Citizen King, Xanadu lost


I followed Celtic’s accounts since Fergus took over and started posting them out to us.  Around the same time I began following those of David Murray’s MIH and Rangers, the fortunes of each, and ultimately of the rest of Scottish football, were intertwined.

Fergus ran a stable ship, but things kicked off when Dermot Desmond replaced him as Celtic’s largest shareholder.  In Dermot’s first season in charge, excesses were lavished with England and Liverpool legendary player, John Barnes, in charge.  That didn’t work out but the next season, with Martin O’Neill in charge, spending took off in a fashion never before seen at Celtic.  A treble arrived, but the financial losses were eye-watering.

The trouble was, we had all gotten used to this new level of spending.  Dermot was applauded (by some) for matching the “ambition” of David Murray, so much so, that finding a route back to sanity was always going to be a challenge.

Then came the Seville season.  Celtic Park was packed out for European fixtures until April, while domestic games were also a sell-out.  The commercial team did a deal with shirt sponsor NTL to have the new season’s strip launched early.  It looked like every able bodied person in Scotland had purchased the new Celtic strip.

That summer I waited for the accounts to drop.  This document would reveal our true potential.  The first sign of trouble was an email, “Alert for Celtic PLC Final Results”, on the afternoon of a Champions League qualifier.  I anticipated good news story, but good news would surely be stage managed better than to slip out on the afternoon of a game?

The document revealed we lost £7m, despite Stuttgart, Celta, Liverpool, Boavista, Blackburn and Siduva.  Despite all those shirt sales.  We beat MTK comfortably, lots of people were happy, but I knew why these accounts were released on a match day; Celtic were living beyond their means and that could not go on forever.

OK, so we released accounts on a game day, giving the news cycle four hours to digest and report before Henrik and Co. moved the story on.  On Wednesday, Newco didn’t press the publish button until they were a goal up against Kilmarnock!  This could be the work of Charles Foster Kane.

Within a minute, karma struck.  Kilmarnock equalised, Xanadu lost.

You will know the detail by now.  On a turnover of £32.6m, Newco lost £14.3m, this, coming years after comments such as: “just about breakeven” soothed the masses.

The accounts themselves are horrible, but, of course, now historic.  Income for this season will rise with Europa League qualification, while costs associated with the recruitment necessary to propel the club to fourth in the league will also rise significantly.

The question is, if you act like Citizen Kane, do you follow the same trajectory?

Really looking forward to Hearts tomorrow.  After the week they have had, a bit of karma must be coming their way.

Celtic Supporters’ Association
Annual Memorial Mass
for all Celtic Supporters & Their Families

Tomorrow at 12.30 the annual memorial Mass for ALL Celtic supporters and families is held at St Michael’s, 1350 Gallowgate, a short walk from the stadium.  A time for us to remember those who passed on the club over the last 130 years.  There will be tea and coffee in the hall for you before you head to the game.

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  1. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    It would be completely understandable if Neil Lennon walked away from Scotland and Scottish football after the mindless racist and sectarian abuse he’s suffered in the 18 years he’s been here.



    However, I really hope he sticks with it, realises HE WILL NEVER WALK ALONE and continues to ram the bile spewed from the huns right back down their throats the way he did today. They deserve pain in spades.



    Neil Lennon is a hero and a role model to me. I’ve had a few “doo’s” in the last few days in Aberdeen with folk of lets say, the non Celtic leaning type, the type that believes “He brings it blah blah…… i.e the bigoted CNUT variety.



    They know where I stand




    I am Neil Lennon.



    They know where I stand, I am Celtic

  2. Garry,



    Hearts are beat Today, it is how Celtic decide to go about things.



    I reckon Celtic will get 3 or 2 first half goals and take it easy trying to avoid injury.

  3. DD


    Work got in the way there. Marr is a brilliant guitarist, like some of his solo stuff to




  4. Taking to a sevco mate of a mate in the pub last night who on our introduction told me he supported Sevco.



    Sev- ‘ What about Lennon eh? He canny help himself etc ‘


    Not to amused is a understatement of my reaction. I then spent the next 10mins explaining to the ignorant Sev of the events and causes of the attacks on our Neil. Gave him examples of the MSM agenda to demonise him given any opportunity with contrasting reporting when he was in Australia for pre season for comparison. This demonisation in the media was a major factor in an upsurge in hatred against Neil and resulted in an attack on his life with that letter bomb I told him.



    Was in full flight by now and enjoying the genuine surprise on the Sevs face during our exchange.


    Sev then went into full retreat and said it was baffling why so many people don’t like him in this day and age mainly because of his cultural heritage.


    Then to my amazement he told me he wasn’t much of a Sevvie really and more of an armchair fan and so completed virtually a full 180’ turn away from his opening gambit about Lenny bringing on himself pash.



