cinch merely the fodder in war against SPFL chiefs


The business model of the SPFL’s new sponsor, cinch, is to sell cars directly to the public, cutting out the dealer network.  Newco’s chairman owns a large car dealership which sponsors Newco (although it is not a shirt sponsor).

Newco have refused to comply with the SPFL contract by adding the cinch logo to players’ sleeves and elsewhere.  They claim compliance would break an existing commercial deal, presumably with their own chairman, but have refused to provide evidence of any existing deal to the league.

League and club sponsors often conflict.  While the SPFL was sponsored by Ladbrokes, Celtic had Dafabet blazoned across their chest and Newco had their own gambling partner.  Newco’s position appears to be that any club with a pre-existing agreement with any one of its partners can veto a league sponsorship deal. Quite a thing, with 42 clubs, some of which have 20 commercial sponsorship partners.

It is always possible that the SPFL’s rules are poorly drafted on such matters, the SFA were able to exploit what appeared to be a clear rule before, but the League have examined their position and have escalated the issue.  Yesterday, chairman Murdoch MacLennan wrote to all 42 clubs, stated the league’s position and informed clubs he had referred the matter to the SFA’s arbitration process.

If you think this all seems a bit contrived, you are not alone.  Why stand and fight on such a puny hill?  Newco are not the private fiefdom of their chairman, he is not Cnut (be careful), able to turn the tide against cinch, so why antagonise every non-compliant club in the league?

Newco want rid of MacLennan and especially SPFL chief exect Neil Doncaster.  Neither will do their bidding.  If the club can find a contractual oversight, it gives them grounds to call for their resignations, again.

There are other mattes at play; step forward Malmo manager, Jon Dahl Tomasson, who yesterday alluded to the matter we discussed in our State of the Club blog 10 days ago.  Newco need Champions League money more acutely than oxygen itself.  Should the wheels come off the white charger tonight, you can expect conflicts on every corner.

I never get what is it about people who think they are too special to follow rules.  There is a want about them.  Are we going to see pyros from the Newco directors’ box next?  Seems logical.  Fight The Man, even if The Man is just a salaried someone, responsible for converting advice or strategy onto structure.

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  1. the loyalty of the rangers support is awesome, there must have been at least 8,000 still in the park at the end of the match to boo the team off the park.

  2. BRB



    You could tell me at the next HOOT.



    28th of this month.



    Details to follow!

  3. PHILBHOY on 11TH AUGUST 2021 11:58 AM


    Craigan is a lying cheating hurting hun like the rest of them









    his changing commentary from a halftime “on the cusp of greatness” to an injury time “resigned to failure”



    was brilliant,



    beaten only by Boyds tears on sky.

  4. SAINT STIVS on 11TH AUGUST 2021 11:59 AM


    the loyalty of the rangers support is awesome, there must have been at least 8,000 still in the park at the end of the match to boo the team off the park.






    And just imagine how many of them would have bought season books this year if they hadn’t won the league last season, and what that would have meant for their financial stability.

  5. Tom McLaughlin on

    Josip Juranović – 25 year-old Legia Warsaw Croatian right-back is on his way to Celtic after Legia’s exit from the Champions League last night.

  6. bigrailroadblues on

    Phil, always up for a drink and chat young fella. Retirement is great. Apart from last season. 😡

  7. lets all do the huddle on

    still cant get over the news this morning – that there was actually a restaurant in Airdrie???










    Re the sending off-



    He said repeatedly “it was a reckless challenge”!



    By whom?

  9. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 11TH AUGUST 2021 11:52 AM


    You might be advised to let others be the judge of that.



    Not that it’s relevant. It’s more the idea that anyone might have the temerity to even consider disagreeing with you or challenging you that seems to set you off.



    Normally an indication of an egg shell personality and deep seated insecurity.

  10. Delighted with last night.



    My only concern (echoing comments from other posters) is that we now think our issues are less acute.



