Clean sheet and a win, please


Since their League Cup win at Celtic Park last month, Ross County recorded four straight defeats, conceding 10 without reply, which leaves them four points adrift at the bottom of the table.  Whatever they were fighting for when we last met, their players financial security is on the line every time they take the field.  New manager, John Hughes, will ensure they are not short of motivation.

Success is contagious in football and whatever traumas Neil Lennon has gone through to ensure his players are in the right frame of mind to take the field in recent months, he should have no problems today.  Winner’s medals certify your achievement and each Celtic player has a new one to show their loved ones this week, confidence should flow from them.

As well as the three points, I hope to see a clean sheet and County restricted to precious few chances, unlike our bizarre 0-5 win in September, which foretold of problems ahead.

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  1. The Exiled Tim,



    From your previous point ,



    Agree on the Celtic Trust need to be much more vocal.




    On referees it is Celtics responsibility like Res12 and 5WA in my humble opinion—- the Trust can certainly play a role.




    The refereeing bias and fixing it is the Trojan horse to modernise the SFA and that would be welcome by all clubs bar the newest one.




    Only issue is Lawwells track record of aiding and abetting on the other big tickets—- so cannot see progress until he leaves.

  2. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Nothing like a draw against a lower league team to make you feel like you are back in form! I guess that tells you everything about how much ambition and standards have fallen these days.


    Then again this is a club where 17 years without a knockout win in Europe is written off as eight bad weeks. And getting dumped out in the Champions League qualifiers three years in a row by clubs with a fraction of our budget who can only muster one group stage point between them is “unparalleled success”!

  3. BANKIEBHOY1 on 23RD DECEMBER 2020 12:27 PM


    TEUCHTER ÁR LÁ on 23RD DECEMBER 2020 9:44 AM





    Bankiebhoy @ 11. 17











    Someone has hacked your account?











    Made sense though. 👍




























    It makes even more sense now that the Popular Front Of Judea….and the Judean People’s Popular Front





    (Provisional Wing) are in divergence despite all that persistence…………







    Some radical, unifying thinking required – something to get us all on the one road….singing the one song.








  4. Paul67



    You can’t be Celtic and a sieve.



    So many times we’ve opened up well went out and scored once or twice, even in Europe, but over the piece the defence remains porous.



    From and including the goalkeepers 2020 is the year of the sieve, pick any personal permutation you like. No wonder Celtic supporters can’t see a run of games as keeper number three carries on as first choice, after his part not played in all Hearts goals on Sunday.



    Duffy and Jullien the tallest partnership in the SPL, leaking shed loads from non descript strikers slap bang inside the six yard box. No signed dependable defensive full back at Lennoxtown and it’s no wonder, we’re seen as shipping the ten.



    Soro or Brown it’s now only one of two, in the stalest midfield in Britain, if the fans were allowed in, they’d be staying away in their droves.



    Fortune favours the brave, dae something Neil, this is your time that’s running out.




    We’re on the one road maybe the wrong road


    we’re on the road that gets you there.


    North men South men comrades all, some from


    Belfast some from Donegal.


    Well….you know the rest lol.


    H.H. Mick

  6. What with clean sheets and valances it’s like a bed linen blog – better include a pillow flood just in case.

  7. Sir Melbourne!



    “……they come from Bonnie Scotland, they come from County Cork……


    they come from Dear aul’ Donegal….an’ even from New York.”







  8. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Big Jimmy – from previous thread – Lol.



    Turkeybhoy – agreed re Leeds and Liverpool.



    Two great examples of a footballing philosophy that appears to originate almost from the SOUL of the manager (with the science subsequently being wrapped around it) ?



    We’re blitzing you.






    Every chance we get.



    From every direction or angle.



    Can you stand up to it?



    Makes for brilliant football.



    Would love to see Celtic take this approach (both domestically and in Europe).



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  9. From prev thread



    Big John McClelland was a decent sort.



    Spent time in his company in both Glasgow and the 6 counties.



    As far as him not cracking Celtic players back then – the original gers players could hardly catch ours.



    They also had a bit of skill in the team. Cooper, Bett, Prytz



    Good memories from those days

  10. MELBOURNE MICK on 23RD DECEMBER 2020 12:54 PM

  big Shane got his legs stuck in the arms of the duvet.










    Well played!

  11. I heard a myth about a single bed placed on top of another one, and attached with a ladder.



    Fortunately, I was able to debunk it.

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  13. Well that was a fleeting moment of history last night.



    After an 09.00hrs dentist today, I decided to wander back to Finnieston and record the sequence of 5 or 6 adverts on the big billboard, culminating obviously in the “Quadruple Treble” exposition. That hopefully would minimise the encroaching pain of dissipating anaesthetic.



    Except….after three or four shows of the displays, it was apparent that last evening’s commemorative nebula was discontinued.



    Now this is probably a simple fact of the slot having been booked only until last night……but I would love it to have been a hack by a Celtic fan with access to the local storage box or employed with in the central video distribution facility…..



    OR even more conspiratorially, perhaps some blue nose clocked the show (or worse …actually seen my post) and immediately got on the spiders web of masonic lodge pals to ensure that it was discontinued forthwith …..although he probably would have used that word as it contained a syllable that sounds the same as ‘FOURTH’.



    Anyway….it’s now gone….and only I …..and anyone on CQN….or anyone other passers-by with a camera and a keen eye for moments of magical marketing (so that’s about 64,000) now have a copy. I personally am making a new batch of Xmas and New Year cards with it as the front cover.



    These will be distributed over the next few nights under cover of darkness through letter-boxes of houses who are clearly occupied by devotees of the blue-arts… can tell by the blue, red, white and orange decorations in their windows.



    But surely that isn’t the only example…..



    So Matt’s quest for today ……a wee hike up from the Gorbals, via Aikenhead Road (what a well named road if you’ve ever bought the cheap booze out of the offy opposite Calder St) to Carmunock and Cathkin Braes. From there I will survey Glasgow from on high, marking the network of citywide and surrounding area billboards for further forensic examination.



    Afterwards…back down Cathkin Road through Burnside and Rutherglen – checking all marketing lightshows – and then home….hopefully before dark to plan my campaign and watch the match.



    NOW….you may very well think…. “That was about as uninteresting as a post can get”…..but trust me, I was going to tell you about what happened in the dentists as behind me (I clocked their reflection in the window), the dental surgeon and the assistant lit a BLOWTORCH! I’ll save that for later.



    In the meantime…..while I was out and about earlier, I came across these….Where was I?





    Hail Hail








    I saw your Post and I was just about to correct you about ” Who shot Liberty Valance”, when I saw BOURNESOUPRECIPE’s post LOL.


    It was John Wayne of course playing the Character ” Tom Doniphon” who fired the fatal shot to Liberty Valance….Lee Marvin was a right Bad Yin in that Film….Served him right IMHO !



  15. GENE on 23RD DECEMBER 2020 12:43 PM


    What with clean sheets and valances it’s like a bed linen blog – better include a pillow flood just in case.




    Very good mate LOL.


    All the best for Tonight and Tomorrow.


    Yer gonna need a BIGGER Fridge !






    ALMORE on 23RD DECEMBER 2020 12:21 PM



    Fantastic ALAN thanks for posting that .So next time we are over that will be you and me and MARGARET “giving it laldy ”




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