Ciftci’s industry, the great Czechoslovakia


BBC’s Jim Spence reports this morning that Dundee United have rejected a £900k bid from Celtic for striker Nadir Ciftci (23), as Ronny Deila continues his quest to recreate the all-conquering (cough) Dundee United team of 2014.

While Ciftci is clearly talented, this is an unexpected move.  He can hold the ball up and bring others into play but he never struck me as having Ronny Deila-type industry.  Not that he would be the first convert to perpetual motion.

With John Guidetti away and Stefan Scepovic yet to stake a claim, we’ve space for a couple of strikers.  It would be good to have at least one before the qualifiers.

Dukla Prague are one of those teams who my generation grew up hearing about.  They were one of the finest teams in Europe, with one of the world’s top players, Josef Masopust, who sadly died yesterday.  Masopust won the Ballon d’Or in 1962, after leading the great Czechoslovakia to the World Cup final that year, which they lost to Brazil.

He faced Celtic with Dukla in the semi-final of the European Cup in 1967, losing only once in the competition, at Celtic Park.  Czech football retains the potential to create great teams, but, denied access to TV deals available in neighbouring parts of the EU, they have been robbed of the ability to achieve meritocratic progression.

The passing of Masopust is a chance to celebrate a great player and team, and to regret what appears forever lost because of television.

Enjoying Phil MacGiollaBhain’s work with the Belfast Telegraph, laid bare in his blog of yesterday.  He includes scanned letters from the newspaper’s editor who regards it as “outrageous to suggest that I, or the Belfast Telegraph, would operate a blacklist of any form”, including one which includes Phil, despite how popular such a move would be in places.

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    I bow to your superior broadband-well done,mate!

  2. bournesouprecipe on

    Kris Commons is now a ‘hapless hoops star ‘ according to SMSM



    They are hurting a lot more than his big toe CSC

  3. Dontbrattbakkinanger


    11:39 on


    30 June, 2015


    Proudbhoy- we had a good meal in a Chinese/noodle place.



    Can’t remember the name, looks onto a statue of a horse/bull/camel?




    A statue with a mane, horns and a hump??





    I think I would rather have a hapless player than a hapless hopeless potless glib and shameless liar.

  5. I’d be a happier bunny if we were a bit more ambitious with regards signings, but in all honesty if we keep Virgil then I would think this is positive.


    Still fancy Schalke,s Leroy Sane and think we could just about afford him and I’m sure with guaranteed CL football it would not need to be a hard sell to land him.




  6. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on




    11:12 on 30 June, 2015



    Understood……no need to worry, though……..we could have been born current bhuns…..now, THAT’s a WORRY … hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  7. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    Green man



    No problem, sir……wouldn’t’ be much of a blog if we all agreed, all of the time ….. :)

  8. The Green Man on




    Where is Dave King’s massive financial contribution to sevco then?


    Cracking signings Warbers is making.


    The most gullible fans in the world.


    Cant wait till the boos ring out at ipox once again.



    Hail Hail





    Ah,you never forget your first time!



    GOLD COAST TOM-as was-was the first to congratulate me on my achievement. I know I’ve been a tad harsh on him lately-not all of it deserved!-but I didn’t think he would throw in the towel.



    Anyway,Tom-if yer lurking,get yer bahookie back on here. There’s a good BHOY…

  10. BMCUW



    If Aiden were to do as you hoped – at 30 he still fails the ‘sell-on’ value test!



    Outwith Broonie – no player is going to get a £3-4M wage package unless he has been ‘unearthed’ and has attracted the attention of the EPL. Signed at a reasonable fee and wage – developed and contract renegotiated (e.g. VW/FF/VvD) for selling purposes.



    SJ/NB/SA/GMS are already in the ‘system’ – if they continue to progress they will be the ones to benefit from a £3-4M type package (pre-selling) not Aiden.



