Christie and managing your assets


Surely Ryan Christie deserves a season at Celtic to show what he can do?  It was a sound enough idea to buy him and immediately loan him back to Inverness.  He has flourished at Aberdeen, but with only 10 Celtic appearances in what will be three years since joining the club, he has not been given a platform to show what he has.

I get that competition is great for the creative mid spots at Celtic, but our plan should be to develop players into first team regulars, or enhance their value and sell them profitably.  Ryan is doing well enough at Aberdeen to attract interest from the Football League, but with a few medals and perhaps Champions League experience under his belt, he would be a more valuable asset.

Celtic players are worth more than Aberdeen players, just as Manchester City and PSG players are worth more than Celtic’s.  Bring Ryan in for next season, make a decision on his future, or work to enhance his value to the club.

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  1. TRADITIONALIST88 on 22ND MARCH 2018 11:50 AM



    I did see that; it should also be noted that Boyata had 3 or 4 interceptions in the penalty box after Simunovic was sent packing. His second half performance was pretty good!





  2. We offered Ryan an extension to his contract did we not Paul 67 ??



    I’m guessing he will be back in the summer for Brendan and Chris to run the rule over him again.



    Decent player the little I have seen of him but if he does come back he’ll be competing with our “big name ” loan signing CM jr will he not???



    Similar type players no???

  3. I fully agree that Ryan Christie should get his chance at Celtic. He is Aberdeen’s best player. He needs to be given game time at Celtic and not binned after 2 or 3 games. However, the name Jules Christ Kouassi Eboue also comes to mind in that category :-(

  4. traditionalist88 on

    VFR on 22ND MARCH 2018 12:02 PM



    As I say, we need CB’s who make those interceptions without all the other carry on – unforced errors, losing their man, outrageous backpasses.



    These are not isolated incidents. A benefit-risk analysis on Boyata would not show him in a good light.



    Therefore, do the necessary, Celtic.




  5. By gifting Aberdeen and Hibs our surplus midfield players, we are helping them to compete with Sevco which seems like a clever strategy to me.


    Christie is a decent player in a mediocre team. We have a number of similar players who blow hot and cold. What we don’t have other than SB, are a couple of midfield players who cannot be dropped.


    Sinclair, Forest, Bitton, Rogic, Armstrong, McGregor, Roberts, Ntcham, Musonda, Morgan . . .


    Remember the days when our first XI picked itself?

  6. Following Hamiltontim’s request for any info on Ticket Office sale of South and North stand briefs I sent him the following.







    I received the email notification re availability and allocation at about 10.40 on the day of the sale (yesterday – 21/3/18). At first I attempted to buy on line where only F and G were available.



    Being a bit of a unreconstructed teenager that suited me as I prefer the east stand and the company of eejits anyway. However I am not a big enough eejit to pay £1.50 for internet sale AND £7.00 for special delivery.



    Agog (I love that word) at the effrontery of the money grabbing pound of flesh Shylocks, I bounded from my chair and headed for Celtic Park. Fortunately I checked I had everything necessary with me…Keys, Season card, debit card, phone …but then realised that I should probably also get dressed.



    So I removed my Celtic Onesie and Hoopy the huddle slippers and replaced them with more fitting attire for a man of my mature years…white figure hugging jogging tights, a not so slim fit centenary season tap and a pair of green and white flash trainers, all designed to see me safely through the rigours of a lunchtime Bridgeton as the natives arose for another day of practicing their cave-painting or hunting mammoths; also known as ‘on the pull’ in that area.



    Anyway I got in the snaking queue at approx 13.10 and eventually got in the door a mere 90 minutes later. (They might have had a portaloo or a sandwich man or even a juggler….how about a big screen with games keep us occupied….I would also suggest that the car park could have booths where you could get your tickets as a drive-in. I’m full of brilliant ideas)??



    Tickets were on sale for all areas as far as I could tell for a further 10 minutes. At about 14.50pm however, firstly window 7 then window 4 announced ‘East stand only’. Some of the queue murmured threateningly and they were directed to the end window where they would be dealt with individually with the few remaining North Stand (South Stand had completely gone by this stage)or possibly injected with Novichok.



