Christie reward, don’t make eye contact


Brendan Rodgers would be happy to have given pretty much his entire first team squad a run-out yesterday. I’d expect a similar usage of the squad in Ljubljana on Wednesday but Saturday’s game against Maribor.

There’s seldom anything more than fitness to take from these games but when a young player scored what proves to be a winner, it’s likely to matter more. Ryan Christie looked stressed at the end of last season when five Celtic players scored before he – when playing as striker – got on the scoresheet. Yesterday’s win against Sturm Graz will count for Ryan.

So Bayer Leverkusen are after Efe Ambrose. Not surprised at that one. Surprise isn’t an appropriate word, not at all. Everyone just look at your shoes, don’t make eye contact, poker faces, please.


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    The USA!!!!









    If Efe leaves,I hope he becomes the player we all believe he can be,rather than the shellshocked shambles he has become with us over the last two years or so.



    Good luck in the future,Efetobore.

  3. Even whe Efe made a mistake. (Who hasn’t) he never hid and gave it hia all. If he goes, good luck Efe, I for one hope he stays.

  4. A wee bit unkind to Efe, Paul.


    Maybe you are up too early.


    It’s too early in pre season to make judgements on players, the manager or likely tactics or formations.


    Fireworks yesterday for Iceland.


    Fireworks tonight to celebrate the 240th birthday of the USA.


    Up the rebels.

  5. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    ‘GG on 4TH JULY 2016 5:37 AM


    And good luck to Andy later today.



    I hope his wean isn’t disturbing his sleep.





    The wean at hame.


    Or the wean he`s playing ?

  6. Hola friends from repetitively scorchio Xavia. Only a couple more days in paradise. And a wee morning run whilst Mrs Baldie sleeps….



    I would genuinely be sorry to see Efe go. Never a first pick but never hid.

  7. 50 shades of green on

    Morning folks.



    Think most Celtic fans would agree that whilst EFE seems like a decent sort of guy that it was in his (and our healths) best interests to move on. Also happen to believe that most of those same Celtic fans never thought we would get a half decent fee for him.



    I would have just been happy never having to see him in the hoops again.

  8. Morning all from a decidedly non-scorchio South Ayrshire coast.



    Decent performance yesterday from the team in Austria.




  9. All players make mistakes Efe’s just so happen to result in goals. He’s been incredibly unlucky on that score but like others have said he’s never hid. Efe with fewer mistakes is a terrific talent & probably our best CB. I was hoping Rodgers would have created more protection for him but if a suitable offer comes then he’ll go with my best wishes & thanks.



    Top bloke, Top Bhoy…. Hail Hail Efe!

  10. kevinlasvegas on

    Morning Bhoys. Nice surprise Paul. Good luck Efe. No harm to him but he makes me nervous, Good money if true.



    Brendan going about his business quietly. Magic!



    Hail Hail!!!!!!!!!




  11. I for one will be happy to see the back of Commons. Great player that he was 2 seasons ago, his antics last season were a disgrace and the last thing Brendan needs is a dressing room splitter in the ranks.

  12. prestonpans bhoys on

    Efe is certainly a conundrum however what surprised me is that he’s a long throw specialist for his country. Never used as such for us.

  13. As one of Efe’s fans, I wish him all the best. Always given his all for the jersey, not something that can be said of every Celtic player.



    By the way, it looks like we have had our summer here in North Ayrshire.

  14. Run done. Getting to old for this. Now time to raise a glass to the departing Efe




  15. Some personal views re Efe:



    1) He is a talented player;


    2) He made mistakes;


    3)His mistakes were costly;


    4) Many in the crowd grew nervous when Efe was involved;


    5) Efe grew more nervous;


    6) The crowd grew more nervous;


    7) Efe showed character and produced some excellent displays;


    8) Even then, the crowd were waiting for the next mistake;


    9)The MSSM encouraged the ` bombscare Ambrose` label;


    10) The crowd would really loved Efe to become a success;


    11) That looks unlikely now;


    12) If he goes, we will be less worried (?) but will miss him.





    PS The (?) is because Celtic supporters NEED to be worried. It is in our genes 0:-)

  16. The Battered Bunnet on

    Big shout out to Hobo from up the coast.



    Been away in the hills for a week. Have I missed anything?



    Gone from 14000 feet up in the Atlas mountains, to a boat on the Med. From altitude sickness to sea sickness in 48 hours.



    You might call it rock and roll.





    I think 9,10,11 are your most salient points.





    Rock and roll,very good.

  19. timmy7_noted on

    Efe always gave 100% but its better for all concerned that he moves on. He was unfortunate in that almost every time he made a mistake we were punished, good luck for the future but time to go.



    Forecast for Valencia today, dry, sunny and 31c…………..nice :-)

  20. Good luck to our very own Billy Ocean…………………..



    He did his best!




  21. Auld Tam


    I’d be very surprised if Brendan tolerated any unrest in his dressing room.


    I think it was a definite weakness in RD’s make up that allowed it.



    I think Brendan’s comments that alluded to Kris having to up his game in respect of work rate has set the tone.



    Shape up or ship out.



    From a personal point of view I’d like to think Kris can perform the type of role BR wants. Not sure though that Kris will see himself in a harrying hustling type of role.



    Time will tell for sure. A very short passage of time as well I’d imagine.

  22. Hunderbirds are Gone on




    You stole petec’s Podium ;)




  23. Hot smoked…………



    Good points……….



    Re the worryin’ bit……………imo there is probably something in our collective make-up that gives us this disposition – mibbes because we’ve always known the game in scoddland was bent……and injustice has always been just a whistle away….


    ……….the Sleekits know it tae and play it up…….the media being the most able and most sleekit


    …………… rabble / rebel-rouser in this regard.










    Mindfulness CSC

  24. Players, good, bad or ugly, move to other clubs all the time.



    Efe won’t be the first or the last, whether he hid or didny.



    Have we signed a replacement yet?

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