cinch merely the fodder in war against SPFL chiefs


The business model of the SPFL’s new sponsor, cinch, is to sell cars directly to the public, cutting out the dealer network.  Newco’s chairman owns a large car dealership which sponsors Newco (although it is not a shirt sponsor).

Newco have refused to comply with the SPFL contract by adding the cinch logo to players’ sleeves and elsewhere.  They claim compliance would break an existing commercial deal, presumably with their own chairman, but have refused to provide evidence of any existing deal to the league.

League and club sponsors often conflict.  While the SPFL was sponsored by Ladbrokes, Celtic had Dafabet blazoned across their chest and Newco had their own gambling partner.  Newco’s position appears to be that any club with a pre-existing agreement with any one of its partners can veto a league sponsorship deal. Quite a thing, with 42 clubs, some of which have 20 commercial sponsorship partners.

It is always possible that the SPFL’s rules are poorly drafted on such matters, the SFA were able to exploit what appeared to be a clear rule before, but the League have examined their position and have escalated the issue.  Yesterday, chairman Murdoch MacLennan wrote to all 42 clubs, stated the league’s position and informed clubs he had referred the matter to the SFA’s arbitration process.

If you think this all seems a bit contrived, you are not alone.  Why stand and fight on such a puny hill?  Newco are not the private fiefdom of their chairman, he is not Cnut (be careful), able to turn the tide against cinch, so why antagonise every non-compliant club in the league?

Newco want rid of MacLennan and especially SPFL chief exect Neil Doncaster.  Neither will do their bidding.  If the club can find a contractual oversight, it gives them grounds to call for their resignations, again.

There are other mattes at play; step forward Malmo manager, Jon Dahl Tomasson, who yesterday alluded to the matter we discussed in our State of the Club blog 10 days ago.  Newco need Champions League money more acutely than oxygen itself.  Should the wheels come off the white charger tonight, you can expect conflicts on every corner.

I never get what is it about people who think they are too special to follow rules.  There is a want about them.  Are we going to see pyros from the Newco directors’ box next?  Seems logical.  Fight The Man, even if The Man is just a salaried someone, responsible for converting advice or strategy onto structure.

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  1. SAINT STIVS on 10TH AUGUST 2021 4:40 PM



    I was working on the assumption that Park is so clever that he’ll manipulate the fx markets and weaken the pound to treble the sterling value of the euro payments



    Then I remembered he’s a chancer who makes it up as he goes along and got lucky with a gamble.

  2. WBC



    Even if they do it tonight, it’s been fun watching them for the last week. And they’ve still got another round to get past yet

  3. aye, if there is anything the protest groups could do its get rid of parks busses,



    i am sure he has recording devices on them.

  4. JHB,



    Apart from the vacinnation programme, officially >6m persons have had Covid 19, ( The true figure will be much higher ) . with associated Antibodies and T cells.



    Remove the controlling restrictions and emergency powers and let’s get back to full stadiums.




  5. St. Johnstone FC




    🗣 Ticketing update:



    We are delighted to announce that all season ticket holders will get into Thursday’s fixture against




    for no additional charge Raising hands



    Tickets will go on sale tomorrow at 10 AM.



    All the details you needDown pointing backhand index

  6. Talk of Gordon Strachan coming in in a “Godfather” role.



    Invaluable experience or jobs for the boys?

  7. Weebobbycollins on

    Who dares to toast Douglas Park with a “Chin-Chin”?



    Childish? I know but I canny help it…

  8. JHB @. 3.57



    Jonas Tomasson certainly ruffled their feathers. Unfortunately his remarks may come back to haunt him, Malmö aren’t very good and they’ll see hatred like they’ve never known.



    If I was ever to pick a club to flunk the big occasion I’d pick Sevco, past masters of the Petrofac and playoffs. Pragmatically, they won’t be in the CL the next qualifier is harder, and it’s fate, they’ll screw up.



    Dominic reminded Scotland that Celtic sold more season tickets than any other club. For every fiver they borrow, we’ll spend a tenner.



    Level playing fields now, and we’ve more than nine year lead in how to run a club within solvent seas.

  9. Celtic Nation(Welcome to the party)Four leaf clover






    Aug 8


    “Celtic fans will love Kyogo. The thing about him is that he possesses what I call a football brain. Any player as fast as him is a threat and for a midfielder like me, he was a dream because he always seemed to find space.I know he will be a huge success”.



    A Iniesta



  10. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    The pressure on them will be enormous and will only break when they score, on the other hand if they don’t score the pressure will build and could break them instead – i.e. Malmo hit them on the counter….



    c’mon the Malmo..

  11. I was racking the old brain cells trying to think of last celtic player to score a hat-trick on their home debut.



    i couldnt, but it has popped up in the celticwiki twitter feed.



    4 goals,






    The 23-year-old Willie Fleming made a huge impact on his debut when he scored four goals in a 6-0 thrashing of Kilmarnock at Parkhead on 8 November 1924. In all of football this must rank as one of the greatest debuts ever, and one of the best ever at Celtic.



  12. bad move, it will be perceived by many as a Board lackey appointment.






    Former Celtic manager Gordon Strachan looks set to return to the club, according to a report by The Scottish Sun. The 64-year-old is currently Director of Football at Dundee FC but the report states that he could make a sensational return to Celtic as soon as tomorrow.




