City Council plans to eliminate fans and the poor


A fan-led petition to persuade Glasgow City Council to drop plans to eliminate parking within a mile of Celtic Park on match days is open.  Tenement housing in this area of Parkhead was cleared in recent times and the Council hope to sell vacant land for more expensive housing, without the match day parking that has been a feature of Parkhead for over 130 years.

This is a well-worn and shameful path.  Cities move poor families out of their housing, destroy whatever could inhibit their ability to attract top price from property developers, then move more affluent residents in.

Match day parking will remain, but it will be moved to areas where the Council are not hoping to sell land.  The problem will be compounded, as fans will have to arrive earlier and leave the area later, as the closest will have a 1-mile walk, while the farthest away could easily walk twice that distance to reach the stadium.  Public transport options remain possible for only a few hundred people, nowhere near the 60,000 required.

In a crowded field of appalling political decisions, this stands out as it was home-grown in Glasgow.  Please sign the petition here to demand the Council think again.

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  1. Dutch football apparently starting mid June to finish season by August 3rd, 9 games in 6 weeks. Plus playoffs etc

  2. Neustadt-Braw on

    thoughts are with those in bereavement…..may they all find comfort in the knowledge that they are and always will be in the company of those that love and understand their pain ……..




  3. Big Jimmy.


    Delighted to hear some good fholks from this site are looking out for you.


    On the waste of beer . 6 weeks at most in a keg before it goes off .



    Tragic news for the family and friends of young Matthew. May he rest in peace.

  4. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Some of the breweries where a taking back unopened kegs while the pubs just about gave it away when they where closing to empty


    The lines drawing the beer ..



    This allowed them to ‘clean the pipes ‘as they say during the prolong closure

  5. The problem is inner cities stadiums.Icannot blame residents for complaining.They are terrified to leave the house on matchday.They could be miles away on returning.On weekdays,coming in from work for many,the same.Getting up the next morning to walk a mile in the pissing rain,who wants that?


    In saying that,1 mile !!!!!!!! ,how ridiculous is that.Absolute nonsense.Just moving it from one area to another.


    I have no idea what the answer is,as I said at the beginning,its inner cities stadiums ,that’s the problem.No easy answer.

  6. Deniabhoy,



    These countries not hit too hard by the Virus.Germany included.Some have escaped the worst.Its not uniform at all.

  7. Celtic park has been there for 130 years – so anyone living there now has moved into their house knowing ‘ when Saturday comes’…..

  8. Por Cierto



    In Coatbridge,it was Alamo Sherry,that was know as “A John Wayne”,well it was in the old Hibs hall.

  9. Gene,


    Not a great argument.Do you think the houses should just remain empty,because they are near a football ground.Times have changed.Much more people with cars.Same with schools now,cant get moving in the morning,or when they are coming out.I cant ever remember going to the game with my car.Wanted a few pints before and after.Let the crowds disperse a bit,then easy to get home.

  10. When speaking to my Heart Nurse yesterday, I commented that it was a National Disgrace how Frontline NHS Workers have not all been tested straight away for COVID 19….Those NHS Staff should have been at the front of the queue etc ?


    My Nurse replied, ” I havent been tested, although I am seeing patients like you several times a Day etc…but there is ANOTHER problem to consider”


    She added…” So what if I was tested Today and given the ALL Clear…..only for me to catch it 1 or 2 days later, maybe when treating patients or from other NHS Staff etc …when would the testing stop ? would need to be done every day to NHS Staff”…and that aint gonna happen” !


    When this lovely young Lady put it like that…I was literally speechless…for once.



    The point that she made MUST be one of the main topics of discussion/worries each and every day for NHS Staff…To listen to her and her concerns ( not just for herself)…broke my heart.


    God Bless ALL NHS Staff.





  11. GENE



    The vast majority of folk who live in the Parkhead area do not get to choose where they live, unfortunately. por cierto

  12. Turkeybhoy – according to the news here in Spain, UEFA’s priority is that the leagues in England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain (the 5 biggest leagues) are allowed to finish with August being the target.


    So that includes the two European countries hit hardest by the virus.

  13. The testing kits.Thats another story.Turkey last week,received 1.3 million from China,bought or given,did not say,and are expecting a lot more.They are out there,just the will to go and get them.And pay,maybe.


    Figures not great here ,but once they start testing for around a week or so,we will see.Same as Italy here,very older population,and so far,with the Dictator in charge,very lax in enforcing the rules.Very strange.

