RYAN CHRISTIE fears for some Scottish clubs who will be left in dire financial straits as an outcome of the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

The Celtic midfielder believes the health concerns of the public are paramount, but with football going into cold storage it will undoubtedly affect teams who require match day cash to keep ticking over.

There is no guarantee when football will resume and the world of sport has been thrown into utter chaos with the virus threatening to take a grip and the money reserves of some clubs will be hit hard. Difficult times lie ahead for a lort of the country’s lower-level outfits.

Former Inverness Caley Thistle prospect Christie, speaking to the Sunday Mail, said: “I said that to one of the boys the other day.

“There are so many teams in Scotland that need the money coming through the gate every weekend to keep the books balanced.

“Again, it is not great. It doesn’t really help many teams in Scotland, but you have to put the decision into perspective.

“You would rather do that than put people’s lives in danger. You have to think of the bigger picture – especially when it comes to something as serious as this.”

Christie added: “All the players have been talking about it. It has been the talk of the building over the last week or two.

“All we can do is leave it to the powers-that-be to make the right decisions.

“If they feel we are safe enough, that should be enough for us to be okay and in the right mind to go out and play.

“I heard Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp’s response when he was asked to speak about the virus. I agree with what he said – that we should only listen to the advice of the experts and pass on their message. We need to leave it to the experts to make decisions.”

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