    The camaraderie of the Celtic fans was notable at this stage as those who collapsed on the floor following the incapacitating effect of the drug, were carefully stepped over by those of us not wishing to cause them further distress and also wanting to get to the front of the queue.



    As I approached window 4 at about 15.00, the whisper went around the ticket clerks….”Oh naw, it’s him. He’ll shout at me..I feel ill”.



    But I can still surprise them.



    I waited till I got my ticket before snaring them in further conversation and elicited the following….



    For the South stand they had been given an allocation for the uppermost two blocks nearest the East Stand. They had gone quickly mostly over the phone and the internet. The North Stand had been drained pretty early on but there were still a scattering of individual seats.



    The allocation for the South stand seemed the most obscure and I can only assume that those in the know, corporate, friends of friends etc got most of them. I didn’t get the North Stand spread but going by the speed of sales, I doubt if many were actually made available, although to be fair, there were a max of 10 windows open. In contrast the online ticket sales can probably handle at least a hundred times that. I.e. for every 10 sold at Celtic Park, then 1000 were sold online or phone.



    Anyway as I got my own ticket I just had to mention that when Celtic were founded, the £7.00 delivery charge would have fed a family of 10 for a week.



    As an aside. Not only do I disagree with the £1.10 and £7.00 charges incurred over phone/internet, it also unfairly penalises those whose lives prevent them downing tools and heading to the ticket office. Money is being squeezed from those who live in far flung areas. Celtic and their partners in crime, ticket master I think, are happy to accept the temporary upsurge in adverse comments around the time of the sale as long as the dosh keeps rolling in. This is a subject for the AGM and the Celtic trust which could show the positive impact of fans’ representation and who knows get more people on board for less material grievances and campaigns.



    So that’s my take on things and I’ve attached a picture of my ticket as evidence. (Not here obviously since CQN is photo free and it would be pretty boring sticking a link to a picture of a ticket up….of course it would also identify where I would be sitting and I’m not totally suicidal.)



    Hail Hail






    p.s. I also asked if they happened to have any tickets for the West Stand. The clerk nearly bit.



    p.p.s. I hear that Rangers/Sevco/Newco/Them aren’t really bothered whether they get through or not. After all they will all be wanting to watch the Harry and Meghan show.

  7. Looks like the fire in Sauchiehall Street is in Victoria’s.



    The Beeb reports that a woman on the street said..



    “It started off quite small and all of a sudden it got worse and we saw the flames coming out – it was pretty dramatic.”



    Ah….memories…I remember being a Victorias’ regular and many of the lassies saying the same thing about me!!



    Hail Hail




  8. My pal Tommy wrote this song about a pal of his he met in London and sadly passed away last year.


    He was born in Ireland and stowed away to England before the 2nd world war when he was 14, ended up joining the army just to get fed became an Alcoholic and came out the other side to help others fascinating life in my opinion. ( just in case my link doesn’t work it’s called The dance of life by boldbhoy67) HH

  9. The fire in Glasgow city center is serious.



    Firstly, the smoke contains asbestos. Wind is going north/easterly so keep out of that area in particular.



    BBC is now reporting that The Pavilion is also on fire which may affect the Celtic Musical which is due to start there soon.

  10. Trad88


    ” Dont think my English teacher agreed ”



    Don`t worry, Trad.I expect you knew better than your teacher just as your posts suggest you know better than our Manager.



  11. traditionalist88 on

    HOT SMOKED on 22ND MARCH 2018 1:02 PM



    Still licking your wounds I see!



    Hope that helped.




  12. I don’t agree with the main theme in the article. I know I’m probably going against the grain here ,anyway…



    I miss the days when considering players and their usefulness to Celtic was based on what they could do on the park/add to the team. Footballing success I believe at one time was the main priority.



    Now it seems the majority of our players are just ‘ assets ‘ to be milked for all their financial worth and whatever they bring to the playing side is secondary in importance.This continuing trend is saddening and culminates in some supporters getting excited about interm accounts amongst other ‘financial successes’ we’ve had. For me it’s a strange thing to ‘ celebrate ‘ numbers on a balance sheet.


    I know the money side of things can’t be ignored but it feels like it’s completely taken over .


    Finances are one thing but what’s best for the team should be our focus. IMO that is.


