Christie following the Forrest, McGregor and Tierney path


As you may have noticed, Celtic had a disappointing transfer window.  No doubt as a direct consequence of this, Ryan Christie was not released for the final year of his contract, just as he had been for spells during each of his initial three seasons as a Celtic player.  He made 13 appearances for Celtic and 67 as a player on loan from the club.

Two months after the end of the transfer window and negotiations are underway on a deal to keep the player at the club beyond next year, deservedly so.

I would love to believe this was the plan all along, that we knew Ryan just needed to add those 20kg and he would be ready to be a creative fulcrum, but I suspect he was below radar and this season’s blossoming surprised everyone outside the Christie household.

At 23, the same age as Jack Hendry, he is still young enough to continue developing.  He is two years younger than Callum McGregor, whose fortunes he has linked with in recent weeks.  The prodigious football nations of Eastern Europe do not have the luxury of signing players from even the markets Celtic shop in.  Instead, they develop players like Ryan and Callum into the graduates who eventually travel west for money we cannot afford.

In a different era, Kieran Tierney would have left Celtic without getting sufficient first team opportunities.  Young talent once withered on the vine at Celtic.  Let’s hope Kieran, Callum and Ryan, like James Forrest before them, are part of an onward trend.

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  1. I’m looking forward to tonight’s match .we are playing the way which gives us a great chance of a result . Scoring goals aplenty , and just as important steady at the back . Our two centre halfs are what we have been calling out for , but unfortunately we won’t have either of them next season , I only hope our scouting network ( if we have one ) is searching high and low for quality replacements , they should take a good look at these two ,and it will give them an idea what to look for .

  2. calleyroadbhoy57 on

    Good morning from a very wet sooside.


    Just read back and see the post i requested be removed is still there. If any moderators are looking in could you please do that for me? Thanks.


    St Stivs, thanks for the reply mhate. You posted a picture in good faith. I had to ask Paul a while back to remove a post regarding the same person. HH


    POG. Doing OK my good friend. Still enjoying reading your posts. I’m fed up saying it, you should be on the stage. You and Matt Stewart.


    Good luck to the Bhoys tonight and be assured of my prayers to all who are going through a tough time just now.


    God bless.


    Off to jury duty now



  3. Our record againat German clubs in European competition reads



    Played 23


    Won 3


    Drew 5


    Lost 15


    For 15


    Against 32



    Leipzig are not one of the top sides currently but neither were Moenchengladbach when they came and they zipped the ball about at a speed that we could not cope with. We are now in better form but so are they.



    There are some signs, however to be optimistic this time. They are still without Timo Werner, and his replacements are not as good. We will have Benkovic available and will field a stronger line up without the lesser tried Gamboa, Kouassi and Morgan featuring from the start. Our odds have come in slightly from 3?1 to just under 3’s and Leipzig are no longer odds on.



    The hope might kill me but I am not feeling as gloomy about this one as I was a few weeks back. We have a fighter’s chance.



    Just bolt the back door and let our talent worry theirs for a change.



    My team





























    Christie can come on to add creativity, once Malumbu has done his job in stifling their moves

  4. Lots of talk about child abuse at celtic boys club. Celtic have made a statement confirming they regret that it happened and have measures in place to reduce risk of that happeneing at celtic football club. despite what people think it was not celtic football club so clearly they cannot allow self to be held accountable. It is up to celtic boys club to act.



    The man who done the crimes should never see the light of day again. Anyone who does that to children should be severely punished. People should be held accountable for their actions. First they must be proven guilty and convicted by the courts.



    Talk of sky securing scotttish football ffs place no, no, no they are a joke

  5. Calleyroadbhoy


    What is that all about? In what way is the photo offensive and who was /is the poster you want banned?


    Confused, Arbroath.



  6. Sevco trying to reach,-write the rules book to look relevant. Did they not learn from breaking the rules on an industrial scale? Apparently not it seems



    Anyway donning my best John Travolta suit to see some Celtic night fever football against the Germans :)



    Put on a show Bhoys

  7. Hot smoked, me too just done offer any viewer satisfaction. scotttish football will just be used as a gap filler with the epl pushed down our throats ffs,




  8. Just seen headline on DR front page- Hunny G-‘we’re ready for Russian racists…..’………jeez,they don’t do irony these guys……

  9. JTT 53


    The first time I heard George Ezra I thought he would become a Superstar.


