City Council plans to eliminate fans and the poor


A fan-led petition to persuade Glasgow City Council to drop plans to eliminate parking within a mile of Celtic Park on match days is open.  Tenement housing in this area of Parkhead was cleared in recent times and the Council hope to sell vacant land for more expensive housing, without the match day parking that has been a feature of Parkhead for over 130 years.

This is a well-worn and shameful path.  Cities move poor families out of their housing, destroy whatever could inhibit their ability to attract top price from property developers, then move more affluent residents in.

Match day parking will remain, but it will be moved to areas where the Council are not hoping to sell land.  The problem will be compounded, as fans will have to arrive earlier and leave the area later, as the closest will have a 1-mile walk, while the farthest away could easily walk twice that distance to reach the stadium.  Public transport options remain possible for only a few hundred people, nowhere near the 60,000 required.

In a crowded field of appalling political decisions, this stands out as it was home-grown in Glasgow.  Please sign the petition here to demand the Council think again.

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  1. Family from Camus Ougther not far from Pearse’s Cottage, mother’s side of the family were mentioned on The West Gate of Galway City 😇

  2. ALMORE on 1ST APRIL 2020 9:33 PM


    StephBhoy: A fans’ café beside the Superstore would be nice also.









    More likely than a hotel that’s for sure




  3. Calling our government out for mistakes made during this crisis is vital in a democratic society. I just hope when this is all over we don’t forget the real culprit in this – China.

  4. An Dun



    Why not try and finish this season first?


    Experts reckon the UK will be in and out of lockdown next season which could well mean 2 unfinished seasons instead of one.


    Much rather finish this season and completely forget about next season.


    The way I see that is the fans who have pumped millions in are being shafted, Celtic maybe awarded the title but i still see the players and fans as victims not getting to celebrate the winning. Too seasons in a row of that will do the game harm, imo.



    All I’ve heard all day is emergency sirens going off, anyone else hearing this, very disturbing, all the best to everyone on here. HH

  5. Neustadt-Braw on

    LENNYBHOY on 1ST APRIL 2020 9:42 PM


    Good evening CQN I bring you an update on your efforts to support TET’s Son, Niall and his Fiancée, Sharon.





    To date you have donated a staggering £918.88 Go fund donations stand at £1,785.00. Total to date £2,703.88 a fantastic effort.





    Given Jan’s health issues it is unlikely she will be able to see Niall get married. So the plan will be to put any money left over to have the wedding streamed so that Jan and other family and friends can watch the wedding live.





    We’ll keep the donations open until Tuesday 31st March as it is pay day for most people.





    Thank you on behalf of TET, Jan, Niall and Sharon for your support:





    For those wishing to make a donation to support The Exiled Tim for his bhoy Niall then you can do so by:





    bank transfer to:





    o Account name: Walk With Shay





    o Account number: 15326765





    o Sort code: 80-22-60





    o Bank: Bank of Scotland





    o Ref: Enter your name or moniker





    · By cheque to Walk With Shay (please contact me for address details)





    · By paypal to





    If anyone would rather use the go to page the link below.









    CRC spoke with TET this evening asked him, the family are over the moon and pass on their thanks to their extended CQN family.





    I know we said initially we would close donations today and then changed it to Friday. However, we close donations tomorrow, Thursday 02nd April. So if any of you have a bob or two please donate by tomorrow.





    On a personal note I want to say thanks, I always profess that we keep the faith, I believe in that and my faith in you all has come to pass.





    Until we meet again





    Keep the Faith!





    smiley a wee repost thing (less a dot-full stop…….. teehee)



    as ever regards to the smile




  6. SID on 1ST APRIL 2020 9:52 PM





    Why not try and finish this season first?






    I want to see the season finished and hope that happens, Sid.



    The reason I think it may be called early is because Scottish football clubs need season ticket renewals coming in and I can’t see that happening in any meaningful way until we’ve a start date for next season.

  7. Hot Smked – point taken, what I meant was some people were abusing it saying they were going for exercise when in fact it was to meet up with friends.



    I did not explain what I meant properly.