    Turned into a bit of a rant but it’s just how I feel.



    Ps still very excited about the run in and players coming back to fitness. We could be in for a great finish to the season.




  13. cathedral view on

    Had Ryan Christie been with us for this season there’s every chance he’d have had a run in the team given the injuries to key players we’ve suffered.




  14. garygillespieshamstring on




    I like the idea of the business model.



    Some players are certainly assets. Some might say others are liabilities. :)

  15. mike in toronto on




    Like you, I think that the corporate aspect of Celtic is dominating to too large an extent….



    however, on this aspect, I tend to agree with P67 …



    When you look at teams like Chelsea … they buy in so many young players for relatively small amounts, then loan them out and, eventually, sell them off …. often for large profits, and often without the players ever haiving played for the first team …



    it just seems to be part of the business of football nowadays…. and one part that I can accept as legitimate



  16. I’m guessing the same logic that sent Ryan out on loan will apply to him coming back, i.e. what the manager thought was best for him at that time..



    Over to you Ryan if you come back, the few times you did start I’m not sure we saw you at your best..

  17. GGH


    That will be determined in the upcoming but much anticipated asset and liability statement. Watch this space…:)

  18. Regarding Christie…



    There’s still a chance that Robets, Rogic & Armstrong will be away in the summer. He might find an opportunity then.



    Maybe Musonda as well?

  19. BBC now reporting that The Pavillion is not on fire but could suffer from smoke damage.

  20. MIT


    Thanks for the response, always liked your posts.



    I understand where your coming from and I can see the financial benefit in such a model but I think clubs like Chelsea,City etc have become soulless football corporations.


    I hope we don’t follow a model like theirs as it fills the club with players who have zero connection to the club or the fans.




  21. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Really like what I have seen of Ryan at Aberdeen. Very intelligent player also. Much as I like Rogic, if he wanted to move on we have the ideal replacement.

  22. 4 days into an international break and not one single list has been posted.



    This place has changed…

  23. KIPRE wins Red card appeal




    Appeal will be over ruled once SFA realise he is Free to “be a bit rash”


    against Ipox heroes next weekend



    Thumbs up thingy

  24. mike in toronto on




    I would say that our club has little connection to the fans anymore …. it is the fans who have a connection to the club.

  25. I’ve seen glimpses in Christie’s play for us that’s impressed me, namely his ability to spot and play a decisive pass in the final third. Lots of potential there.

  26. MIT


    I agree but I think that’s long been the case. If by club you mean the directors that run it.

  27. Friesdorfer.



    No, A, I am going down by train so that I can still go to Coia`s before the game.



    Trad 88


    Can you explain the` licking of my wounds `comment?




  28. There is a remote possibility, depending on results elsewhere, that we could win the league at Hamilton. I think I might take a wee dauner doon tae Hamilton this Saturday to make a wee investment.


    It would take us to win our next 3 games, sevco to drop 3 points and the sheep to drop 4.



    Sheep v St J. Muthas v sevco. Saturday


    Muthas v Sheep. Tuesday


    Minis v Sheep. sevco v Dundee. Saturday



    We play Ross County, Dundee (Wed) and Accies on the Sunday.

  29. garygillespieshamstring on

    Can someone delete my comment from 13.30 please?



    Didn’t realise the fire was a serious threat.



  30. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    MIKE IN TORONTO on 22ND MARCH 2018 2:09 PM









    I would say that our club has little connection to the fans anymore …. it is the fans who have a connection to the club.







    I would suggest that club boards the world over never had much connection with their fans.


    Ours, at least, have a strong connection with the community, via the Foundation, established by Fergus.



    Also, I believe, apart from the rare exception of KT, players have possible a greater disconnect with fans, even if they are home grown.



    The days of the “fan who got lucky” are virtually over.


    It is now a serious profession and players at the top level have a life style far removed from the Lions and other players from bygone eras.



    The modern top pro is more akin to a film or stage actor.


    We pay to watch their performance and we have our favourites.


    However, they are out of everyday reach and any insight we have of them is via carefully worded sound bites in a media outlet.



    That is just the way of the world today, for good or bad.



    Meanwhile Rash Cipre fights on!