Christie can determine his price


Hampden Park has been the venue for sixteen consecutive wins in cup semis and finals for the Celtic  players ahead of the Scotland Euro 2020 game against Czech Republic there this afternoon.  I know for sure you have memories of great goals at the national stadium by Callum McGregor, James Forrest and Ryan Christie.  Each of them rise to the big occasion.

There is a good chance David Turnbull and Jack Hendry will be involved, as well as former players: David Marshall, Kieran Tierney and Stuart Armstrong, with former Celtic youth Andy Robertson sure to start.  Greg Taylor is with the squad but unlikely to force his way past Tierney and Robertson.

International football is not the same: we are conditioned for disappointment and an early exit, but this generation of Celtic players deserve to compete on the international stage.  In particular, I hope Ryan Christie shines.  He is on his way out the door, all that is to be determined is the price.

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  1. ziggy


    the harry worth window thing is all i recall of PCS used to laugh away,guess it was of the times mid/ late60s.😊




  2. Parkheadcumsalford,



    We need the new PC Lustig and a few others like him – the Scandinavian market is usually good for us. I’m thinking Ange will bring in 1 or even 2 from the Far East that are highly technical in ability.



    Who knows though – whats the script with these transfers after Brexit?






    I used to watch Harry Worth in the late 50s, early 60s.






    i bow to your greater experience.😊


    i remember him doing the half hour slot before sportreel on sat night circa late 60s🖒




  4. AT,



    There is No Doubt that…. Together….. we can have a…..




    Hardcore Uproar!!!!!




    I’d link it (with what I think is a Whitty comment – Do you need to be vaccinated to enter Celtic Park?) but it seems the site isnae quite what it was before.



    So Njoi



    It’s a Banger frae the past.



  5. Well done Sweden, the reward for committed and organised defence. I would take a couple of big centre halves with names ending in -sson. Probably also give that right back Lustig fella a go.

  6. PETEC.,



    Who knows though – whats the script with these transfers after Brexit?




    I don’t think the brexit factor applies for this transfer window at least (not sure about the next). Therefore and thereafter, we need to be more creative and also look to the government to make it easier to acquire players from elsewhere e.g. I think that Portugal have greater access to (certainly Brazil) South American players. We should definitely be able to acquire a good core of players from these shores and nearby Europe with a supplement of quality from elsewhere.

  7. Well,the old saying”Gives Monkey a typewriter long enough,”etc,was well and truly rubbished by Spain tonight.87% possession.Well done Big Mik.

  8. PHILBHOY on 14TH JUNE 2021 10:23 PM




    Czech out how many times the ball hit the net before comparing strawberries to sour grapes.



    Trophies won since Steven Gerrard took over at Sevco :







    Brendan Rodgers 1





    Neil Lennon 5





    Callum Davidson 2





    Steven Gerrard 1







    Fact CSC

  10. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Sell Edouard, bring in Charlie Wyke on a free? Those SBs must be rolling off the shelves eh?



    They really have the fans marked as mugs. Honestly, when are some of you going to face the reality of how much contempt Desmond and Lawwell have for you? So much for McKay bringing a bright new dawn.



    Treat you just like mushrooms and some thank them for it.

  11. Not long back from game.



    2 obvs.



    Wrong formation and personnel.



    2 up front as nothing won in first half to feed off. Slight improvement in 2nd half, with Adams.



    Cowardly from manager. Not set up to win. Set up to try not to lose. Again.



    Robertson off pace. Several times didn’t win ball that he should have owned. No faith in system? Don’t give a fugg, he should have bled. Not a captain.



    Worryingly, manager wasn’t concerned about nature of loss and wasn’t despondent. Therein lies problem. Will England be worried? No. And they are second tier.

  12. JHB on 14TH JUNE 2021 6:35 PM


    Scotland football team will not be the only losers – public health and the hospitality industry in Glasgow will, like the team, be hit for six.







    This is what happens when you have a bunch of Nationalist zealots in charge who ALWAYS put the CAUSE before people. This disgraceful flag-waving & fan-zone drinking propaganda exercise centred on the worst infected post-codes in the country, is, in it’s wilful stupidity, reminiscent of the emptying of the elderly out of hospital wards in the petri-dish care home environment at the start of the pandemic.