    My wife and I go out for a walk every day and of course you are correct healthy body healthy mind.



    D. :)

  8. Last post was for Sid and HS




    A walk at 1am wow I thought I was bad last year at the gym at 4.15am



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  9. !!Bada Bing!! on

    AD- Maxwell said last week that null and void is not an option, and isn’t in the table, due to TV money, refunds etc.Finish this season whenever we start back.

  10. An Dun



    I think even this early it is highly optimistic that next season will go ahead as planned.


    Experts predicting more lockdowns while football authorities schedule a full season is crazy imo.


    The season is crammed with games, all it takes is even a lockdown for as little as a few weeks and the full season is under threat, must be a better way than rolling the dice and expecting your 100/1 shot coming in.


    Anyone buying a season ticket is doing it to protect the club not expecting to get what they’ve paid for imo.


    It’s a mess with no simple answers but surely the authorities will leave some wiggle room at the very least whilst crossing fingers and toes. HH

  11. The Celtic Trust raised the parking issue with Celtic some time ago. The club were in line with our thinking that this would have a significantly negative impact on a great number of supporters and their ability to actually attend games. Celtic are very much aware of how this would ultimately impact on revenue as a consequence of depleted foot fall on match days.



    A major issue has been the reduction in the number of appropriate and adequate bus services from elsewhere to the vicinity of Parkhead. For example, since the Commonwealth Games and the input of cycle lanes from Brigton to Fieldon St there isn’t one bus service which passes be the front of the stadium.



    If you consider that 60,000 visitors/spectators attend a specific venue on approximately 20 occasions throughout a calendar year (more or less dependant on success) then this is an absolutely disgraceful decision.



    It certainly wouldn’t be the case if we were going to watch Ant and Dec with such regularity!




    Did celtic discuss/ consider the possibility of purchasing land, updating parking facilities putting shuttle buses to parking zones to address these issues?



    The council and Spt need to step up and do more but Celtic’s moaning does nothing, lack of forward planning to mitagate against the likely decision to commence restricted parking zones shows a complete lack of consideration for the ordinary supporters.



    It this effected the plc or has a significant impact on attentendance and money celtic will act, so to sum up celtic plc treating ordinary supporters with no respect and no shortage of contempt.



    Supporters dont need excuses they need somewhere to park their car and good transport links also




  13. Almore, thanks it’s actually quite amusing to a lot of people if you say the place name fast,


    Tontine if toy know the name from the west gate the you will know my family from Castlehill Dumbarton



    I’ll give you “Ridge” as one of the other names

  14. MICK1888 on 1ST APRIL 2020 8:42 PM



    Modern cities and affluent societies insist on public transport and mass rapid transit. Let’s get the debate where it should be.



    Where do you think it should be?







    Do hold and scrutinize Nicola/snp to account on anything you feel free to.however let’s not forget ex labour and unionist war criminal Blair’s part in running down our nhs to the point of chaos we are in.right now.


    He played his part via pfi and magnetization


    And is up there with any Tory for the assault on his





    Rebus. Your brother drew will be in my prayers



    Young Matthew prayers said






    Thanks cqn for being here

  15. This is now the start of my 14th day of self isolation…I havent been out since 18th Match. While its tough on folk like me, who live alone…I really can NOT imagine what it is like with Families and kids all being in Lockdown.



    My Nurse who visited me on Tuesday also said that ” IF you go out, it is NOT enough JUST to wash your hands when you return home, as you should ALSO be taking a shower….or at least wash your hands, arms and face….and put your clothes in the washing machine immediately”.



    Apologises if you are all aware of the above already ?


    Stay as safe as you can everyone.



  16. I watched a Govt Minister on the Daily News conference being asked a question via Videolink from journalists…” Why is it that Germany is able to test over THREE Times at least the number of the population etc in one week, than the UK” ?


    I may be wrong….it may have been more than Three times the number ….??



    This Minister FAILED to answer the question.



    I do believe that there are many aspects of this Virus that the Govt aint telling us…including the real death numbers etc ?



