Christie and managing your assets


Surely Ryan Christie deserves a season at Celtic to show what he can do?  It was a sound enough idea to buy him and immediately loan him back to Inverness.  He has flourished at Aberdeen, but with only 10 Celtic appearances in what will be three years since joining the club, he has not been given a platform to show what he has.

I get that competition is great for the creative mid spots at Celtic, but our plan should be to develop players into first team regulars, or enhance their value and sell them profitably.  Ryan is doing well enough at Aberdeen to attract interest from the Football League, but with a few medals and perhaps Champions League experience under his belt, he would be a more valuable asset.

Celtic players are worth more than Aberdeen players, just as Manchester City and PSG players are worth more than Celtic’s.  Bring Ryan in for next season, make a decision on his future, or work to enhance his value to the club.

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  1. evening Weefra…..hope all your ops go well….



    as always regards to the boss



    smiley nursey nursey thing




  2. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on




    Good luck with the op and next season will hopefully be the treble treble! So you will be back just in time:-)







  3. The blog this week has been brilliant and quite inspirational as well as emotional, just like our team. Delaneys Dunky’s story really hit home and had me welling up, then he comes out with one of his one liners that has u smiling again, some ghuy and a St Thomas Aquinas punter like myself.


    Proud to be a Tim



    Proud of CQN



    Hail Hail

  4. Braw



    Ffs I only need one. Lol. How’s you ya rascal. We are as well as can be expected, that tells you a lot. Lol. Hope you are as well as your posts suggest, in other words, brilliant. Great talking again kiddo. :-)))) HH

  5. CRC



    God willing my friend. Hope the family are well. Sooooo looking forward to getting back to the corner. :-)))) HH

  6. What is the Stars on



    In fairness Delaneys story was the start of a lot of good stuff on here.


    Met Delaneys several times In Dublin Lisbon and Glasgow and enjoyed the experience on each occasion. A real nice happy decent guy was my impression each time.


    I was shocked when he told his story.


    But it brought out the best in a lot of people on here.

  7. I am doing awa brawily….aff the beer for lent….so even dafter than normal !!!






    smiley keeping folks aware thing…..



    keep smiling awa pal ,,,







  8. David 66



    The truant officer was at my mum’s door more times than I was actually at St Tams.


    Corpus Christi was my primary

  9. David66 & D66- St Tams aye?



    Reggy teachers names please?



    Your 66 makes you a year ahead of me, must Ken ye!

  10. got a wee family reunion in May so I might extend the Lent thing ….



    need to get a few stones off…..without an OP….



    smiley cannae have the sisters yakking at me thing




  11. AOW



    A lot has happened in my life since then and my memory is not too great.


    I can name some guys I went about with

  12. AOW



    In fact if DD is the Garry I think he is, he stayed across the road from me in Kirkton Ave

  13. ART OF WAR on 22ND MARCH 2018 11:50 PM



    Was 52 last week.



    Teachers I remember, Gormley, Mcgarvey, Mcglynn, Parry, Gilday


    McNamee, Niven, and that old bag Mrs Barry to name a few.

  14. night Weefra….dinae forget to pass my best wishes onto the Boss…



    smiley sooking up thing




  15. D66



    Got caught dogging it a fair few times myself, by the way for all you guys with dirty minds, dogging it meant something else in those days and skying it as well




  16. AOW



    I remember some of those names, who was the teacher that done modern studies and you could get him to talk about motorbikes ab


    Nd Celtic all day

  17. D66



    At corpus I played in the school team with Mick Conroy, Jim Moore,Stephen McGinn,Eddie Ryan,Brian mcGuiness … Any those names ring a bell

  18. three weeks ago he said this …



    “It is perfectly legitimate for the United States to respond to the current ‘necessity’ posed by N. Korea’s nuclear weapons by striking first.”





    smiley maybe this brexit thing winnae happen after all thing




  19. David66- ‘re: Kirkton Ave, same guy.



    Coincidentally I had the end high rise on Kirkton. 22nd floor.



    Funnily enough, I met am old schoolmate and former Celtic player today.



    Pat McGinlay, has his own cleaning company…Spickandspam I think.



    Was good to catch up.



    Welcome bhoys.

  20. DAVID66 on 23RD MARCH 2018 12:05



    Absolutely mhate,


    Mick Conroy made it pro, Jim Moore the cat, Stephen Mcginn who I enjoy a pint with now again, Skin Ryan mad as, and Big Brian the centre half

  21. AOW



    Was it 135 Kirkton ave because I stayed 2 up in that.






    I went about with Jim and Stephen for a few years after we left school.



    Tell him Davie MC was asking for him

  22. AOW



    aye Pat was a Partick Bhoy same as Tosh. Some other good players from Partick like James McLean and Mark Flaherty in my year

  23. I went about with skin when we were weans and my older brother went about with his older brother ziggy I think, when they wher boys but fell away at secondary school..



    I have not seen Delanys (Garry) for years.

  24. David66- the one beside the British Legion. That time for me was a blur. Used to make paper aeroplanes, set them on fire and send them off 22 up. Some bassa broke in before we officially moved in and stole everything, including wallpaper.



    I got them eventually…they stayed on 3rd floor.

  25. DAVID66 on 23RD MARCH 2018 12:25 AM



    Will do mhate, should have added that the cat comes out too for a pint occasionally btw is it davie mac

  26. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Big Packy,



    If you are still around.



    Neither Fulton or Mulroy were Tims, to my knowledge.



    In the 50’s, Glasgow had two famous comedians.


    Lex Mc.Lean and Tommy Morgan.


    Lex played out of the Pacilion, Tommy, the Empire.



    Lex was a Rangers man and Tommy, Celtic.


    Their acts reflected their leanings, but not in the poisonous manner of today.


    Both men were great friends off stage,



    The story going round was that they had a running bet on the results of OF games, with the loser buying the drinks.



    The amount of drinks reflected the score line., e.g 1-0, 0-2, etc.



    Mc.Lean’s was Bols Blue Caracoa and Morgan’s Creme De Menthe.



    This worked out not too bad, until the night of 19th October 1957.