CL hopes, Tom, Mick hustling for his job


It has been so long since Celtic progressed into the knockout rounds of the Champions League we dare not allow expectations to take root in our heads.  For now, at least, the prospect is a live one.  The result against Lazio at Celtic Park tomorrow night will give us a real insight into where our European prospects lie this season.  For me, anything (within reason) remains possible.

No disrespect to the thrilling events at Fir Park on Saturday, but Brendan Rodgers is here for games like Lazio.  This is where he gets to put his skills as a manager to the test.  If he performs as well as he did at Ibrox last month, we will do well.

Tom Rogic signed off on his football career overnight, announcing he was retiring to Australia, with his wife expecting twins.  He was much liked at Celtic Park among the non-playing staff, always showing respect to others.  His acknowledgement of the managers and directors who helped him through personal challenges reflects his values.  Although he will live on the other side of the world, he will forever be an ambassador of Celtic.

He leaves memories of so many important goals; countless against Newco, the Cup Final winner and that winner at Fir Park, memories to fortify him for the years ahead.

Update on yesterday’s blog.  I wrote that Mick Beale was offered and rejected the Wolves job.  I have since learned he did not make the cut after a poor interview.  Excellent source.  You have to respect the way he hustled his limited background into a £3.5m contract.  Nice one, Mick.

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  1. Vinniethedog,



    Anything the morra is good, IMHO. They will really test us, when we Have to get hame wins when the chance arise lets hope we dae it.



    Ask anyone in England, who they would want between Brendan and Lampard. That truly is a giggle.



    All I can think of of Lampard, is he let a little old maid struggle with the weight of their luggage frae a car to somewhere, I’m unaware, it was Dad that said it was wrong. He has a Beautiful wife to who could have helped.



    She is likely being paid a fortune but that is not the point and my Dad’s point resonates.



    If he Ends up there.



    He will End there.

  2. PeteC



    I hope you and TLT work something out.


    Whats to be will be buddy.:-))



    Take care,i was workin on something earlier.Hope your good




  3. It’ll be sorted AT.



    As I said if there is an issue, it shouldnae be , if theres an issue TLT can huv ma ticket. And that would hurt me so much.



    My Ticket is guid to go – Aidan was not what I want to hear frae Aidan, he was so apologetic, thats not anything I want to hear. This day.



    He just, He wiz obviously too drunk and a Fractured Jaw happened.



    He’s hopefully there Saturday. The Incredible Madness the morra, couldnae make his Jaw Safe.



    Less Madness in his view.





    A CL Night…….it’s only beeen about 20 days.




  4. Coneybhoy



    I reckon we will get 3 but reckon we will lose @ least 2.




    It is too early.




    Keeping our Best players for Next Season will be Magical.

  5. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels



    And a very good morning to David 66 and BRRB the


    early morning worm catchers.


    Still raining here as well David, we’ve went from bush fires


    to flooding now, the weathers gone crazy.


    Hoping for the bhoys to play confidently tonight, no silly


    mistakes and I reckon we can win the game.


    With that in mind, I’ll go for a close 2-1 to the leather belts.


    H H. Mick

  6. Ten years since our last CL group stage win at Celtic Park. We need to put that right and more importantly, a win will keep us in the fight this season. This is a game we need to win. I wouldn’t take a draw if offered it right now.

  7. Mornin Celts


    Busy day,wild out there in Glasgow


    Take care all



    Champions league day




  8. It’s the biggest show in club Football and we take centre stage tonight.



    The typical Scottish weather will play its part.


    The atmosphere will play its part.


    The managerial team will play its part.


    The media will play its part.


    The lighting will play its part.



    I sincerely hope and trust all players picked will play their part to full potential and no regrets.



    In Brendan we trust.


    Believe and demonstrate we belong.







  9. I do not know the answer to this.



    What are our sponsers doing tonight to enhance the match day atmosphere.? If nothing; why ?



    I notice Newcastle’s shirt sponsors putting on a display costing tens of thousands of pounds. A drone show indeed.



