Christie following the Forrest, McGregor and Tierney path


As you may have noticed, Celtic had a disappointing transfer window.  No doubt as a direct consequence of this, Ryan Christie was not released for the final year of his contract, just as he had been for spells during each of his initial three seasons as a Celtic player.  He made 13 appearances for Celtic and 67 as a player on loan from the club.

Two months after the end of the transfer window and negotiations are underway on a deal to keep the player at the club beyond next year, deservedly so.

I would love to believe this was the plan all along, that we knew Ryan just needed to add those 20kg and he would be ready to be a creative fulcrum, but I suspect he was below radar and this season’s blossoming surprised everyone outside the Christie household.

At 23, the same age as Jack Hendry, he is still young enough to continue developing.  He is two years younger than Callum McGregor, whose fortunes he has linked with in recent weeks.  The prodigious football nations of Eastern Europe do not have the luxury of signing players from even the markets Celtic shop in.  Instead, they develop players like Ryan and Callum into the graduates who eventually travel west for money we cannot afford.

In a different era, Kieran Tierney would have left Celtic without getting sufficient first team opportunities.  Young talent once withered on the vine at Celtic.  Let’s hope Kieran, Callum and Ryan, like James Forrest before them, are part of an onward trend.

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  1. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Alisdair , Darren O’Dea, Stephen McManus , Craig Beattie. . Guys like Paul Caddis, Scott Fox and Scott Cuthbert have made good careers elsewhere



    Over 2000 Leipzig fans heading for Glasgow for the big disco




    I doubt they’ll be singing the same shit I had to listen to in Leipzig. It’s not the Rebel songs I’m talking about it’s the inane, puerile drivel that many of the young away supporters appear to be happy to sing.




  3. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Hmm, “Allegations regarding abuse at Celtic Boys’ Club first emerged in the 1990s. ”, now isn’t it common knowledge Jock threw Torbett out the club? Was never aware of Jock still being there in the 90’s but hey ho you live and learn

  4. The Daily Rectum has 6, thats SIX, different headline stories concerning Torbett today. Wan–ers!

  5. eddieinkirkmichael on

    DILLIGAFBHOY, it’s a high profile case involving one of the top teams in Europe, I for one wouldn’t want it swept under the carpet because it reflects badly on us as a club.



    I wonder why the club chose to omit that some within Celtic Park were aware of his activities prior to the 90’s.




    Jock threw him out in ’74 and the club re-employed him in 78 the story alleges.


    Why this happened I have no idea.

  7. Stairheedrammy on

    The current media frenzy around the Torbett stories and the purposeful linking of them with the club have stirred up the worst elements of the angry mob who seem to have a very distasteful obsession for child abuse, especially if they can link it to anything related to Irishness- the Catholic Church and Celtic FC being their most obvious focal points. I am always worried when someone feels compelled to stoop so low as to use such horrific crimes or such events as “banter”. In my view, it is akin to the Man City fans who refer to their rivals as the “Munichs”

  8. boondock saint on

    Hi Guys,


    I just looked on the BBC website and saw a picture of Kenny Campbell, one of my old teammates back inthe day at Celtic and then took down the picture of our reserve team from 1990/91. My heart goes out to Kenny and the other victims of this horrible person. I knew Jim Torbett from him being around the Boy’s club back inthe 80s, but he was never my coach so I am thankful for that. You are a very brave man Kenny and I hope that you can live the rest of your life in peace and respect.


    God Bless.



  9. Alasdair MacLean on

    CELTIC MAC on7TH NOVEMBER 2018 1:50 PM


    That awkward moment when Paul67 realises it was all down to Terry Butcher….




    Now that was funny!



    Gents, I’m not arguing either. I kow about the local issues…the way the youngsters are treated etc. Led on, banned from.normal playing stuff like the school, then dropped in the bin at 18yo. I think most of the teams are the same.


    Just cheeses me off.


    And correct, who is nominally running this?


    The S(weet)FA.

  10. BSR


    Thanks for the info re Leipzeig`s fans. Now I am even more desperate to beat them.


    I hope Brendan has not given up hope for advancement in the Europa League.




  11. One of the really sad aspect of Torbett`s crimes is that , in Scotland, it is more important to blacken the name of Celtic by association than it is to condemn the perpetrator or to highlight measures that have been taken to prevent any further abuse.




  12. DILLIGAFBHOY-JJ- Yet again, the need for a Press Officer, Brendan was asked about Torbett case,after a statement had been released. Obviously when BR speaks on any subject, it’s magnified x a thousand. A handler is required for the lapdogs. They are more interested in blackening the Club, than sympathizing with victims.

  13. random fitba question.



    see this recent trend , at a corner, placing the ball barely on the very edge of the arc, does anyone think there is any advantage in this whatsoever ?



    and, could the same be done with a penalty, could a player place the ball on the very edge of any part of the spot ?



    whats the rights and wrongs ?