    So I’ve invited him round to mine tonight to watch the game with pre match entertainment of beers, rebs and a wee singsong :)))




  5. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    DBHOY on 3RD NOVEMBER 2018 6:10 AM



    A convert.



    More power to your ( bending the ) elbow.



    Enjoy the game.


    I expect to .

  6. Celtic travelled Down Under on a Pre-season tour of Australia. But the tour was overshadowed – in the Scottish press that is – of his comments on a stunt by some Rangers fans in Perth.


    The Perth Rangers Supporters Club tried to goad Celtic by organising a plane to fly over the stadium just before kick off trailing a banner that boasted about Rangers’ three SPL titles in a row.


    Lennon was asked after the match about the stunt and he told reporters: “Well, you’d think they’d have better things to do following their team in Germany (for their pre-season tour) than pay a lot of money to annoy us, I think they’re a wee bit obsessed with us at the minute.”


    Nothing twisted or hate-filled in those comments, in fact the video footage of the post match interview saw Lennon quite calm and collected when answering.


    Cue the headlines from the Scottish newspapers:


    “Neil Lennon raps plane crazy Rangers fans”


    “Lenny’s air rage”


    Yet check out these headlines from non-Scottish based media outlets:


    “Celtic shrug off Rangers plane stunt”


    “Celtic manager Neil Lennon unfazed by Rangers flyover stunt”




    Just one example of how the MSM in Scotland misrepresent events around Neil Lennon , which simultaneously make him look bad and incite hatred in folk who don’t need any incouragement to hate the man.



    I sometimes wonder if these journos realise the damage they’re causing or if they even care in the slightest .




  7. Good morning CQN from a wet and breezy Garngad



    Fergusslayedtheblues from 11.21pm last night great post amigo.



    Now bring on these Edinburgh Huns COYBIG






    D. :)

  8. Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers has condemned comments from Partick Thistle boss Gary Caldwell and others, who have claimed that Neil Lennon brings things upon himself. The Hibernian manager was felled by a £1 coin thrown at him by a Hearts supporter at Tynecastle on Wednesday after he signalled to home fans behind him to quell their celebrations when a late goal was disallowed in the 0-0 Edinburgh derby draw. Caldwell, a former Celtic team-mate of Lennon’s, questioned his willingness to engage with rival supporters.


    But Rodgers defended the Hibs boss. “It shouldn’t even be a question,” Rodgers said. “You get some coaches who’ll participate with the crowd when there’s banter coming from the stands and it goes back and forth. Okay, but you should never be hit with a coin when you are at your place of work.”




    Well said Brendan

  9. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    On NL,


    The clumpany’s last piece sums it up perfectly.


    Media vilification, the same media that has convinced most of you about Syrian chemical warfare and the poisoning of the Skripal’s.

  10. Morning CQNer’s



    Absolutely delighted to report that I will be attending today’s game with my brother Jim & nephew Calum this is all down to the sterling work of Lennybhoy & NorrieM & a.n other of this Parish in sourcing tickets for us.Fantastic guys



    Over the Moon CSC



    Agree with all regards Neil Lennon Lhads lets show our support on the 18min as Bada mentioned yesterday

  11. Good luck to us all today. I hope the Celtic supporters show their support for Neil Lennon today. I will not be there today, some family business to attend to up in Falkirk. Hopefully back before kick off time and hoping to cheer us on to 3 points. Hail! Hail!

  12. Macjay



    I detest anyone’s innocent (ie no harm to others) rights being interfered with. In terms of the blasphemy case why focus your ire on the MeToo movement and feminists for not doing enough?



    Why not go straight to the source of the problem with your attack….namely, old fashioned bigots with a warped sense of rules and values in a hugely Male dominated society.



    HH jg

  13. Murdoch, Auld & Hay




    I am a wee bit under the weather this morning after failing to fight off a cold.



    If any other member of your family fancies attending the game in the Main Stand Lower, I can hand over my ticket to one of the 5’s bhoys.



    If that is needed, I can give Lennynhoy a contact number to get it.



    from the wimp csc

  14. I see Pddy McCourt hung up his boots last night afte taking Finn Harps through to tthe sem-finals of the premier Division qualification.



    I am glad I got to see Paddy play. What a star he would have been in the 60s and 70s.



    I still assert that, if WGS used him as an impact sub after the willo transfer, like Lenny did, we could have won that league. He ahd been at CP for over 6 months when Will oaarived and was used to no great effect.



    Still, that aside, what a wonderful player!

  15. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    MAH Great news on your attendance at today’s game.


    Hope the Bhoys set you up for Monday.


    A wee caunle for you on the way to the golf?

  16. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Speaking of tickets for today’s game,BMCUWP recently of these pages? will be chez moi on Thursday so if a ticket is floating about CCB and family will be only to happy to have it.