    Surely Celtic would have no objection to a sponsor lead tifo for example. It could be a perfect compromise between fan and club. ( In an ideal world )




  10. GREENPINATA – yer first line kinda sounded like the opening strains of some classic auld tune…



    It’s the biggest show in Football – we take centre stage tonight


    At a verdant Paradise, beneath the disco lights


    A crowd of rebel balladeers will serenade us loud


    Now all that’s left for Brendan’s bhoys is just to do us proud…



    For the melody, I’m thinking ‘The Heeby Jeebies’ from Still Game, kinda territory.





    PS: Moderator; 2nd time of asking: what’s the site contact email again ?

  11. Like , a mixture of multi ethnic , multi gender fans with adidas shoes trackies and shirts , swigging magners products , making bets on their phones ,after parking their leased car ( a fiver to watch your motor Mr /Mrs /whatever ) shouting at the weans that are drinking coca cola , and eating Cadbury milk chocolate to hurry up …banner ?



  12. “BIG WAVY on 3RD OCTOBER 2023 5:59 PM


    HOT SMOKED on 3RD OCTOBER 2023 5:40 PM


    My apologies then.



    Revised Celtic 7 Lazio 1”




    No problem. Views don`t always come over as intended in a short comment on a blog and I very much like your revised prediction :-)))

  13. Watched this Lazio team destroy Napoli,in Naples,2-1,going on 5,with a brilliant display of counter attacking football,so it is there.In saying that,its the only time this season they have hit the heights.Their other win over Torino,who were hopeless on the night,is all they have done so far,but as I said,its there.


    We can be our own worst enemy,so no idea how this will go.A fantastic Paradise,atmosphere,deserves a result for a change.



  14. Nice message from Tom Rogic and the way he got special care from the football club in his time of need.



    It won’t be Lager and Liam at the back against Lazio just wonder who will take the Swede’s place.



    Key timings in the lead-up to the match starting on Wednesday at Celtic Park are shown below:



    9am: Celtic Superstore opens


    11am: Ticket Office opens


    4pm: Sports Bar opens


    4pm: Lower West Stand opens


    4.30pm: Hospitality box office opens


    5pm: Lower West Stand last entry


    6pm: Teams arrive


    6pm: Stadium opens


    7.15pm: Sports Bar last entry


    7.30pm: Sports Bar closes


    8pm: Match kicks-off – make some noise for the Bhoys


    9pm: Half-time & Paradise Windfall Draw


    9.45: Full-time




    9:45pm: Sports Bar re-opens


    11pm: Sports Bar closes

  16. Greenpinata



    I hope the fans play their part too.



    Recent experience tells me the CL fans at Celtic are quick to jump on tge players back and project their own nervous disposition onto the team.



    Lens fans last night were amazing in backing from start to finish …. Even when they went behind. Hopefully ours can see the value of support vs criticism from their seats.



    Regarding sponsors : There is a real limitation put onto club sponsors by TEAM who run the CL game day experience for UEFA. Most sponsors of Celtic operate in product certgories which compete with UEFA sponsors and this means there is little they are actually allowed to do. I am actually amazed any non UEFA endorsed activation is allowed at Newcastle. If it is not authorised then the club will be fined very heavily from their pot of cash for the match.

  17. Greenpinata



    To be clear it seems SELA the Saudi Newcastle shirt sponsor ran the drone activation last night and not on the game day which may not contravene UEFA rules.

  18. Greenpinata



    Anyone at the Bayern game back in 2003 will recall the T Mobile jingle played regularly and the poncho clad fans on the far side stand etching the logo in the crowd.



    T Mobile were an official sponsor of Bayern but not UEFA.



    This cost Bayern most of their match fee in fine.

  19. Hail Hail,


    Nowhere showing our youth match it kicked off at 2pm


    tnt sport showing the Leipzig v City youth match.


    Lovely weather for it like July again




    Come on the Hoops.

  20. 1.0 Nazio



    How on earth do you get rid off all the adverts on the site it is shambolic !

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