CL hopes, Tom, Mick hustling for his job


It has been so long since Celtic progressed into the knockout rounds of the Champions League we dare not allow expectations to take root in our heads.  For now, at least, the prospect is a live one.  The result against Lazio at Celtic Park tomorrow night will give us a real insight into where our European prospects lie this season.  For me, anything (within reason) remains possible.

No disrespect to the thrilling events at Fir Park on Saturday, but Brendan Rodgers is here for games like Lazio.  This is where he gets to put his skills as a manager to the test.  If he performs as well as he did at Ibrox last month, we will do well.

Tom Rogic signed off on his football career overnight, announcing he was retiring to Australia, with his wife expecting twins.  He was much liked at Celtic Park among the non-playing staff, always showing respect to others.  His acknowledgement of the managers and directors who helped him through personal challenges reflects his values.  Although he will live on the other side of the world, he will forever be an ambassador of Celtic.

He leaves memories of so many important goals; countless against Newco, the Cup Final winner and that winner at Fir Park, memories to fortify him for the years ahead.

Update on yesterday’s blog.  I wrote that Mick Beale was offered and rejected the Wolves job.  I have since learned he did not make the cut after a poor interview.  Excellent source.  You have to respect the way he hustled his limited background into a £3.5m contract.  Nice one, Mick.

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  1. Our best hope of any kind of progress depends on two factors;


    One, we return to the Fortress Parkhead (Celtic Park) days and gain points at home


    Two, we are in a group where all clubs take points off each other eg Lazio versus Athletico




    Thank you for the reply. That’s just the way I have seen things over recent years. We have not prioritised European football.



    I see our benchmark being Europe. Being better domestically than a disfunctional team that will always be our main threat domestically is a low bar.



    Paul 67′ leader stating



    “No disrespect to the thrilling events at Fir Park on Saturday, but Brendan Rodgers is here for games like Lazio. This is where he gets to put his skills as a manager to the test. If he performs as well as he did at Ibrox last month, we will do well”



    Is music to my ears.and potentially signals a redefining of prioritisation



    Bringing players in from all over the world must be for more than SPL domination. Don’t you think ?



    Cheers and HH.

  3. Buzzing for tomorrow.



    We are due a wee break in one of these games.



    Hopefully tomorrow will be it.



    A draw in Madrid for them v Feyenoord would be fine. Or even a home win.

  4. Come rain or come shine, win, lose or draw , it’s great to have European football or senior Championship Hurling as we say over here back at Celtic Park once again and always the highlight of our season. Great thing about being a Celtic supporter is the guarantee of European football every season which is the great advantage we enjoy over the majority of teams in the EPL.



    The drama of Saturday’s match is still fresh going up against the Italians tomorrow night and despite our injuries to regular defenders the new guys Liam annd Lager were within seconds of their fourth clean sheet on the trot in domestic competition. Same again please lads tomorrow night.


    Know little or nothing about Lazio except to say Italians teams allow you to play football despite using the dark arts definsively. We can expect BR will play his usual team with Parma likely down the left. We need the win, fingers crossed.

  5. bournesouprecipe on

    Realistically, the new signings have had no time to be properly judged, never mind developed. Nawrocki, Holm, Yang and Palma have shown signs of promise.



    For proper ‘bad windows,’ see WGS or MON BR with De Vries, Compper Henry Toljan Gamboa, or look no further back to 2020 where we got Barkas, Duffy, Ajeti, Kenny, and Laxalt .



    We gave them all plenty of game time, one by one, all more rubbisher than the other.



    Players from around the world, off the top of my head

























    S Korean





    Hardly put together to win domestically only, it’s just a fanciful debate.

  6. HOT SMOKED on 3RD OCTOBER 2023 4:14 PM


    “BIG WAVY on 3RD OCTOBER 2023 3:41 PM



    We’re ill-prepared …….. Celtic 4 Lazio 1”







    Jaysus, I quite literally live rent-free in your wee head, don’t I ?