    The role states that he will act as a Senior Advisor after quitting from Dens Park. Strachan will be involved with a revamp of the Youth Academy at Lennoxtown, focusing on the players coming through the ranks at the club as well as offering the manager support if he needs it.




    David Moyes and Gordon Strachan Copyright: Ian Rutherford



    Strachan’s sons Gavin and Craig are currently employed by the club and the former Manchester United and Leeds United winger has been on the Celtic TV gantry over the course of last season but the news will still be received poorly by some of the support due to the same faces being brought in by the board.



    Strachan won 3 League Titles in four years at Celtic, as well as winning 2 League Cups and 1 Scottish Cup. He is occasionally a good outlet of pro-Celtic opinions but he often defends the board too heavily. It will be interesting to see if there are any more appointments in the coming weeks as Dom McKay continues his revamp of the football club since taking over as CEO.




  13. Not overly fan of GS’s return. Fresh blood would have been more beneficial.



    We will have 3 Strachans at the club. Slight hint of nepotism there.

  14. One of his main tasks will be to revamp the club’s youth academy and assess the coaching throughout the age groups.

  15. What an ungrateful shower of bar stewards are that mob.



    After Doncaster for perhaps not getting a deal right but not a scooby about his role in the 5WA that let loose the same club myth by separating the owner from the club and gave them life.


    I’d be complaining that Doncaster never checked with UEFA to see if his owner separate from the club construct complied with UEFA FFP Article 12.



    If it doesnt they benefitted from his negligence, if it does he should be sacked and 5WA ripped up and then where would they be?



    As I said ungrateful bar stewards , they dont know they are lucky to be alive if it were not for ND and all the SPL clubs who accepted the 5WA including Celtic who by now must be wondering if ND should be renamed Frankenstein with a lot of Igors supporting him.

  16. The reported imminent appointment of Gordon Strachan has left me in little doubt as to who is running Celtic FC – and it’s not Dominic McKay.

  17. Don,t know if GS returning is a good thing(his sons will sleep a bit better) but it will be interesting.



    I think DD and PL have always had a soft spot for him that’s the scary part…..time will tell.

  18. Tom McLaughlin on




    Before Rangers (or any other club) can legally escape their contractual obligations to the Cinch deal, they must present the SPFL with evidence of the contract with the other sponsor that frees them from those obligations. So far Rangers are unable or unwilling to produce such a contract. Until they do so they are bound by the terms of the Cinch contract. It doesn’t matter how many times you claim that the mighty Rangers can simply walk away from it, as well as the current TV deal, to set up their own TV deal.



    Fortunately, they’re not as big and powerful as you think they are.

  19. Having watched the first leg last week, I agree that the huns finished stronger and had concerted spells of pressure in the last quarter of the game.



    I believe that was pretty much down to the psychology of one side defending their lead and the other having nothing to lose.



    At 0-0 Malmö more than competed. They’ve nothing to fear from Ibrox tonight. They can match the huns physically and defend set pieces.



    A lot will depend on if they can keep the banjo player quiet.



    Very much a 50-50 for me.

  20. Tom McLaughlin on




    The reason Celtic have not completed the signing of Buto is because he is not their number one target for the right-back position. Ange hinted as much a week ago without actually saying it. He was asked specifically about Buto and he said he wouldn’t discuss names as he has various targets for different positions.

  21. watched both games we played specifically Kyoto movements and contributions,



    most often he shoots or lays off with a first touch.



    a few times, he takes two touches, one to control, 2nd to shoot or pass.



    very few times he took more touches.



    his touch is brilliant.

  22. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 10TH AUGUST 2021 6:14 PM









    The reason Celtic have not completed the signing of Buto is because he is not their number one target for the right-back position. Ange hinted as much a week ago without actually saying it. He was asked specifically about Buto and he said he wouldn’t discuss names as he has various targets for different positions.






    also, for the centre back at Shammy Rovers, Dublin based sources reporting he aint being allowed to move until they get through Europe qualifiers or not.



    no dilly dallying or bartering or not meeting the price point.

  23. JHB



    Would they offer the clubs they play more than they get from Sky? Would it be a flat offer or depend on club size?



    How would that affect profit and given production costs might staying in a collective deal not be less risky?

  24. Tom McLaughlin on




    Spot on.



    Look at his second goal v Dundee. As Ryan raced towards the box from the left, Kyogo moved into the left side of the box box with an opponent just in front of him.



    As Ryan manoeuvred to cross, Kyogo moved with lightning speed to the right into space and was completely unmarked as he slotted it home.



    That is a superfast football brain which will bring him many goals.

  25. aye, the layoff to rogic, the spin into space, the one touch return from tom, the first time shot (just wide).



    its brilliant.



    i got interested in other japanese players that make thier league team of the year, marinos over and over again.



    Anges team when there had several in the team of the year, go get us a few will yeese.

  26. StSt


    I am surprised that there hasn’t been any mention of bringing any more in from Japan, their work rate is incredible and from what I have seen from watching the J League and the international team they are miles ahead from what Scotland has to offer, IMO of course.

  27. stephenofderby on

    Cinch will be grateful for the Rangers drama. I would have seen these billboards all season and never given any sort of thought to who they are or what they do. Now I know and i hope that they take a huge chunk of chunks market.



    Looking forward to Thursday so that we can start building some momentum. A Sevco hiccup tonight would also be welcome. Hh

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