Christie transfer breaking all Celtic moulds


Celtic’s £500k signing on Inverness attacking midfield player, Ryan Christie (20) is unlike any I have known. The player will remain on loan at Inverness for the rest of the season, a nod to the fact that the Highlanders have been good for his development and first team opportunities would be more limited at Celtic.

He’s a talented player who fits the criteria and we have the money available to bring him in. There’s something of a crop around the same age being acquired. More on this at a later date.

Welcome to Celtic, Ryan.

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  1. Celtic will have a list of targets.



    Ronnys part (if he has any say) is done.



    Pushing deals over the line is not his job.



    I woulda thought everyone knew that.

  2. Twice in a day. I’d like to thank my family, my coaches and most of all Paul67 for making this opportunity possible.

  3. BSR


    The same poster who told us about the Lenny spat with the great moustachioed one, said that Lenny wanted to keep him, and he wanted to stay, I believe him :-)








    Another myth, we give players a platform to riches, why wouldn’t they want to come.


    And I have a firm grip on reality btw.




    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/the-measure-of-virgil-van-dijk/comment-page-3/#comment-2669108

  4. 50 shades of green on




    Lots of articles today, should you not be heading to a candle lit dinner with Mrs B :-)



    Happy Anniversary to you both.

  5. I hope this is pish


    “@TurdsonNews: Celtic are “between 50 and 60% confident” of signing Jozo Simunovic. With Van Dijk away that doesn’t sound good for Celtic fans.”



    Sing a striker.



    I dont know that one HT, but if you give me a couple of notes i’m sure i could join in -))

  7. Red and yellow and pink and green,


    Purple and orange and blue,


    I can sing a striker,


    Sing a striker,


    Sing a striker too!

  8. Strikers who have handed in transfer requests & may find themselves alienated by their clubs upon closure of English transfer window – Saido Berahino & Jonathan Walters

  9. hamiltontim



    Turns out I’m just as bad at spelling as you are!


    Blame the schools so ah do.

  10. Your havin' a laff on

    Simunovic will definitely sign. Have faith. The player himself posted on twitter yesterday saying delighted to have completed medical and just needs to organise the paperwork. No panic required…..



    I’m more interested in any news concerning a striker. Any word on this P67? Is the club going to pull off a masterstroke at the last minute? My guess is we’re waiting on the EPL transfer window closing.

  11. Young Christie might be back before January. Either as centre half or centre forward!






    HH jamesgang

  12. Mickey Mouse again – selling VVD with the replacement at risk – only decent young defender sent out on loan – another guidetti case?

  13. TET



    Oh well that’s the ole insider info for you ;-) never heard that one



    No star players come to Celtic and hope to retire their career at Celtic in SP Hell.



    Even Mo ( the bounce ) Bangura got of the plane and told The Daily Thugs and Thieves he was using Celtic for a while as a stepping stone, to the EPL.



    Bless him csc



    p.s. I’d poo poo TurdsonNews he’s fake.

  14. Transfer deadline day is podium-chasers’ paradise.



    By the way, what superstars have the Huns signed/jetted-in/scooped/swooped/pipped/snatched/snapped-up with dodgy Dave’s millions of over-investment?



    …tumbleweeds roll gently across the Govan wasteland…

  15. I heard he was dead on

    Celtic Transfer talk ‏@CelticTransfer1 10m10 minutes ago


    Celtic are to wait till the English window is shut, they will then enquire about players then, I understand.



    Sounds about right.



    Get that Croatian defender done first Celtic.



    You’ll get a few needing a move after that.

  16. Need that CB signed up dont know why the delay – thought we had medical and personal terms agreed?



    Concerning that we already have a press conference for Christie at 6pm, that mean we arent doing anymore? Or just he needs to get back to Scotland U21 duty?







  17. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Good luck to VVD. Good business by the Board. However, another underwhelming window, which like most of the others under Lawwell’s reign fails his own test of coming out of it stronger. He’s a marketing man to his core, but the substance betrays the spin. Results don’t lie and ours are getting worse year on year. If this Croatian boy doesn’t sign tonight I would class this as a calamitous window. Having already failed, epically, catastrophically, against Malmo, we sell our best player. So far, so predictable. But to then do nothing about your key areas of weakness? That would be the calamity. As things stand we have a weak defence (this Man U lad might be brilliant, but how would we know at this moment?), a relatively strong (for Scotland, if not for Europe) midfield, and a very weak attack (Griff is decent, Ciftci is abysmal, Stokes is moderate). Increasingly it looks like the Great Peter’s plan is to get bums on seats by building a time indistinguishable from Aberdeen’s so there’s a genuine title race again. Well, if we lose to the Dons in a couple of weeks, on the back of Malmo and a dispiriting transfer window, it really will be squeaky bum time. Hope this Croat boy signs and he’s the real deal.




    I wasn’t aware it was as many as that.



    6 hours left to come out the window stronger than we went in?



    Got a sneaky feeling we’ll loan Aiden & Fletcher to appease the fans.

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