan dominating their minds, not lamenting the loss of their best hope”



    Neymar does not play defense. (And, if he did, diving in his own box would be of little use …)





    A lot of things conspired to Brazil’s doing last night.



    The most important of which is they were nowhere near the dream team of 58,62,66,70,82.



    Not that they could be,of course.



    But last night proved that hey are,quite honestly,pretty damn dreadful.



    No-one expected Brazilian internationals to be that bad.



    And strangely,fifteen years ago,neither did we!





    Not at all,old bean.



    I was at the bar,sat down and flicked the phone on.



    I had to pay for it myself too. I do miss yer company,bud. Race to the bar. Always makes me smile.

  9. Livibhoy


    I think Pukki’s in the shop window. He may struggle to score against decent teams still.



    I’d personally play him in the remaining games and see if he really has turned a corner.


    I want to see Tony Watt as well to see if he’s worth keeping.



    Biton and Henderson were the plus points of last nights game for me. Biton has been out for months and puts in a performance like that… very impressive. I just hope that Ronnie appreciates his ball retention and doesn’t just want fast attacking players in every position.

  10. Travellerbhoy



    Doing well my friend. How’s your Bhoy?


    Looking forward to the new season. Going to take LB Jr to his first match.




  11. Vinibhoy



    So we sell and sign another player who hasn’t had a pre-season and may toil. That makes no sense to me.


    I would keep him for now. Out of the 3 signings he looks the pick of the bunch. Derk is the player we need to punt. Why sell a guy with a decent enough record in the Hoops and keep one who is abysmal? Crazy policy. At least if Pukki doesn’t play we know what he can do if he is needed. Derk offers nothing!




  12. Pukki is our leading goal scorer this season and our leading goal scorer in Europe. If we sell him now we can buy 5 more Pukkis with Wanyama money.



    Teemu wants to leave anyway – I’m hearing rumours he’s unhappy with the way that PL looks at him. He feels undervalued as all PL sees is a curvy pound symbol running around in a skimpy soccer outfit.



    I predict he will be gone during this, his greatest season as a Celt.

  13. Im quite surprised at the comment saying celtic wouldn’t stand in his way, by Paul67


    I would have thought RD would fancy keeping pukki.


    Unless Paul of course, knows things we dont.



    The loss of Scott Brown is hopefully acted on as soon as possible, although we are well covered in this area, (Kayal, Henderson, Johansen, Mulgrew & Biton )

  14. Geordie Munro: “Same wavelength?”



    You, me, a couple million Tims, Columbia Germany, and half the rest of the World. It was a night of mirth and joy, indeed …





    The Guardian and The Independent are reporting it. From what I can see,largely ignored elsewhere.



    Btw,FWIW,it was reported on R2 as well. But only that Israel had intercepted incoming rockets.



    Now,that should stop us all in our tracks.



    Hamas fire rickets into Israel,they retaliate. People,innocent civilians on both sides die.



    Politicians gain kudos for playing tough. On both sides.



    I dunno the answer,bud. But sure as hell it ain’t the current way of doing things.

  16. For a new manager Pukki scores 4 goals in 2 games.



    Why would Ronny not ‘stand in his way’?

  17. Who looks decent in pre-season so far?






    Really? I wouldn’t stand in his way.



    If this is our new managers thoughts I would be concerned.



    If the new gaffer wants to free up his wages for someone else then fair enough but he has stated he won;t buy before the CL group stages IF we make it. Why sell Pukki now? Unless the Bhoy wants away keep playing him.




  18. Geordie Munro on




    First good team they’ve met and it’s goodnight Rio.



    I thought Columbia woulda done it in the previous round had they not froze early on.

  19. Paul67



    Your repeated refusal to apportion blame to Scott Brown for stupidly getting himself sent off against barca reads to me as hackneyed and one eyed.



    Scott Brown kicked neymar on the back after chasing him fifty yards then fouling him. Scott Brown got himself sent off in a fit of stupidity.

  20. Travellerbhoy on

    Sorry for any kids reading this




    The news doesn’t lie






    Posh people


    Smelled nice






    Too much


    To mention


    Tried t






    Is it


    Gonnae be any different


    TV says so


    Doubt it




    Give them a scapegoat


    Blame it on him


    He done it all






    It goes to the very top


    Will you even remember ?


    Remember us


    From the 70 s


    They came


    Posh people


    And foreign


    Paedo ring


    No come backs


    Help me


    Dundee 76 to80




    It wasn’t just posh folk


    I’m sorry for taking over the blog


    Enquiries in Westminster


    I call for enquiries in Dundee and Stirling



    I’m sure over the coming weeks


    We will bla bla bla


    And then a scapegoat


    This goes to the top


    I can assure you


    Demand action everywhere


    Protect our children


    I’ve got 5 myself


    Don’t let them cover it up



  21. bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers



    12:14 on 9 July, 2014





    Yeah those papers always were best of a bad bunch.. Havent saw them but nearly sure the truth is still diluted.



    Admittidly i dont know enough about the history of The comflict but seems hamas are trying to put up some resistence as people can see no other alternative. Im sure its clear to them america, britain and other world powers are standing idly by so what else have they got but to go down fighting ?



    Saw pic last week of the size of the palestine state over the last 30odd years.. Israeli settlers have taken a large part of the land with the back up of their army.



    The bully taunts the brave

  22. Livibhoy


    As I said, I would keep him and see if he has turned the corner, but Ronnie may already have someone else in mind. + Pukki may be one of the few “sellable” fringe players we have .



    As far as Derk goes, get rid. Useless…

  23. tommytwiststommyturns on

    P67 – have to agree fully with gerryguk7’s post above…and it was his 3rd stupid moment in last season’s CL campaign.


    He might have cost us a draw against Barca that night and we lost him for most of the group stage…I would have fined him!



    If you’re going to wear the armband, then act like a leader instead of a petulant youth.




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