    Ah Bless…




  7. “Around the world” ain’t what it used to be….



    I blame Lisa Stansfield personally……




  8. Interesting thoughts and opinions on here today. All valid.


    Personally, I don’t see a score draw as a bad result. Hopefully, that doesn’t seem defeatist (how could it, its a draw?!)


    My expectations are thus set.

  9. Greenpinata



    Brendan is no different in motivation for Europe than our other managers. Maybe he will prove to be more skilled in that arena but he has yet to show that. That’s not my doubt; that’s the historical evidence.



    Neil wanted to win when he beat Lazio home and away and when we beat Barca at CP. However he also wanted to win when we played Utrecht and Barry McGuire completed an Eve(ning) of Destruction in the Lowlands of Holland.



    Everybody has a plan to win but Mike Tyson pointed out one of the major weaknesses of unilateral plans i.e. There’s often a guy intent on punching you in the face.

  10. “BIG WAVY on 3RD OCTOBER 2023 3:41 PM


    We’re ill-prepared …….. Celtic 4 Lazio 1”





    Jaysus, I quite literally live rent-free in your wee head, don’t I ?


    Ah Bless…




    My comment was not meant as a criticism. More of a `That`s what it is like being a Celtic supporter`response . IE Things might not be going as well as we would like but we`ll still gub this Italian mob.


    I liked it and thought I was giving a light-hearted reply.

  11. Bada


    Thanks…..and good news. Even if he doesn`t play tonight, he must be getting close.

  12. fourstonecoppi on




    double checking.


    Are the 3 CL ticket package i bought, on my season card and theres nothing to print etc etc???

  13. bournesouprecipe on

    Mind there was two Rainjurzzzzz …….one team for domestics and another team for Europe!



    How did that work out?

  14. bournesouprecipe on

    “ Michael Beale an outstanding young coach “



    Brendan Rodgers



    Thwack CSC




    That is certainly the case for me ie I will use my ST.

  16. Since 2010 our 3 best results in Europe have been beating Barca at CP ,and beating Lazio home and away .


    Neil Lennon achieved those 3 results .


    One player played in all three matches and in my opinion ,he was the MOTM in all of them .



    Fraser Forster .



    Chris Julien was fantastic in both Lazio ties .



    If we are to win against Lazio we will likely need our goal keeper and centre halves to have a fantastic match.



    Also for Kyoto to score at this level .



    He has looked overawed in the CL ,so far .



    As has Hatate .



    Can Brendan emulate LENNY ?



  17. HOT SMOKED on 3RD OCTOBER 2023 5:40 PM



    My apologies then.



    Despite my greetin-faced, moaniness I can’t be arsed with that ‘I hope my team lose to prove a point’ malarkey.



    Hoping the stars align and we do ourselves proud.



    Revised Celtic 7 Lazio 1




  18. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Bognorbhoy earlier re pubs in Benalmadena



    Thanks BB.



    Will head to one of those.

  19. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    As for the game against Lazio …



    If we are suitably “aggressive”



    Brendan’s stock phrase,



    I prefer



    “Fired up to a level where the inherent ability of the opponent simply doesn’t register”



    … We need to be targeting home wins.



    That may be unrealistic – we’ll know in 27 hours …



    But European football has scores of clubs who can pick you off if you let them but can just as readily fold if you put your foot on their neck.



    IMHO, there are a maximum of 20 top European clubs who can withstand otherwise intolerable pressure and come out on top.



    Respectfully, Lazio ain’t one of them.

  20. Worried we are even considering CCV for tomorrow. Love the guy to bits, but don’t think he’s up to speed nor do I want aggravation of his injury.


    Jsut do it , CELTIC



    Tom Rogic statement, pure class




  21. I sincerely hope goodwill reigns between Celtic and Lazio supporters tonight and tomorrow in the streets of Glasgow.



    ‘ La fiesta en paz’

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