  17. Regarding my question yesterday of why Neil Lennon has become the focus for so much hatred, the most convincing argument I have read and thought about is, that it is media driven.



    The examples given by Dbhoy above are perfect examples. In some ways it is slightly subtle – just skewing the angle of language used to show him in a bad light. I have noticed over the years the photographs used in papers of NL, often showing his face in a fierce distortion, in a second of time.



    I think the pen pushers took an early dislike to him for a multitude of reasons including racist anti Celtic sectarianism. And then a bit!



    It grew arms and legs from there. Became the norm. For most if not all stenographers. Seek out any possible inflated negative about him. Bend it to suit.



    Do this often enough and you create a monster for those looking for one.





    Murdoch, Auld & Hay







    I am a wee bit under the weather this morning after failing to fight off a cold.




    If any other member of your family fancies attending the game in the Main Stand Lower, I can hand over my ticket to one of the 5’s bhoys.






    Thanks for your very kind & generous offer I really appreciate it but it will only be the 3 of us going today so we have the tickets we need . But thanks once again I feel spoiled today



    Undertheweathercelts csc :)

  19. bigrailroadblues on

    Good morning all from the Benidorm coffee and croissants. Overdone the beer and tapas yesterday.? 4 o clock and will be in the Bodrhan bar watching the mighty Glasgow Celtic thrashing the unwashed. COYBIG!!!!

  20. Good morning, friends, from a pretty wet and grey East KIlbride. So while CQN Corner might be in doubt, my place in the ole North Curve will be filled with anticipation of another fine performance as we move ever closer to the top of the league and title number 8.

  21. its wild out there, the mythical horizontal rain is chucking it down, cmon the hooped avengers, get that sell out crowd over the 60,000 mark.





    enjoy, its gonny be another 3-0 in paradise.

  22. Jobo, how you doing,



    I did some research on the auld 60,000 attendance barrier being broken, its happened several times since the stadium was completed. The capacity is still 60,400, so when we sell out, it can only be the crazy segregation rules that stops us hitting the number,



    I hope todays physical attendance beats the current season high of 59,143, versus hibs.

  23. that was a good read back for last nights contributions, nae bickering, good chat, good music, well done to all posters.



    special mention for ACGR passionate and forthright support of NFL,



    and DBHOY earlier.

  24. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Cowardice and deflection abounded on Clyde last night around Neil Lennon –


    “…we don’t know if this was anything to do with sectarianism – it could have been a muslim or jew or catholic who threw the coin…”


    “..he’s disliked because of his own actions…”, etc.



    Jim Duffy again showed himself up for as a spineless apologist for the anti-catholic sentiment that these attacks represent – hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.



    Unacceptible, nasty behaviour? – YES Call it out for what it actually is? – NOT A CHANCE from our Jim.



    He has history of denial “I don’t know anything about the Rangers situation – I’m not obsessed” – is that right Jim, aye?








  25. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    JAMESGANG on 3RD NOVEMBER 2018 8:20 AM





    I detest anyone’s innocent (ie no harm to others) rights being interfered with. In terms of the blasphemy case why focus your ire on the MeToo movement and feminists for not doing enough?



    Why not go straight to the source of the problem with your attack….namely, old fashioned bigots with a warped sense of rules and values in a hugely Male dominated society.



    HH jg






    .” namely, old fashioned bigots with a warped sense of rules and values in a hugely Male dominated society.”



    Do you mean in Pakistan ?


    If so , why do you not say so ?






  26. My friends in Celtic,



    I sincerely hope there are no embarrassing banners displayed today.



    Interesting seeing some new footage on social media of poppy wearing Huns standing behind a union flag giving nazi salutes.



    They obviously don’t know their history. Pathetic.




  27. mike in toronto on




    Agree that it is mainly media driven. The question is why would the media do that?



    As Chomsky said in Necessary Illusions:Thought Control in Democratic Societies:



    “The major media-particularly, the elite media that set the agenda that others generally follow-are corporations ‘selling’ privileged audiences to other businesses. It would hardly come as a surprise if the picture of the world they present were to reflect the perspectives and interests of the sellers, the buyers, and the product. Concentration of ownership of the media is high and increasing. Furthermore, those who occupy managerial positions in the media, or gain status within them as commentators, belong to the same privileged elites, and might be expected to share the perceptions, aspirations, and attitudes of their associates, reflecting their own class interests as well. Journalists entering the system are unlikely to make their way unless they conform to these ideological pressures, generally by internalizing the values; it is not easy to say one thing and believe another, and those who fail to conform will tend to be weeded out by familiar mechanisms.”



    So.. what purpose is being served by whipping up hatred against NFL? And why not against other Catholics who played for the 6 counties? As usual … just follow the money.



    But it is important to question all media … not just the one’s we don’t like/agree with.

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