CL hopes, Tom, Mick hustling for his job


It has been so long since Celtic progressed into the knockout rounds of the Champions League we dare not allow expectations to take root in our heads.  For now, at least, the prospect is a live one.  The result against Lazio at Celtic Park tomorrow night will give us a real insight into where our European prospects lie this season.  For me, anything (within reason) remains possible.

No disrespect to the thrilling events at Fir Park on Saturday, but Brendan Rodgers is here for games like Lazio.  This is where he gets to put his skills as a manager to the test.  If he performs as well as he did at Ibrox last month, we will do well.

Tom Rogic signed off on his football career overnight, announcing he was retiring to Australia, with his wife expecting twins.  He was much liked at Celtic Park among the non-playing staff, always showing respect to others.  His acknowledgement of the managers and directors who helped him through personal challenges reflects his values.  Although he will live on the other side of the world, he will forever be an ambassador of Celtic.

He leaves memories of so many important goals; countless against Newco, the Cup Final winner and that winner at Fir Park, memories to fortify him for the years ahead.

Update on yesterday’s blog.  I wrote that Mick Beale was offered and rejected the Wolves job.  I have since learned he did not make the cut after a poor interview.  Excellent source.  You have to respect the way he hustled his limited background into a £3.5m contract.  Nice one, Mick.

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  1. Evening all.



    Here is my conundrum




    Do you play a fully fit player, who is not a natural centre half, Liam Scales. Or do go with an experienced, natural centre half, who has not had a lot of game time, CCV ?



    Thank feck I’m not Brendan












    Rembering this is

  2. BB- I would leave CCV until after international break,he came back yoo early last time,he will probably be on the bench as a necessity next 2 games

  3. The Herald lying about the pub,a 2 page article on Davis



    ..the in depth info is from Boab FTP Malcolm

  4. come on, you know you want to apply –











    Celtic Football Club is currently seeking Tour Guides on a on a permanent basis, to work flexibly as and when required to join the Visitor Centre at Celtic Park.



    Reporting to the Head Tour Guide, our Tour Guides work to deliver the highest standard of stadium tour experience for our guests. They are tasked with representing the Football Club in a professional and friendly manner at all times, and are required to interact well with all of our guests – both locals and tourists alike. Tour Guides also assist with some of the logistics of our daily operations, including the set-up and breakdown of the tour route (both daily and pre/post match).





    To perform stadium tours to a high standard, representing Celtic Football Club in the best possible manner and interacting positively with our guests.


    To adapt well to any changes which may present themselves, such as areas of the tour route potentially being closed due to other activity ongoing at the stadium.


    To continually add to their individual knowledge base, both with regards to Celtic Football Club and the sport as a whole. This will include familiarising themselves with any changes to the contents of our display cabinets prior to speaking to the public about them.


    To help with the daily set-up/breakdown of the tour route, as well as full pre/post match setup/breakdowns of our operations. This will also include other logistical aspects as required.


    To ensure continual vigilance regarding the Health and Safety of their tour groups. Likewise, any concerns relating to Health and Safety must be identified, appropriately dealt with and flagged to the correct departments.


    Proactive awareness of good Safeguarding practices.


    To assist with any other needs of the business, as required.







    Strong knowledge of the history of Celtic Football Club and Scottish football.


    Previous experience working with the public.


    Administration skills.





    Strong grasp of literacy and numeracy; foreign language skills.


    Previous experience of public speaking.


    Previous experience working within the tourism and/or hospitality sectors.


    Strong knowledge of wider football and sport.

  5. I have to say that watching Jude Bellingham walk through the Napoli defence, to score, makes me feel better when he did it so ‘easily’ against Scotland.

  6. Markiebhoy



    Bain is a big risk, at that level of pressure, although he deserves great credit for Saturday.



    I think CCV playing is less risky than it may seem – he is better at reading the game, than pace and athleticism and might be worth the risk.



    The only caveat is that if he has any chance of a recurrence of his injury, then DON’T think about it.

  7. I’ve got the Napoli v Madrid game on and it has been a cracking game as you’d expect from these 2 teams. I think there has been an overall resurgence in the Italian teams over the last year or 2. So Lazio, as they have so many good teams in their League will be a formidable test the morra.

  8. Watching the TNT goal show. If you get the chance, watch Sporting Braga’s 2nd goal tonight. A perfect training ground corner and a stunning goal.

  9. @ TLT if you are looking in.



    A bit of drama today, I phoned Aidan to tell him I was collecting his ST and wasn’t far away (he has been staying with his Mum since his accident). Then he phones me back to say he can’t find his ST (we are on the HCTS). We are meeting ~ @ 18:00 at the Celtic Ticket Office the morra to get a paper one for the game and a new card sent out, he has his old ST and will take his Passport. He’ll not want to miss the game on the tele, hence the early time.



    He has had a rough couple of weeks to say the least!!!!



    I was thinking about meeting @ 19:00 and heading in to the Holy Ground then.



    I don’t think I have AT’s phone number.



    I know I have BMCUWP and 16 Roads if you have them but can always check the shipwrecks photos.

  10. Galatasaray get a penalty, Utd go down to 10 men but Iscardi misses it then, two mins, later same player scores to put them 3-2 up.

  11. Not looking like a great night for the greatest league in the world with Arsenal losing to Lens and Utd losing to Galatasaray. Both games into injury time.


    Come on the underdogs!


    Celtic can do the same tomorrow 🙏

  12. PeteC



    I have text BMCUW asking for your number.


    If he gets back i will text TLT your number.




  13. Not so easy to get results in Europe these days even for the mighty EPL teams.


    A team’s league position, Lens near the bottom, still able to best Arsenal, near the top. Lazio’s form likewise, may be poor, does not necessarily make them a bad team. That said games like tomorrows are real opportunities for our players and they need to try and take them, lift our confidence once again at the European level. We need to make Glasgow a difficult place to come to, not an atmosphere to be enjoyed. Lets make some noise on the pitch.

  14. That wee fanny and bigot Davis obviously stage managed his pub visit to endear himself to the Zombies …in case a “ suitable vacancy “ may arise …Loser as a player …hopefully soon to replicate this in “ management “ 🤣

  15. An Tearmann on 3rd October 2023 10:11 pm



    Thank You Big Chap.



    When All the obstacles going on Today happen, I really do think a Sensational Celtic Park night is in the offing.



    Napoli are a cracking team but went up against a better 1.



    The Champions League is Incredibly unforgiving and it will need Every seat filled and the noise to be deafening to at least unsettle Lazio early doors, IMHO we huvnae done it lately, not the support but the players.



    Ta Big Man again and if there was an issue I’d be letting TLT use my Ticket. Aidans had an issue before and the TO were good although because of the queues he missed a mega amount of a Euro game.



    I would not be surprised by a Kyogo 2 goals possobly even 3. But odds are way too short.





    There isnae anyway I’m going for that. The CL

  16. An Tearmann on 3rd October 2023 10:23 pm






    TLT now has your number









    Cheers Big Yin.

  17. bigrailroadblues on 3rd October 2023 10:32 pm



    Good evening all from Govanhill. Some good games on the TV tonight, enjoyed them.







    BRRB – Did you flick between or stick wae wan?

  18. Can’t see us winning tomorrow…I’d love to be wrong but I just don’t think we’re good enough at that level….. please prove me wrong celtic


    On another funnier subject….don’t want the huns to get Lampard….not that I think he’s great…just don’t want them to get a high profile appointment and English ( couldn’t get more loyal staunch English than him ) just prefer them to get a no mark

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