    Meantime the Scouting Team will be up Wanlockhead looking to unearth another nugget or trawling YouTube for the next project!

  11. Apparently DUtd are serious about keeping cifti and going on Paul67’s previous claim, our interest has also ended as it’s become public knowledge, or is Spence making up story’s to try and increase cifti’s value.

  12. Dave is keeping his MASSIVE warchest until next season when Rangers will be in the top flight. Warbs will get them there first time, he knows the players he`s bringing in.


    Gullible fans? Kevjungle tends to tell everyone who the gullible fans are!

  13. Like others, I’m not impressed with Cifti, he has shown ability in spurts, but as Paul says he tends to be workshy.



    Not one for me and our money could be better spent elsewhere, but hey!



    I’m not the manager, so who knows

  14. bournesouprecipe on

    Celtic have announced that’ll they’ll no longer be using YouYaChoob for the ole scouting porpoises.

  15. The Green Man on




    Celtic do many wonderful things, which im proud of.


    However, player recruitment is not one of their strong points.


    The recent transfer shenanigans are atrocious…scandalous waste.


    I reckon I should be on the board….I mean how difficult can that job be:)





  16. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    Cifti has had a bad attitude in games against us,there’s no way I’d sign him and he’s no up to much either.

  17. Billybear,


    How do you rate your chances in the Petrofac challenge this third year of entering, or are you having a laugh ?


    Petrofac cup, yer havin a laugh


    Petrofac cup, yer havin a laugh

  18. NEWS


































    Partick Thistle









    Other Football









    Other Sports


    Rangers close in on Lang and Foderingham as Warburton strengthens his squad




    Another pearler of a headline from the Times.


    I mean,c’mon,”Strengthens his squad”?.The SMSM

  19. The Green Man on




    Billy, you are living in a fantasy of your own making.


    If you really believe such nonsense….more fool you.


    Rangers are gone….Sevco will follow follow.


    See what I done there:)


    Hail Hail

  20. For me, Ciftci’s one o those elbows n’ erse centre forwards that you used to hate playing against.



    You know the type – overweight, immobile but highly likely to put the ba in the pokey anytime the ball did reach them.



    Canny see how he fit’s into (what we’re led to believe) is RD’s vision for a better, fitter team.



    Still waht do I know………….answers on a postcard to.

  21. Celtic generally keep cash transfers under wraps until they are almost done…so I don’t see Celtic putting this bid out in the open….Dundee Utd will want to stoke up a bit more interest though. While I hope Celtic are only making a low bid which they know will be refused in order to put more pressure onto another main target to show we have more than one iron in the fire……at least that’s what I am hoping is happening.



    Cifti…..surely we could do better

  22. Reading all of this morning’s comments, if you replace the name Ciftci with the name Griffiths and we have moved back in time by 18 months.


    Most would now agree that that move has turned out quite well, certainly a lot better than the collection of £2m duds we have signed in recent years.

  23. foghorn leghorn on

    sad to read about the tragic end of the great Kauto Star, and legend.






    i would put Aiden in a similar vein to Naka in the following way



    much of the time scottish games are pretty turgid, including ones celtic play in, especially away from home, but at least those 2 didnt make controlling a football look like they were being asked to do keepy-uppies bare-footed with a broken bottle



    they would do one or two things per game that no-one else on the park was capable of doing, which would at least bring a smile to your face – it might not have lead to a goal most of the time but at least it reminded you that the game is allowed to contain some skill in it, a fact often lost up here



    but im not for having any player back so that would be my only reason for not wanting his return, but in a footballing sense i would have him in a minute

  24. Paul67



    I saw Masopust in 1967 at CP and also in 1961 in a WC qualifier at Hampden.



    Here is a You Tube video of Dennis Law scoring the winner in a 3-2 victory in a great game.






    The result meant a play off with the Czechs which they won 4-2 to win the right to go to Chile and reach the WC final.



    This shows how far Scottish and Czech football has fallen since 1961.

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