    There says ” The CHUMP” who has FAILED to answer my questions since last week in relation to ” FAN ZONES” in his beloved Engerlund ?


    HOW MUCH CASH…Do YOU intend on putting on Engerlund at the Bookies…for ANY game they play in….I will bet that you NEVER put your money where your Big Mouth is ?


    Whats YOUR view on the UNION JACK FLAG WAVERS riots in George Square…NOT once…but Twice ?

  13. Good morning cqn from dry but overcast Garngad



    When can we expect Big Ange to arrive in Alba?



    D :)

  14. Linked with Wykes and Mooy, if true, tells us we’re rebuilding on a shoestring.


    Can’t say I’m impressed with Wykes but Mooy would be a good signing. I’m not too concerned with a players age. There’s a few teams in the Euros that are using “veterans” to good effect

  15. That in fact poses a question. If you could ONLY have one or the other, would you have a team of 30 year olds or a team of 20 year olds?

  16. quadrophenian on

    31003; pleased if Mooy comes across – good dig, nice touch and vision yet lacks pace.



    Think there’s a diff between seeing him as a cheap signing (his Chinese wages as an ex EPL player will be steep) and seeing him as someone available, who AO knows and can persuade to join Ange’s green & gold revolution.



    A: If we’d done the 10; team of 20s


    A: Needing to get access to auto Champs league spot; team of 30s

  17. Wimbledon’s men’s and women’s finals will be played in front of full capacity crowds – the first UK outdoor sporting events to do so since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.



    The tournament, starting on 28 June, will begin with 50% ground capacity.



    That will then rise throughout the tournament before the two finals on the 15,000-capacity Centre Court.



    JHBunioncultgetsitright CSC




    I’d pick a team of 30 year olds.


    I’d try to win money by going further in Euro competitions, possible with a team full of experience.


    However, I think the board would prefer a team of 20 year olds to earn money through transfers, obviously giving up on any possibility of becoming a European force

  19. squire danaher on

    BIG JIMMY on 15TH JUNE 2021 6:45 AM



    I have JHB as the type who would refer to those of us who like a bet, as you might say, as ‘chumps’ despite providing evidence to the contrary.



    Anyway, how you get on against B365? I fear the worst.



    Royal Ascot very poor betting material today I think. 4:20 is a decent race but only bet if day for me is 6:10 Throne Hall, took 10/1 last night and now 7/1



    Look after yourself big guy, don’t let the CHUMPS get tae ye and BE 🍀 LUCKY 🍀 👍

  20. squire danaher on

    31003 on 15TH JUNE 2021 9:19 AM



    I’d try to win money by going further in Euro competitions, possible with a team full of experience.



    However, I think the board would prefer a team of 20 year olds to earn money through transfers, obviously giving up on any possibility of becoming a European force






    The football club now exists to deliver profit to shareholders.

  21. So Wimbledon will get a full capacity for the final, and when the rain inevitably arrives and the roof goes on it then becomes an indoor event. Maybe Pimms , strawberries and cream are some kind of new posh vaccine.







    I know that.



    The question was to fans though


    Not those with only profits on their mind.



    Would progress in Europe equate to the same monies as player sales…..?

  23. Still gutted after yesterday



    far too conservative set up until 66 mins. Missed sitters though. From Celtic POV; Forrest excellent as always, Mcgregor excellent as always, Hendry still has Dunning Kruger (as does McGinn and McTominay)



    the diving from EPL based players (McGinn in particular) annoyed me ; especially when it was obvious that the ref was not up for it



    hey ho, have to beat England now

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  25. scoddland’s finest will now turn on Steve ” Stevie, Steve never Stephen ” Clarke and the rest o’ the hiberno-connected team……………A lack of suitable staunchness will doubtlessly be detected shortly by shortie and a slew of de-fenestrations are likely to follow in short order.



    Billy ” Billy ” Gilmurrrrr to be promoted to the meeja position previously held by Wee Nasty.



    Scotland The Brave?