  14. Deniabhoy,



    I know,but UEFA are a disgrace during this crisis.Money is their God,as we witnessed with the fine for Celtic,due to late Kick Off.Advertising being interupted.Still no idea how that was Lennys fault.Teams on the pitch,surely it’s down to the Ref to start the game.How could Lenny hold it up?

  15. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Buy the Albion car park from the huns and set up a park and ride facility to CP.

  16. +563 dead in UK today



    Up roughly 200 from yesterday, shocking stats



    D. :)

  17. TMWT,



    Cant do that.It belongs,at the moment to Close Brothers.


    Does it really EXIST,or is it like the fabled,”Game in hand”.

  18. David,



    Going by the pictures and videos I am seeing here of the behaviour of so many in the UK,I am surprised it’s not much higher.

  19. Turheybhoy – no debate from me on UEFA’s priority. But at least it gives a glimmer of hope, something to have the players focused on over the coming weeks. Some kind of pre-season for 2 weeks in June then a few weeks to get the games in. It might not happen of course. But for the next two months it gives the coaching staff a date to work towards as well regarding training plans, fitness levels etc.

  20. Turkeybhoy – exactly, still shocking though.



    I think people are a wee bit more understanding now, but you will get idiots in every walk of life/culture/religion etc.



    What we needed was strong leadership as in lockdown means lockdown only 1 person per house allowed out for shopping and that’s it, none of this exercise pish which allows idiots to flaunt the rule.



    Only my opinions of course



    D. :)

  21. Imperial College put out a study today where they predicted what the real infection rates are across several countries.


    This is taking into account the fact that a high percentage of people who have tested positive are asymptomatic or had only mild symptoms. When you consider the number of athletes/politicians/celebrities that have tested positive (because they have access to testing) but then said they feel fine that makes sense. Only a small perecentage of the people who have it or have had it are being counted – mostly because they end up in hospital.


    About three weeks back they tested all the Valencia players and staff who had been in Italy. 30% tested positive. None had any symptoms.



    According to Imperial college, somewhere close to 15% of people here in Spain have it or had it. That’s 7 million people as opposed to the 102,000 that have been recorded.


    In the UK, they say over 1 million people will already have had it.



    Interesting stuff as it massively reduces the percentage of fatalities in relation to the virus.

  22. South Of Tunis on

    Covid 19- Italy @6,pm -1/4/20






    727 people died in the 24 hour period between 6pm yesterday and 6pm today




    My 3 beautiful and very talented neices… 😊


    I expect them to be HUGE! 😊



    As a riposte to the ‘go home’ brigade, and as a Scot with Irish heritage, I would just love it if this were to be played/sung at Celtic Park when life and football reconvene! 😊



    Keep safe everyone!



    Yours in Celtic,




  24. Paul67 et al



    GCC have been “consulting” with this proposal for the last couple of years or so, so they know the level of opposition to it, not that they care. Thing is, if you look at the area North of the London Road from the Supporters club, every bit of unbuilt land, common land, former railway land, engineering works land has been or is being built on. Only recently GCC actually turned down an application to develop the old GCC Terminus/Station on the Tollcross Road, (and the old sports ground behind it) ie loads of private flats. The site was sold by First Bus, was part of a public transport hub handed to them. The pits of a company, on a par with Stagecoach. My main point is that GCC is not reducing reliance on cars in this area, rather it is encouraging increased reliance on them with its’ ad hoc approach to planning. Now I know ParkheadcumSalford will argue that people need places to live, and he is right but there is no master plan around Tollcross, apart from naked profiteering that is. Hypocrisy writ large from GCC.

  25. David66



    ` none of this exercise pish`




    Fit and healthy peole are much less likely to take up NHS time .

  26. IMO – GCC have to raise millions….to claw back money for their shameful treatment on equal pay…led by ….???



    Lets blame…..hmmm




    Also IMO – Edin Festival is cancelled because of the forward planning required.. football doesn’t need that to have a quick turnaround.



    Issue will be a mini pre-season when it is given the green light.

  27. ADI_DASSLER on 1ST APRIL 2020 6:12 PM



    Let’s not get political, but one thing is for sure it’s not Celtic or her patrons that should pay the price.



    When this is over, and it will be, it would be brilliant for a Live Celtic watch party on the Celtic Way. Food, drink and charity stalls. Loads of bucket collections for our wonderful NHS staff.



    HH to all, stay safe and protect the NHS.

  28. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Greenpinta- very good idea,hopefully after the collection for TET is complete, maybe CQN could do a collection, or create an event for NHS staff. HH

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