  14. weebobbycollins on

    Dilligaf…point scoring? Tit for tat? If it is in the papers, then it’s not being swept under the carpet…

  15. WBC, nobody’s point scoring. My original point was there are 6 different stories in todays DR dealing with the same subject. Thats because it smears us. There was far less given to the other. Although on FollowFollow they believe the opposite is true.

  16. garygillespieshamstring on

    Which club re-employed him? As far as I know he was never an employee of Celtic.


    Don’t know enough about Celtic Boys Club to know if he was employed by them, but any involvement I had in youth football was always as a volunteer, never an employee.

  17. GGH. They’ve changed it to…


    “Founder Torbett was kicked out when reports about his behaviour emerged in 1974 – but then allowed back in as an “administrator” in 1980.”

  18. In its statement , Celtic obviously felt the need to publicly position itself on these matters which are being written about currently in the newspapers and even used for questioning at press conferences ( I read above ). The club is not shirking its responsibilty and neither should anybody, all our attention should be on the brave people who are opening up about their experiences in order to help them and to help us understand, how did this happen?




    Of course Inverness Caley is in the Ryan Christie story. The lad is from up there, a place where the lochs and glens and rivers are so awesome that you can´t be bothered with an x box. What you want to do every day is defy the elements and play football.



    I have also noticed players more and more putting the ball right on the edge or even out of the the corner circle thing….the linesmen have even stopped intervening. It is just to get that little bit neare to goal, like stealing a yard at a shy.

  19. If people within CFC knew about it at the time but turned a blind eye to it then hell mend them. And that applies to all the other people in all walks of life that have done the same thing. As the Celtic statement says, it is everywhere. Churches, youth clubs, schools, swimming clubs, scouts . . . wherever there are kids there is the danger of sexual abuse.


    Pre-internet, It must have been heartbreakingly challenging for a kid trying to get anyone to believe their story. Now, at least, there is much more awareness of it and there is the possibility to unite with other victims to bring the perpetrators to justice and less chance for the sickos to just move somewhere else and start again.


    How Torbett escaped justice for so long is a damning indictment on our society. How he ever got back into a role with the Boys’ Club when our Club knew about him is a disgrace.

  20. From DanielOConnel18



    We were told Rangers’* EBT-fuelled titles can’t be removed because there’s no mechanism to do it. But it appears there being no mechanism to appeal a yellow card is no barrier to Rangers* appealing a yellow card.

  21. mike in toronto on

    How/why did Sevco get special permission to appeal Candeias’ second yellow? I thought you could not appeal a yellow, even if was a second, which resulted in a sending off. Are they seriously claiming that the ref carded the wrong person?

  22. The club’s comments were well measured and sincere. In the early seventies a prominent PIRA activist was put out of the organisation and told in no uncertain terms what any repeat actions on his part would entail. Well respected, brave, dedicated, but that was the right thing to do.


    Jock Stein would certainly given him short shrift, as he did Corbett.


    The protections at Celtic have been there for a good time now.


    They are working.


    As an aside—priests don’t become peadophiles.


    Peadophiles become priestd.



    This may cast more light on the Torbett affair. Big Jock did get rid of him.






    – – – – — – – –



    I guess things were done differently then but on reading that article, one wonders what Celtic and Jock were thinking in presenting Torbett with an award recognising his services to Celtic Boys’ Club three years after throwing him out. That stinks.


    if the article is correct in stating that Jack McGinn and Kevin Kelly worked with Torbett at his Trophy Centre business years after the abuse allegations were made, and that Celtic had a merchandising contract with Torbett’s business even after he was jailed then it really is a shameful chapter for our Club.

  24. Saint Stivs,



    I knew the man who led the band. I worked beside him when I was a student. As an aside, he told me the walk used to hire his band as they did not have enough musicians of their own!




  25. Re appealing a yellow – I believe this is the second time this season that Sevco have done this.


    Knowing the SFA it is distinctly possible that they have unearthed one of the many ‘may’ or ‘could’ loopholes which pollute the ‘rules’ – paper mache regulations!

  26. YOGIHUGHES on 7TH NOVEMBER 2018 4:37 PM


    Saint Stivs,







    I knew the man who led the band. I worked beside him when I was a student. As an aside, he told me the walk used to hire his band as they did not have enough musicians of their own!













    thats funny, he had to be winding you up, imagine being a tim bandsman and dressing up for the walk.

  27. Sent a wee text to MURDOCHAULDANDHAY today to see he was doing, got this back:


    Not to bad Lenny up & about walking the ward, …Doctors seem happy enough no complications fingers crossed. … HH.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  28. DanielOConnel18



    The SFA’s overturning of Morelos’ red card was their Jumping the Shark moment. As the appeal of Candeas’ second yellow shows, they now think there is no stunt too ridiculous to pull to help Sevco. We’ll accept anything.