  17. Good morning, friends from a rather grey, driech windswept and rainy East Kilbride. Might keep a few more indoors, I suppose. And I do hate arriving at work soaking wet, oh wait….

  18. Good morning CQN from a wet and grey skied Garngad.



    Hail Hail



    Stay safe yall



    D. :)

  19. Morning Bhoys, Big Well Done to Lennybhoy and CRC. Also to all the people that have helped with donations, we really are a special bunch here on CQN. HH

  20. Good Morning, Celtic Quick News…………



    Bright but cold in Corcaigh.







    CQN CSC.

  21. Jinkyredstar on

    Mornin all – off to work a quick sprint across the hall feint left and drop my shoulder to the right to reach my desk leaving a trail of defenders in my wake😀

  22. Thoughts and prayers with Drew, brother of Rebus67, his family and friends at this sad time.


    Also for all other members of this community.

  23. Angel Gabriel



    Good to see you on.hope all is well down your way 😊




  24. AN TEARMANN on 2ND APRIL 2020 3:32 AM



    We should hold all government to account, and evaluate their decisions impacting the poorest and most vulnerable in our society.



    Subsequently we must hold Nicola Sturgeon and Boris Johnson to account now. Emergency powers ( although justified at this challenging time ) must be watched closely and I’m glad that trial without jury was thrown out.



    Both government’s will be judged when we evolve from this crisis.



    I can’t stand watching Tony Blair nowadays. Notwithstanding Iraq; His PFI hospital deals have been a shocking burden to our NHS.Both negate the many good things his government brought in; Eg Minimum wage.



    In regards to our transport infrastructure to Celtic Park and parking ,we have to confront the current decision makers, while in no way condoning the disgraceful previous lack of action by past decision makers.



    Cheers and HH. Stay safe.

  25. Here in Denia, we are beginning our 19th day in the house. Our business closed it’s doors on the 13th.


    So here’s a wee summary of how it is has been for us.


    On the plus side, our 7-year-old’s school had online classes up after just one week. That keeps him fully occupied from 9-1.30 pm. My wife spends much of the day at her sewing machine making face masks for local people that still have to work (street cleaners, supermarket workers etc.). She has only gone to the supermarket once and our cupboards still have plenty in it. I have got a load done in the garden, cutting hedges, trees and anything else that grows. I’ve filled a 5m2 skip with it.


    As you all know, the Spanish lockdown is more severe than the UK version. None of this going out for a walk with a member of the family or a ride or a run . . .that’s the hard part as I normally ride around 300 kms a week. Although, strangely enough, since the lockdown started it seems to have rained nearly every day so cycling would have been well down anyway. You’d think the Spanish govt can control the weather too …


    Mentally, I haven’t yet found being at home stressful at all. I find time is passing by quick enough, the boy ensures I have to be doing something. Building lego, making paper planes, “rescuing” insects from the pool. Always something to keep him occupied and away from the Nintendo. Saying that, we have allowed him more time on that than usual as he can go online and play games with 3-4 boys from his class. Social contact of some sort great for his morale. They all have headphones with mics so they can chat away.



    What does stress me out is the “what happens next” question. We have no income. Govt help, when it arrives, will be minimal and will not reflect lost earnings. None of this “80% of salary” stuff being promised in the UK. The wise say don’t worry about things outwith your control but it is hard not too.



    Thoughts and best wishes to all CQNers and your families. Funny to think that a few weeks ago we were filling pages on here debating whether to play 3 or 4 at the back at Ibrox.

  26. Big Jimmy- how are you today?



    Remember no writing that shopping list on a much prized bog roll.😂






    D. :)

  27. South Of Tunis on

    Italian lockdown extended to the 13th of April – it will be extended beyond that if it is deemed necessary..



    Remember watching the tv news on 31 1 20. 3 cases of coronavirus in Italy.2 tourists from Wuhan in Rome and a man from Lombardy who had been working in Wuhan




    Mrs S of T and I did a mega shop the day after.,,(the writing was on the wall.)We’re pensioners/ we live in a canyon/out nearest neighbor is 2km away… ,,,,Staying home and keeping well is what we wanted to do.That done the official Govt lockdown came easy.

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