    We were brilliant against Dundee and the signs of progress under Ange are clear to see.



    Still, we likely have AZ in the next round. They will be the best team we have faced to date. Defeat to them would not make us look clever.



    We need to try and be the best team we can possibly be. That means getting in two full backs, a CB, a left winger and a striker.



    No more pegging our approach to where Sevco sit. Hopefully our board have learned their lesson…hopefully.



    SAINT STIVS @ 9:24 AM














    “When I called you last night from Glasgow”





















    This theme has many possibilities.







    “Waterloo. Finally facing my Waterloo”














    “(Nae) Money, Money, Money”







    “Does your auditor know?”







    “Thank you for the Champions League music”






    My personal fav



    “Owing me..Owing you…haha

  12. SAINT STIVS on 11TH AUGUST 2021 12:01 PM



    The highlight from the commentary had to be the comment about Hail Mary crosses.



    That must have sent some of them over the edge.

  13. Still cannot get tickets for the Hearts game. Agggghhh



    I’m trying to call ticket office now and keeping getting passed about robots/recorded messages. press this and press that…we are sorry we are busy.



    D :)

  14. DREW1967 on 11TH AUGUST 2021 12:08 PM



    Stolen from Twitter



    Does your Malmö know that you’re out?

  15. “This is going to have huge financial implications for Rangers,” former Ibrox defender Richard Foster said on Sportsound. “We constantly hear how much debt they are in and how much it’s costing per season. They need to sell players.



    “Losing their biggest assets weakens them dramatically. It’s going to be a difficult time. I imagine there’s going to be a fair bit of movement because they probably can’t afford to get through the season without the Champions League money.”

  16. they lost £14.9m in the last financial year, to June 30th 2020.



    how much will they have lost in this years annual report ?



    and when is our financials due, must be soon.

  17. Huge congratulations to Malmo, the best team won…not something that you’ll hear coming out of the mouth of anyone at Der Hun ;-))



    As to the short term GS appointment…I can only think this is to give Ange time to concentrate fully on the 1st team squad development…but…after a worldwide search and this is the best we can come up with…disappointing




  18. squire danaher on

    BIG JIMMY on 11TH AUGUST 2021 9:43 AM


    Just for the sake of clarity ERNIE..



    £100 is NOTHING to me..



    .I won more than £100 last night on Malmo AND the Horse Racing Bets coming up…THAT excess of £100 will NOT change my life nor will it determine ” How Much” I bet Today and Tomorrow etc on the Horses and Celtic…or ” How Much” I will spend in the Pub in the next few days ?



    Unlike you and the JHB Chump…I will ENJOY spending the Bookies money on Celtic, horses and Beer….and NOT MY own money






    I know you like your punt m8



    Let me tell you what the wisest punter I ever met told all our punting crew.



    There is no such thing as “Bookies money”



    When that money goes over the counter into your pocket or into your Bet 365 account, that money IS YOURS.



    It buys no more or less, and is equally as hard earned, as any wages.

  19. A wee ABBA tribute to the Malmo team:



    I must have gone to bed at a quarter to ten.


    Reading Sentinel Celts and CQN.


    Fretting about the Huns in the Champions League again.


    I couldn’t sleep – I was going round the bend.



    but that was – The Day Before You Came!!!

  20. BADA BING Thanks for the reply ,I feel I have been cheated with my seat in the front of the main stand being given to players officials etc,I rely on P D. F for me to be allocated to another seat ,but for the next 2 games it isn’t there in my inbox ,I’m 77 but at times I feel I can’t grasp at statements,I tried with eticketing to find a seat but gave up trying ,I want to see a live game at Celtic Park,but it looks if I’ll just have to wait for the highlights on Thursday night,also disappointed that it isn’t on The Pass to Paradise.

  21. How could youyfind out Tom English’s snail mail address or email address? I’ve googled but not great at that stuff.