City Council plans to eliminate fans and the poor


A fan-led petition to persuade Glasgow City Council to drop plans to eliminate parking within a mile of Celtic Park on match days is open.  Tenement housing in this area of Parkhead was cleared in recent times and the Council hope to sell vacant land for more expensive housing, without the match day parking that has been a feature of Parkhead for over 130 years.

This is a well-worn and shameful path.  Cities move poor families out of their housing, destroy whatever could inhibit their ability to attract top price from property developers, then move more affluent residents in.

Match day parking will remain, but it will be moved to areas where the Council are not hoping to sell land.  The problem will be compounded, as fans will have to arrive earlier and leave the area later, as the closest will have a 1-mile walk, while the farthest away could easily walk twice that distance to reach the stadium.  Public transport options remain possible for only a few hundred people, nowhere near the 60,000 required.

In a crowded field of appalling political decisions, this stands out as it was home-grown in Glasgow.  Please sign the petition here to demand the Council think again.

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  1. !!Bada Bing!! on

    the council could make money as well, I think they are trying to force the Club into building a multi story car park.

  2. Rest in peace Matthew. My condolences to his parents and other members of his family.



    Aye, you see that’s a constructive idea, that, and others, with the help of all concerned, should be looked at por cierto





    “as basically GCC are washing their hands of it.”



    Yes, exactly, they are going to inplement this. So what you suggested in the other part of your post is ideal and more suggestions like that I believe may help por cierto




    The council have sold every scrap of land in the area for housing. John Paul Taylor told us that at the fans forum. They are against car parks even to make money.



    Celtic are approaching the Forge to see if they would allow their car park to be used, on a pay basis on match days

  5. I think i’m right in saying that the PLC do contribute financially to the clean-up after games por cierto

  6. Some of the land has been sold to Local Housing Associations as well, not as much as probably should have though, por ceirto

  7. ROBINBHOY on 1ST APRIL 2020 1:30 PM



    Good informative post. Petition signed to register dissatisfaction.



    When we get back to approaching normality, from a Celtic perspective we must ” push the boat out ” to enhance the match day experience for all our supporters.



    Our infirm and disabled supporters must be accommodated and if necessary means to pressurise certain councillors must be contemplated.



    Cheers and HH.







    The back car park at the back of McDonalds in the Forge lies empty every day including Saturdays. There is a profit to be made there for them, so hopefully they see the light and give it the go ahead por cierto.

  9. God bless young Matthew, thoughts and prayers with him and his family at this tragic time.

  10. Big Jimmy – great to see you get support from David66, An Tearmann, BTim and Lennybhoy. Its what makes this place so special. Take care and keep safe indoors.








    Is there any Charity and/or Organisation that can have a League Title delivered to Celtic FC ?





    LENNYBHOY has advised me that you now have my number…hope to be in contact once this is over and we can have many beers to celebrate.


    Stay safe mate.



  12. Reading on here the various offers to support Big Jimmy is like an excerpt from saving private Ryan. Well done everyone involved.

  13. I asked a couple of days ago on here….Does Beer that is in Kegs in the Cellars of Pubs that are obviously closed…GO OFF eventually if unused ?


    If it does, maybe I should contact my local Pub Landlord and suggest that he sells off the Kegged Beer at a Cut Price” that he can salvage some Cash ?





  14. ONE MALLOY and GENE..


    Thanks Bhoys.


    Im receiving great support from the Bhoys on here…most of whom I have never met and/or spoken to til this morning.


    My situation is okay at the moment, but my main worry was that as I am classed as “Vulnerable” due to health issues ( NOT COVID-19), I may have to self isolate for at LEAST 12 Weeks…now that is a scary thought !


    Oh My Days…how I could go/ sink at least 15 Pints of Beer right now !


    Stay safe everyone.



  15. Big Jimmy


    When I first moved to England in 71 , pubs used to let you bring empty lemonade bottles to their off sales and fill them with beer – thought it was strange but maybe time for a relaunch.

  16. GENE..


    Maybe I should phone my mate who is also the Owner of my Local Pub…and suggest that very thing, as he could SYPHON Off the Beer from the Kegs at a reduced price for us punters etc ?


    Stay safe.



  17. I worked in an Off Sales in Anderston, 40 years ago, and punters would bring in their empty bottles and we’d fill them up from a big cask, with a wine called Stagecoach. Punters would say “a John Wayne please” :)) por ceirto

  18. I have given on the Car Parking at Celtic park and I now go on one of our excellent Supporters Club who park in Nuneaton Street. The Sons of Donegal are well run and its much more sociable to travel to and from the game with Fellow Celtic supporters,

  19. UEFA still hoping domestic seasons can be played out though all UEFA GAMES postponed until further notice. So no early CL qualifiers for us.

  20. Paul67 et al



    UEFA have announced that all CL and EL matches suspended until further notice. That is this season’s games, but you can see how those games could impact on “next” season’s qualification and competitions. Euro qualifiers, which include both Scotand and Ireland are also off the calendar for now.

  21. deniabhoy



    Only caught the headlines, did UEFA actually use the word “hope” in relation to domestic leagues?

  22. I don’t think any games will be played before September.



    Only a gut feeling though.



    D. :)

  23. david66



    Both the Edinburgh Festival and the Fringe have now been cancelled, and they are on through to the end of August…..

  24. Celtic Mac – I knew this big gut would get something right 😂😂😂



    I just think as probably we all do that we are in this for a long haul.


    The economy is going to be well fecked after this as well if not already before it.



    D. :)

  25. Celticmac – no, that was my interpretation. As in, they have set another date to fixate on but they have already changed it once so who knows . . .

  26. There will be no adequate public transport provision, no widening of platforms to cope with increased usage or extra trains. There will not be enough buses provided for those who potentially could use them. It’s clear that GCC are expecting displacement. They have no regard for the environment.


    Displacement will undoubtedly mean more Celtic supporters having to pass through Bridgeton Cross on foot or waiting in queues at Bridgeton Cross station. Before any change to parking arrangements is finalised, I hope the risk assessment in relation to Bridgeton Cross is published and scrutinised. I hope Police Scotland and GCC understand what they are creating there and are prepared to take responsibility for what results.

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