    As I don`t follow these things, I have to ask.How is he doing?



  10. calleyroadbhoy57 on

    Hot smoked.


    With all due respect mate, you obviously haven’t read my post correctly. At no point did I ask for anyone to be banned.


    I asked if the picture St Stivs posted could be removed. Let’s just say there’s a criminal in the photo and leave it at that, OK.



  11. Calleyroadbhoy57


    Thanks for the clarification. This i the part that I interpreted as a request for someone to be banned:



    `I’ve had to request mention of this person to be removed previously`



    The `mention of ` part must have escaped me :-).


    Sorry about that.




  12. Lawyer on radio today trying to shame celtic into giving him a coin. Moral and Vicarious liability ffs. Vicarious liability is a form of a strict, secondary liability that arises under the common law doctrine of agency, respondeat superior, the responsibility of the superior for the acts of their subordinate or, in a broader sense, the responsibility of any third party that had the “right, ability or duty to control” the activities of a violator.



    Celtic fc allowed Celtic boys club to use intellectual property i.e badge etc… And had a loose agreement regards players coming throught the ranks. I would put my mortgage on no control ever crossing hands between either party. so unless there is clear proof that celtic could hire and fire how can that claim stand??



    Ps the victims should pursue the perp but think the lawyer sees more money if pursuing celtic in hope the media negative press will force handout.

  13. Hugh Bonkle fae Dallas on

    Stephbhoy, totally agree. That particular law firm are no better than ambulance chasers. Clearly there is no chance of getting compensation from the perpetrator so the decision has been made to go after Celtic. I sense an effort to force Celtic to settle out of court because of the bad publicity. I suspect this is because the law firm don’t believe they can win in court.



    It is a crying shame what happened to these men, but Celtic aren’t at fault. The club as far as I know didn’t employ any of the coaches of the boys club and had no oversight of the running of the club.



    Celtic are between a rock and a hard place but agreeing compensation would be tantamount to admitting liability, that would be the worst outcome. Celtic should offer these men any support in terms of counselling they require but should not be compensating for something that isn’t the fault of the club.





    God bless my friend. Our meeting in Lisbon will be in mind tonight at the game. HH

  15. Go tell the Spartim on

    The sole focus on these Torbett crimes should be the victims and reconciling or giving closure to them. It seems clear to me that this Lawyer (trust me they’re not the brightest bunch) is well aware that he has no legal case, hence the rhetoric in the public domain. As pointed out previously this is about trying to shame Celtic into financial payouts.



    How we help these abuse survivors should be personal to them and as a society we should do what we can.

  16. STEPHBHOY on 8TH NOVEMBER 2018 9:43 AM



    It will be a question of whether Celtic owed a duty of care to the victims and whether they breached that duty.



    If Celtic knew that Torbett was a predatory paedophile who used the supposed connection (in the eyes of the victims) between CFC and the boys club to gain access to and control over his victims and allowed that situation to continue then I could understand a court deciding that a duty of care did exist and was breached.



    Worst case scenario here is that Celtic double down on this ‘to protect the institution’.



    It’s a horrible situation, but it has to be faced up to, and the right thing done whatever the consequences.

  17. NORRIEM on 7TH NOVEMBER 2018 5:05 PM



    Thoughts and prayers with your Mum Janet Noel McCabe, your family and friends at this sad time my friend.

  18. Sevvies pyoor ragin’ at no getting their appeal. Smsm even mare ragin.’ emdy would think they’re taking sides



    STEPHBHOY on 8TH NOVEMBER 2018 9:43 AM










    The BBC directly employed Jimmy Saville, Stuart Hall and one or two others. Were they obliged to pay any compensation?

  20. RANGERS have had their appeal for Daniel Candeias’ red card rejected.



    They used to increase bans that wasted everyone’s time