Christie in the city, aid to refugees


Well done to CQN’ers Eddie and Michael who answered the call from Glasgow, the Caring City, last week.  They and a few others loaded 20 tons of clothes (and some soap products) onto the back of a truck, which arrived in Serbian on Monday.  All clothes will be distributed to refugees before Christmas.

20 tons is a big truckload – enough to clothe 12,000 people.  Getting practical help to people in crisis areas of the world is difficult for those of us sitting thousands of miles away, but Glasgow the Caring City make it possible for us to get involved.  Warm weather clothing and personal hygiene products are a staple human right, but as you know, there many families are in flux this winter.

Absolutely delighted we have recalled Ryan Christie, from his loan at Inverness, where he has been since we signed him from them in August.  Walking away from Celtic Park on Saturday, when we failed to create enough chances, thoughts immediately turned to Ryan, a creative mid. I wondered how long it would take for us to ‘recall’ him.

In the coming months he’ll need support as he managed the move away from home and into the metropolis, so give him 10 minutes before starting the online petitions!

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  1. chrisstie is a dud.




    wait and see where ronnie plays him





    sign petition here




  2. JAMESGANG on 23RD DECEMBER 2015 12:42 PM


    GIGGSY on 23RD DECEMBER 2015 10:55 AM





    Interesting debate regarding attendances.















    When writing something else last night I was reminded of a conversation Fergus McCann had with Jack McGinn. It’s quoted on the Celtic Wiki.















    “But the stadium was a tool. We had to have a season-ticket base. Jack McGinn [board member] was saying, “We don’t want season-ticket holders, they are nothing but trouble.” Well, I just couldn’t live with that marketing philosophy at all.The answer is that you have got to fill the park. The average crowd was 28,000 and we built a 60,000- seat stadium. How smart was that? Well, it was the right thing to do.”















    The season ticket base is now there. We have 38,000 – a figure that I would dispute – season ticket holders. Do we fufill the other part? Is the park full? No, and it’s nonsense to quote the average figure. This is distorted.















    Winning Captains mention the other night about we should have built another tier on the main stand. That was just taking Fergus’s view a step further. A bold step.















    The reality is that we are not filling the stadium. We have over 10,000 season ticket holders not bothering to turn up week in and week out. An astonishing figure. On Saturday thousands left well before the end because they knew there was no hope of an equaliser and a winner.















    The club are failing to fill the stadium. They are failing a major business model need. They need to address the reasons for this. Address that and everything else will be in the right place














    Interesting post.





    Before they address the problem they have to identify it. And have the will and means to do either.







    BT mentioned folk on their phones during Saturday’s game. That is the perfect metaphor for the atmosphere all too often.







    No champions league thrill. No Europa league kinda thrill. No existential battle for survival in our city against the FOD.







    Replaced with no euro fare till next summer. And an insidious but dull battle waged against us by MIBs and hammer throwers.







    I see the contrast when I play the wee mhan the old Tic goals of 10-15 years ago.







    What to do? Am I seriously conflicted? Do I secretly or subconsciously long for the return of the old firm?







    No. I want the FOD gone forever if possible, though I fear it won’t be so.







    But into that void we as a club had to /have to create a new purpose or develop the one we have. The one that is ‘more than a club’.







    Absolutely understand and respect auldheid’s comments on why CFC hierarchy have to be careful ref Res12 and related legal issues.







    But that neither explains nor will ever exonerate the ‘sit down and behave yourselves’ ethos that seems to emanate from the board and principal shareholder.







    The Kano Foundation maintains my Faith in CFC. So do the food collections. The Foundation. Wee Jay. Oscar. The Celtic Trust. And quite often the Green Brigade. These groups shouldn’t have to lead the way. Right now it feels like they’re all we’ve got.







    HH jamesgang



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/in-defence-of-the-4-2-3-1/comment-page-10/#comment-2742326

  3. Is Ryan not carrying an injury?


    If not he should be – imagine appearing at CP match fit, how unconventional :-)

  4. Ryan Christie has had the **** kicked out of him since signing for us. So he may us well have the **** kicked out of him while wearing the Hoops!



    I really like this kid. I’d never have loaned him back.



    HH jamesgang

  5. “Walking away from Celtic Park on Saturday, when we failed to create enough chances, thoughts immediately turned to Ryan, a creative mid.”



    Will we play him on the wing then ;)



    Just kidding…

  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Glad to see Ryan Christie coming in. Definitely one for the future and hopefully even the present! Good creative player who can chip in with a goal or two.


    Anyone know the status with his injury?

  7. Oldtim



    I had a dream the other night.


    Looked in the window of a pub and you were at the table surrounded by bevvy and pals like a young Fenian marlon Brando!!!



    Or just another day in the BV really!!!



    HH jamesgang

  8. Looking forward to seeing Ryan Christie in the hoops. Firstly he needs to get fit, then he’ll need to do his shift on the left wing before we get to see him at his best.

  9. Neganon2



    On being in denial.



    You cannot let go can you?



     My experience of dealing with Celtic does not reflect the picture you paint.



     They have been cooperative and helpful on a number of matters from Res12 to the OST to the Supporters Forum.



      On Res12 when things have not gone the way I would have liked or as fast as I would want, the reasons, as the other shareholders reps could confirm, have been – well reasonable. Delays have been caused by logistics and not unwillingness.



     The OST was a breeze and implemented in short time because it had a close fit with the Foundation ethos.



     The Supporters Forum has its problems in representational terms and need for privacy (caused btw by the very thing you rightly complain of, which is the nature of Scottish society) but at least Celtic were listening to points being made about improving communication and the SLO created a mechanism to improve it.



     So I am not in denial, I just don’t recognise the picture you paint for its not my experience and I can no more deny that than you can deny yours.



     Now there might be reasons why our experience is different and mine has been more positive than yours might have been. Only you know your experience and what contributed to it.



    What I find in life is that WYSIWYG – what you see is what you get.



    Well that’s my experience and I like to share it but have no intention in doing so in challenging or denying your experience.



     But please, because I don’t want to bore the blog, stop making reference to me with unfounded claims.



     I sing my song, I dance my dance, but according to an Arab saying ” the nature of rain is the same, but it makes thorns grow in the marshes and flowers in the gardens”



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/in-defence-of-the-4-2-3-1/comment-page-10/#comment-2742332

  10. Davidopoulos



    When we get that fan representation on the board.


    Do you think that if I get a haircut and put a suit on, I might be voted in:)


    I would immediately ban sevco from Celtic Park.


    Now…That’s radical:)




  11. Very excited at the prospect of Ryan Christie in the Hoops.


    Hope he makes his debut in the Glasgow Derby on 2nd January.

  12. STARRY PLOUGH on 23RD DECEMBER 2015 12:56 PM


    Any sign of Scepovic coming back?



    A far better option than Ciftci or Cole but still not good enough. Would hope we will be signing a new striker in January, preferably one that scores now and again.

  13. SP



    I hope Stefan Scepovic returns next week. I have watched every game he has played for Getafe and have liked what I have seen.

  14. Gary67



    I always thought he had a football brain, maybe not what we’re looking for at CP:))



    With a passer in the midfield he could work out in my very humble fitbaw opinion!

  15. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    stop being so searious ;-)




  16. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    When I was teaching, I learned quickly not to flog any dead horses. That left me more energy to pursue other tasks. I would recommend the same course of action for your good self. One polite reply then concentrate on the excellent work you and others are doing in trying to to improve matters in Scottish Football,




  17. Starry Plough



    I thought the problem was he didn’t really want to be at Celtic. He knocked us back to stay in Spain only to sign at last minute of transfer deadline when his Spanish transfer fell through. With the likes of Allan and now Christie then he possibly would do better if he came back, but does he want to?

  18. I like Ryan Christie.I am just wondering what use will be made of him when fit.We really need a creative player,and a proper holding midfielder.At the moment we have a creative midfield player sitting on the bench,and when he gets the odd subs appearance,is stuck out wide.He has impressed when featuring,but still has not made a SPL

  19. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    …But currently your a bit tongue tide ?




  20. Stokesy disnae like the wee huns.


    Let him get tore in.


    Hat-Trick and a fly two fingers to the bigot Hearts mob when the ref isnae looking:)